Green Irish Tweed (1985)
    by Creed

    Green Irish Tweed Fragrance Notes

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    118ml EdP
    118ml EdP
    118ml EdP

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    Colin Maillard
    Italy Italy

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    This is a complete mistery to me, as the entire Creed line. A blasting, plastic, unidimensional, flashy aftershave opening which should be supposed to recall a generic "eau de cologne" or "fougère" (keep in mind we are in 1985, so not really anything new, plenty of great products already in that type of market), and in fact, is more similar to any deodorant or bottled shave cream you may find at the mall. Which is where this should be supposed to sell for pennies. Cheap synthetics, cheap composition, cheap attitude (that "XVIII century heritage" is just pathetic).

    The drydown goes slightly better, a clean sheet of second-hand linalol comes and tones down the nauseating, monotone synthetic tackiness of the beginning. So at least you smell of some sort of "lavender". But if you are into elegant lavender drydowns, have you ever tried Czech & Speake or Truefitt & Hill? Or even Caron? That's how colognes are supposed to smell.

    For wealthy people with plenty of money to waste and no taste for fragrances.


    03 April, 2014 (Last Edited: 08 April, 2014)

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    I heard about Creed years ago, but didn't start wearing any of their fragrances until about a year ago, mostly due to the price. I say without shame, and being fully aware of how unoriginal this opinion is, that GIT is amazing. I don't really have a nose for analyzing the scent profile of fragrances, and so I will spare us all of that redundancy, and will just say that smelling this makes me happy and confident. Isn't that what we are all really going for?! As for quality, Creed makes their products from natural ingredients. No one should get a headache from it. Don't worry about the Cool Water comps. I'm familiar with both, and the verbena (I'm told) in GIT is what sets the two apart, and in my opinion elevates GIT.

    03 April, 2014

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    Greece Greece

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    It took me quite a while to appreciate GIT and the associations with another fragrance had really put me off even trying it.

    After a rather wet and cool season in 2012-3, I opted to get myself on a split. I honestly felt that the opening was like washing powder, the sort that my mother would use in the washing machine every Saturday on laundry day.

    I got over that association soon, the more I began to appreciate the lemon/verbena combo at first spritz. But that wasn't the best bit. I really fell for the violet leaf note which appears not long after the top has burnt off, that and it's luscious transition to sandalwood and ambergris. I'm not sure I detect the Iris in this, but if it's there, maybe it's what gives GIT that delicate saltiness that just blends in magnificently as the scent dries down.

    That said, I am not one to fall for the hype around any scent. I appreciate GIT for what it is (and I don't have a clue what the 'Irish' theme is all about). I totally understand how this is a 'go to' fragrance for many. On most weeks, this is my Monday fragrance. Not quite a stand-out that I'd want for a special occasion, but too good to start the week off with anything else. I can't believe it took me this long to appreciate. Quite inoffensive and a superb alternative to a vetiver scent, which I somehow seem to have gone off.

    The bottle is great and has become quite an icon. I love having the 120ml size in my wardrobe, although it makes it impossible to see how much juice is left inside!

    Finally, a quick note about longevity. I find that GIT, worn in sensible amounts (not more than say 5 sprays) lasts on me for the best part of a whole day. I can easily smell it on me in the evenings, having applied early in the morning. It's not overpowering, but I certainly wouldn't spray more than five sprays.

    28 March, 2014

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    Honestly, let's get serious. Why would anyone pay that kinda money for cool water ? This scent smells exactly like that only a bit more richer. Save your money and buy davidoff. This is so over rated. Good thing i got a sample. Good gosh

    10th January, 2014

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    It's a masterpiece. Followed and reinformed quite succesfully by Cool Water, i have to respect the elder thing. Too expensive though and poor longevity.

    30th October, 2013

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    Very Green. Very Fresh

    I recently bought a used bottle of this off of a fellow BNer. I do enjoy the fragrance as a whole, yet I feel like the opening notes are a bit too green for my taste. Once the fragrance settles down, it gets pretty enjoyable. If it lasted longer, easily a 5/5, but like most Creeds, longevity tends to be spotty. Maybe the batch I got wasn't the best, but still, very good fragrance.

    Pros: Great dry down, solid projection
    Cons: Not a fan of the opening notes, not the best longevity"

    18 October, 2013

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