Giorgio for Men (1984)
by Giorgio Beverly Hills


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Year of Launch1984
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseGiorgio Beverly Hills
SupplierPFW Paris
Parent CompanyRevlon Inc > Elizabeth Arden Inc
Parent Company at launchGiorgio Beverly Hills

About Giorgio for Men

Was discontinued for several years but relaunched by new GBH owners, Elizabeth Arden.

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Reviews of Giorgio for Men

Slight thumbs up for Giorgio of BH for men. This is the biggest patchouli bomb I've encountered. I'm not a huge patchouli fan, so I have a hard time wearing this. However, for someone who loves patch, you definitely need this in your collection. It is dirt cheap! I got a bottle at TJ Maxx for around $16.00. It has nuclear longevity and will outlast any night out on the town.
27th August, 2017
Stardate 20170607:

Vintage Version:

A great patch honey fragrance. If you like Ho Hang Club, Givenchy Gentleman you would love this.
Heck you would love this no matter what. Just get a bottle
07th June, 2017
I will keep this short and sweet. Strong & powerful for the real man. Easy on the trigger but a very pleasant and cheap addition to any wardrobe.
08th May, 2017
A honey sweetened floral patchouli powerhouse. One of the very best powerhouse scents available, IMO. Of course, it packs a big punch and keeps coming all day long, as you would expect. So much so that I took a sharpie to the cap and added a "I". That stops me at 1 full spray, to let it hit me and consider the situation. 2 sprays will often be too much, depending on the situation. If you get finger happy with this one you will most likely ruin an otherwise great experience.

Dry down is brash and synthetic, walk it off. The next half hour or so is a developing harbinger of what's to come, The honeyed patchouli (plus supporting cast) sets up shop and plays out for well over 12 hours. It's a very nice chord which sets it apart from most other powerhouses. Weighty but not too heavy (as many powerhouse scents are to my nose), complex, natural once settled in and very well balanced. Its delightful from hour 1-18, or so, as long as you didn't overspray, the curse of nasal burnout death for such a powerful beast. You probably wouldn't one hand shoot a 12 gauge shotgun so don't underestimate this one's power either.

This one is highly recommended at <$20 for a very nice 4oz bottle of light green juice that should last as long as a nice pair of dress jeans.
18th October, 2016
Giorgio for Men, WOW! I am so glad I finally picked this classic up and gave it a try. If you are a powerhouse lover, this is a powerhouse in every sense of the word. I cannot understand how some men can give this anything other than a thumbs up rating.

This is NOT for the 'sport', 'aquatic' or 'modern' scent dudes. If you like trendy scents, store branded scents, unisex scents, this is also NOT for you. If you are happy with a cologne that only lasts a few hours or enjoy being 'subtle' and 'safe', this is NOT for you.

This is for the serious fragrance collector who wants to smell completely different from everyone else wherever they may find themselves. This masterpiece is for someone who is bold, confident, and undoubtedly, uncompromisingly masculine.

The top notes on this from the initial blast are somewhat harsh and weird. Citrus, lemon, honey, lavender and greens all hit you with a massive slap in the face, and at this time I honestly was frightened at the smell thinking this is awful. Then I thought, wait a minute, the BEST fragrances tend to start off a bit strange at first, let it develop.

Within fifteen minutes, the jasmine, patchouli and cinnamon musk notes began to come out, and I could tell something special was in my hands. Nothing prepared me for the beauty of this drydown. Over the next hour, the citrus notes settle down, a rich and deep leathery patchouli note comes in, which, matched to the dark and somewhat sweet tones of lavender, honey, jasmine and gardenia, is absolutely breathtaking.

The middle notes carry on this theme or rich leather, patchouli, greens, honey and jasmine with such complexity for an extremely long period of time. I could never imagine a fragrance that costs so little would be so amazing. Giorgio for Men continuously projects and lingers for hours and hours, yet maintains such a complex and well crafted blend of masculinity.

The base of patchouli, jasmine and musk carry on for what seems an eternity. This is by far one of the strongest fragrances I have ever encountered. I have YSL's Kouros, I have Ted Lapidus' original Lapidus, I have tried A*Men, Joop, D&G Homme, JPG's Le Male and plenty of other nuclear powered colognes. And I can tell you, Giorgio for Men is right up there towards the top of the list.

With a liberal application, I am getting about 12-15 hours of longevity, with absolutely monstrous sillage and massive projection the whole way through. After that, it plays closer to the skin and gives you a natural manly scent that you will leave on pillows long after you have left. It stays on clothes for days and days. I smelled it on me after a shower and throughout a day at the pool. This juice is extremely potent and powerful.

For the price, you simply cannot beat this masculine fragrance, every serious collector and gentleman should have several bottles of this in this closet. This immediately went into my top ten colognes of all time. Do yourself a huge favor and pick this up. You won't regret it.
22nd April, 2016
ad_scott Show all reviews
United Kingdom
For the price, the quantity and quality is very good indeed. Honey, patchouli and amber dominance.
Superb sillage and longevity - lingers on the shirt collar the following morning! Comes in an attractive bottle too. An all-rounder for any occasion but leans more on the casual side. Important to note: only 2-3 sprays maximum as it's quite potent albeit a classic.
18th April, 2016

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