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Gravity (1992)
by Coty


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Year of Launch1992
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty
Parent Company at launchBenckiser > Coty Inc

About Gravity

Gravity is a masculine fragrance by Coty. The scent was launched in 1992

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Reviews of Gravity

To be accurate I don't think Coty makes Gravity cologne anymore.You can still find it just in the 1oz. spray bottle size commonly.Very mixed reviews on this cologne but when I think of some of the best things of the 90's it was Gravity and Preferred Stock.There was better and pricier colognes of course but for the working class male in everyday use?I grew rather attached to Gravity.Putting it on the first notes apparent are white pepper and lemon so it is sharp.The clove soaked leather takes over and the sharpness hangs in the background resulting in a floral and woodsy cologne.Very outdoorsy smelling but among the commonly seen colognes it was very original.
16th February, 2015
bFlay Show all reviews
United States
GRAVITY is a horrid synthetic fragrance not worth it's discount price. Positively reeks of lime kool-aid...very overpowering and artificial. Further wearing/smelling yields an astringent cleaning fluid smell somewhat like the epoxy and enamel paint mix from model car kits. No discernable leather notes...maybe tanning acids? Really unpleasant all around! Longevity? Mercifully short!
06th June, 2014
Puke Award Winner

Obviously someone's still buying this, because its still being sold. Yuk. Excuse me while I run to the nearest toilet...

03rd August, 2013
BriGuy Show all reviews
United States
Super synthetic. Super cheap. Decent scent, but nothing I'd buy. I got a bottle as a gift in High School - never expected it to turn heads, but it made me feel better when I wore it.
08th October, 2012
I have know several men who wear this, it is my prefered fragrance on men. It does last a long time, I smell it everytime I pull my seat belt out and my husband has not driven my car in months. After surveying 26 other women my the office, family and friends, they all agree that Gravity may not be very expensive but this fragrance on our men will get our motors running.
29th May, 2012
this is the worst possible fragrance i had the dishonor to experience

synthetic sharp lavender, strong pepper and a weird almost femnine smell make this fragrance smell cheap and disgusting, and it is from a cheaper lower grade scent house where the products tend to be short lasting and "chemical" smelling

not recommended at all
22nd February, 2012

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