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Globe (1990)
by Rochas


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Year of Launch1990
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People and companies

PerfumerNicolas Mamounas
Parent CompanyInter Parfums
Parent Company at launchWella

About Globe

Globe is a masculine fragrance by Rochas. The scent was launched in 1990 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Nicolas Mamounas

Reviews of Globe

O, what irony
That globalization wood
Fell this base of tree

That in travesty
Discontinuation wood
Befall its timber

Lest good Cedar Oyl
Escape Earthly destiny
"Et tu, Cedramber?"

For only Karma
Wood dare a smile, knowing she
That on other Globe

Where Cedramber trees
Please others' other senses
Cedrol bears the knife

Of blood brotherhood
Spoken first and foremost by

Where in larger Truth
Beauty recapitulates

As permitted by
Schrödinger's periodic
Isles of Innocence.

Take me then, Fake Wood
To distant star and forest
Show me Beauty now

And Truth thereafter
When some cedric oxide lie
Speaks Truth once again

Brave Pocahontas
All our jokes and lies then lost
But truths remembered.
17th June, 2019
Globe is a fruity-floral, and a fougère; with evergreen balsam at the top and mossy patchouli in the base. And of course florals, and a pear-like note in the middle.

For Globe, Jean-Claude Ellena (for it was he who dunnit) took the basic form of Canoe and built it up into something more modern and intricate. Something that, being pale fruity-sweet and a bit powdery is generally comfortable, but - because it's still a floral at heart - wasn't comfortable enough for the mainstream of guys who baulked at such a masculine.

Even a leather base, combined with the resinous green note and an acid-fruity edge were not enough to save Globe from it's fate at the hands of (what I assume to have been) conventional thinking and cultural bias.

Globe and its near rival Insensé were not commercially successful and withdrawn from the market. But where Insensé has been reissued there is still no sign of Globe...

Maybe they were ahead of their time - or maybe this sort of thing was just too ambitious - but it would take a new generation of buyers to emerge before the masculine floral gained acceptance in the shape of Dior Homme, a quite different proposition of iris and cocoa.

An honourable mention to this heroic failure, which seems to have been inspired by that floral aquatic fougère Ocean Rain (Roudnitska 1990).

03rd June, 2019 (last edited: 02nd July, 2019)
juxtapose the more bracing elements of a fougere (artemisia, pine) with florals and you have an androgynous effect that becomes its own thing.

'globe' is not the tepid midpoint compromise that more feckless unisex scents can become . It is a bold speculative leap into new territory.

fantastic and worth sampling if you're a fan of either traditional fougeres or spicy rose-carnation scents. Just as Atlas himself is a bridge, 'Globe' marries its halves with panache.
06th March, 2019
The end of the 1980's and beginning of the 1990's was a tumultuous time for masculine perfumery, as schools of thought became divided over the future direction such perfumery should take. Many houses jumped on the new "clean and fresh" bandwagon made popular by Davidoff Cool Water (1988) and Calvin Klein Eternity for Men (1989), but some went in floral directions all their own, while some just kept in the same stiff oakmoss or animalic powerhouse rut that had started up in the late 70's, and a few combined the two. Rochas seemingly was the latter case here with Globe, and joined that ultra-elite but completely unsung short-lived evolutionary spur of masculines known as the floral powerhouse. Those who follow close to their perfume history of the period already know that Balenciaga tried this with Ho Hang Club (1987) and then again with Balenciaga Pour Homme that would release alongside Rochas Globe in 1990. Parfums Salvador Dali would also have a dark take on this idea with their debut masculine in 1987, while Paco Rabanne would join in with Ténéré (1988) alongside Bogart's Furyo, and Azzaro with Acteur (1989). Most of these mentioned would rush in with a strong rose note as their prominent floral, and some would have a heavy animalic base that made them growl alongside other powerhouses of the day, while others would come across as old-school chypres in their finish. Globe seeks to separate itself from this pack by downplaying rose and focusing more on a balanced floral bouquet led by artemisia, balsam fir, and finishing in a crisp, almost modern clean base. Globe is the clean and sober Antaeus (1981) for men that want to come across powerful without seeming predatory, as it has a similar labadnum and leather punch in the base without as much dirty castoreum getting in the way.

Globe opens with artemisia, and lots of it. There's a bright bergamot jolt too, spiky coriander, sweaty cumin, token lemon, and a dusting of galbanum to keep it sharp and green. The cumin is not very strong and you have to search for it, but it turns up after some sniffing. I feel it was added to "man up" the scent rather than add the sexy funk it usually imparts on a scent, so it's a rhythm player instead of a lead instrument. The middle is where the floral character is most present, which brings us around to carnation, geranium, jasmine, muguet, rose, marigold, with the balsam fir as mentioned and thyme keeping this from being too dandy. By this phase, anyone not okay with a masculine floral is running for the scrub brush, as the opening is fairly classic 80's while this heart is where the weirdness for this brief upstart genre begins. Again, this isn't a rose-dominated floral composition like it's peers, and draws comparisons to something like Givenchy Insense (1993), which was probably the last straggler out of the gate for this style, and also the "cleanest" of the bunch. Globe rests more between this clean and the muscular gym rat approach of the early 80's, especially in the finish. Base notes are par for the course if this was a 1980 release, featuring cedar, token labdanum, sandalwood, token leather, musk, barely perceptible patchouli, vetiver, oakmoss, and very muted castoreum note. Once the day is through, a person wearing Rochas Globe will feel as though they are wearing a lighter and friendlier Antaeus holding a bouquet of flowers, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but brings nothing new to the table outside of the attempt to "clean up" the styles it merges. Globe feels like a good compromise between the conventions being left behind in the 80's, the daring, yet failed floral direction taken by some of it's rivals near that decades' end, with just a slight nod of respect to the new "fresh" direction more widely-accepted in it's time.

Globe won't impress the person who has well-versed knowledge of 80's masculines and a wardrobe full of nothing but, as even though it was released at the cusp of the 90's decade, it is indeed firmly planted with both feet in the beginning of the previous one. It's only bit of real fascination for this kind of person is it's own moving of the florals forward in the mix, and cleaning up the dry down so it's own animalic subtext is just that: subtext. It will come across to the lover of the aforementioned Antaeus or Yves Saint Laurent Kouros (1981) as an anemic floral bridge between that alpha-male style and the washed-out tones of the "fresh revolution", a compromise in a bottle they can't get behind. Other more adventurous palettes (and lovers of gender-flirting florals), will find this exceptionally unique like many of the others in it's small category, and a real contender for the niche market if re-introduced because of course, it's very discontinued. The average Joe with no taste for this particular era or style will just find Globe bizarrely sharp and uncomfortably dry, without the benefit of a reference point to label it as "old school" or "modern", since such is the relative obscurity in which it lives. I think it's a great scent that benefits from it's florals as a more-wearable version of the 80's style it mostly apes, making it a more "comfortable" powerhouse for the office or meetups with strange new friends, when you wanting something that isn't run-of-the-mill, but won't downright alienate anyone getting within sniff distance. I like a scent that draws out questions from people, and this will certainly do it. Stick to mid-temperatures for this one however, as it is too stiff for heat and not rich enough for cold. Also, for those seriously looking into full-bottle purchases, there is no difference between first edition and later releases of Globe besides the metal band around the bottle.
02nd April, 2018
If you’re looking for vintage Chanel Antaeus, why not consider Rochas Globe? I have a few iterations of vintage Antaeus and Globe’s dry-down is surprisingly identical. But more on that later.

Globe begins the party with one of the most spice-laden openings you will find. Heavy with Artemisia, Coriander and light Bergamot; Globe immediately dates itself as a ‘80s fragrance. The problem is it came out in 1990. Out of step and fashion, certainly. The journey progresses from the spice cabinet to the garden and what a wonderful journey it is! Floral bouquets of Carnations, Geranium, light Rose, and subtle pine surround your senses. Outside of Givenchy’s Insense, which I don’t care for, this could be the most floral masculine fragrance I’ve ever encountered. But here’s the key, it’s all gentleman and nowhere is a lady in sight. Then the powerful Antaeus drydown begins – cedar, leather, sandalwood and a dose of labdanum. Clearly manly territory here and the movement from the garden to the den never seems forced or harsh but all very natural.

Globe, though discontinued, is widely available and pretty reasonably priced at that. How can you go wrong? You owe it to yourself to try Globe and let the magic unfold.

30th March, 2016
I like Globe but I'm afraid it never really excited me. We often complain about the current state masculine designer fragrances but, back then, the situation wasn't really *that* different. Yes, more diversity, fewer (if any) restrictions on ingredients and better textures but, in the end, most masculines were just slightly different takes on the ol' dominant genre known as fougere. Globe makes no exception for me. A sweetish floral fougere with an eye on the past and one on the…present. I would have loved to be able to say *one eye on the future* but this is not the case in my opinion. During the first lustrous of 1990, we experienced several more seminal fragrances than Globe which probably settled a better landmark for the masculine perfumery to come. Egoiste, DK Men (aka Fuel For Men), Le Male, CK Eternity, Comme Des Garcons Original EDP and several others. Not to talk about under the radar gems such as Insensè, Ungaro II or Ocean Rain or even the first niche offerings such as Femminitè Du Bois, Lorenzo Villoresi Uomo and Amouage Ubar to name only a very few.

Those were years of transition and ferment during which Rochas Globe represented just a minor release that wasn't able to properly stand out. Good but deservedly under the radar in my opinion.

02nd February, 2015

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