Gravity (1992)
    by Coty

    Gravity Fragrance Notes

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    Puke Award Winner

    Obviously someone's still buying this, because its still being sold. Yuk. Excuse me while I run to the nearest toilet...

    03 August, 2013

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    Super synthetic. Super cheap. Decent scent, but nothing I'd buy. I got a bottle as a gift in High School - never expected it to turn heads, but it made me feel better when I wore it.

    08 October, 2012

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    I have know several men who wear this, it is my prefered fragrance on men. It does last a long time, I smell it everytime I pull my seat belt out and my husband has not driven my car in months. After surveying 26 other women my the office, family and friends, they all agree that Gravity may not be very expensive but this fragrance on our men will get our motors running.

    29 May, 2012

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    this is the worst possible fragrance i had the dishonor to experience

    synthetic sharp lavender, strong pepper and a weird almost femnine smell make this fragrance smell cheap and disgusting, and it is from a cheaper lower grade scent house where the products tend to be short lasting and "chemical" smelling

    not recommended at all

    22 February, 2012

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    Packaged in a futuristic space-age fantasy retro early 1960's bottle that invokes images of spaceships and moon landings, Gravity insinuates daring and exploration in its name and handsome design. Unfortunately the innovative marketing design cannot completely mask a mission that should have been aborted long before lift-off.
    Gravity fails on all accounts to tread new ground or enhance the baser, more natural scents of man. What is does offer is novelty. Tasteless and off-putting as it may be, it's still an inventive combination of notes seldom seen combined. Maybe for good reason. Few fragrance houses would feel confident enough to release this bomb and even fewer to keep it circulating well into the twenty-first century.

    Gravity's opening is a spiced, leathery, pepper-clove synthetic mess that seems to blend incongruent and contrasting notes that only succeed in amplifying its synthetic core.
    The leather base, so heavily synthetic as to invoke images of Bruce Jenner's mug, cripples the opening from the first moments and only seems to recede after an extended opening stretch of harshness that can go as long as twenty minutes.
    When the leather base finally does step to the side, the pepper top reasserts itself over the middle notes and drowns out the hint of lime and citrus. The pepper notes create temporary relief from the synthetic leather note that seems extremely out of line from the rest of the note pyramid.
    This is not good, this is not even mediocre, this is somewhat uninspired, if not cloying and amateur in lack of attention paid to detail with the blending notes. The leather basenote is worth experiencing just for the sheer morbidity. An incredibly uninspiring if not completely repulsive scent for the world to be introduced to. All leading to an incredibly unremarkable but more bearable dry-down that saves the scent from completely disappointing.
    Better bought for the bottle design more than anything else, that is the true force drawing anyone to Gravity.

    13 October, 2011 (Last Edited: 19 October, 2011)

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    I found this to be very good. Nick carter use to wear this cologne in the late 90's and me being a BSB fan i had to buy it and it did not fail at all. 4.5 out of 5

    08 February, 2011 (Last Edited: 18 February, 2011)

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