Gin Fizz (1955)
    by Lubin

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    Gin Fizz Fragrance Notes

    Gin Fizz information

    Discontinued for many years, but relaunched in 2009.

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    TLemon-bergamot freshness mixed with a mildly boozy juniper note - a pleasant start follows by a jasmine and iris drydown - nice. The base is more nindescript and dull on my skin, and a light musk emerges in the drydown. Soft sillage and limited projection on my skin with four hours of longevity.

    A nice discret summer office scent. 3/5

    11th January, 2015

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Sorely tempting light citrus which would have had me dashing to buy were it not for its too-quiet presence. Opens with sparkling lime and lemon notes in the manner of a fizzy drink, though the gin (juniper) is minuscule. No matter, this is a lively, heel-kicking thing that sings of summer and invites you to drink deep and be refreshed. Right from the start there is a hint of airy orange blossom which morphs over time into a soapy floral bouquet. The citruses fade back a bit and the balance between them and the soapiness gets about even, before reaching the eventual clean musk destination of such progressions.
    Sadly Gin Fizz projects pretty poorly despite lasting quite well, with all the throw of a cologne splash – perhaps due to the lightness of the composition itself. The brightness of execution for the first hour or so is a thing of joy – I haven’t come across such a delicious citrus in ages.

    20th August, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Gin Fizz is one of those legendary discontinued scents I’d always longed to try, so I was delighted to hear of Lubin’s pending re-release and obtained a sample as soon as I was able. I have no idea how closely the current fragrance resembles the 1955 original, but the truly effervescent lime and juniper berry top notes work as advertized. This scent’s first few minutes on the skin are a gin cocktail holograph.

    Sadly, after that comes…nothing. Once five minutes have elapsed, all that remains of Gin Fizz is a very light, tart citrus floral composition that I have to bury my nose in and snort to find. A disappointment.

    14th June, 2014

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    United States United States

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    A fresh light green scent with a peppery herbal quality to it that makes it a very refreshing summer splash.

    The lemon and rose are the first notes that pop out at you with the aldehydes giving it its "fizz" quality. This was ahead of its time, looking forward to the lighter, greener scents that would dominate the 1960s and as a pre-cursor, it is quite fresh and pleasant.

    Top notes: Lemon, Iris, Ylang Ylang
    Heart notes: Rose, Vetiver, Benzoin
    Base notes: Oak moss, Sandalwood, Amber

    03rd April, 2014

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    England England

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    04th January, 2014 (Last Edited: 23rd October, 2014)

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    a favorite

    Given the reviews, I guess this isn't lasting on everyone but it is on me. After the scent airs and settles it is not as strong and shouldn't be, but it lingers -- gently but clearly. Just a spritz and a dab is enough -- too much and it can smell powdery, which is the only reason I'm not granting 5 stars. I spritz at the wrists and dab at the throat, and it lasts for hours. I lucked into an original perfume sample and compared it to the relaunch. I like the original best, but the relaunch is good too, and a close match. I also love Caleche and can smell similarities. Both are sophisticated scents, Gin Fizz being a bit lighter and fresher, with a distinct juniper tang.

    Pros: fresh, lovely blend of citrus, floral and woody
    Cons: can smell powdery if you use too much"

    11th September, 2013

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