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Green Valley (1999)
by Creed


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Year of Launch1999
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Green Valley

Creed Green Valley was inspired by the game of golf, nature and the outdoors. Sixth generation master perfumer Olivier Creed played on the French National Champion Golf Team in 1984. Since then, Mr. Creed’s masterful golf swing can be seen on the Fontainebleau Golf Course in the French countryside, not far from the legendary Creed fragrance workshop.  Green Valley was created to celebrate the pleasure and relaxation of the game and the beauty of playing it in concert with nature.

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Reviews of Green Valley

A very hyped and elusive discontinued Creed fragrance, Green Valley is, as it is generally described, a fresh green fragrance with elements of mint and juniper. I don't really get much as far as the listed ginger note, as I'd usually find it cloying enough to ruin the fragrance if used in any great quantity. The drydown has the signature Creed ambergris/musk combination and is pleasant as usual.

As expected for a Creed warm-weather-friendly fragrance, Green Valley is not especially powerful with respect to projection or longevity, but it certainly has enough of both, on par with their other entries in this broad category.

Certainly an interesting try and nice freshie, but not worth the exorbitant cost one would expect in order to acquire a full bottle, Green Valley is a solid entry in the Creed empire and I can see how some might love it enough to need it.

A basic search shows only one offer on eBay for $250 for 30ml, so pricing is pretty steep nowadays.

7 out of 10
31st March, 2016
Future Jason:

In the early go, this is kind of like one of your nephews got into the juice locker, and played chemistry set with Imperial and GIT. Again, in the early go, those nephews seem to have created something nice. The first hour includes a bit of the "money" smell from Imperial, a lot of the fresh and green stuff from GIT, and a some X-factor that you're tempted to leave unnamed. But since you're bad at that, let's say that it's in the neighborhood of barbershop or skittles. Maybe both.

Later, many of the interesting things fade, and you're left with more of the barbershop, and a bit of the green, and less of the money-skittles. Which means that it gets a bit boring. Which makes you wonder what strange fetishes you have yet to discover about yourself that may include currency and candy. Note to self: explore this and report back to Basenotes.

This would probably be appropriate for many situations, and is interesting enough in the early go for very occasional wear. Unlikely to be a staple.
12th March, 2016
One of the better green synthetic smelling fragrances I smelled in a while. This has a light pine or mint with a synthetic green note that works perfect. Has a slight retro vibe, and this will get noticed in a good way. Love at first spray. 8/10
09th July, 2015 (last edited: 15th January, 2016)
I'd like to think of this fragrance as a fusion between different Creeds, specifically Silver Mountain Water, and Tabarome Millesime. The overall scent has some similarities to Green Irish Tweed and Selection Verte although the notes breakdown is different save for the ambergris. Some of the notes from these other scents I mentioned (SMW and TM) were used into making Green Valley. In the opening I detected citrus, bergamont, and black currant which gave off a fresh citrusy green opening. Even though these notes weren't listed, I also got some violetleaf and herbal notes. It’s kind of like a green version of Silver Mountain Water. In the mid, the citrus and bergamont started to fade while the ginger, ambergris, and musk begin to creep into the front. At this point the scent began to smell less natural and more synthetic smelling. This is where I find direct comparison to Tabarome Millesime because of the strong ginger/ambergris/musk drydown. Towards the end, I want to say it was a little bit powdery and sweet perhaps a dab of vanilla and tonka bean notes were added in the composition of the scent. The scent lasted about six hours, with silage being moderate for the first several hours before staying closer to the skin. This would be good daytime scent preferably for the spring and summer months. Wonderful scent from Creed!
06th March, 2015
The ambergris/musk warms up the subtle Irish Spring smell and it lasts a good number of hours [added note: berries came a few hours later. Good longevity]. It's a little like Silver Mountain Water but stronger. I detect a little ginger as well in the background and citrus/berry. I actually think this could be worn all year. Green Valley is clean warm citrus bergamot berry musk.
23rd November, 2014
Green Valley is a perky, herbaceous-fruity twist on the ever-congenial, if not terribly original “Millésime” formula that Creed exploited previously in scents like Green Irish Tweed, Millésime Imperial, and Silver Mountain Water. It also borrows cues from the highly-regarded but hard-to-find Sélection Verte, particularly the mint, basil, and grassy top notes. Green Valley is more bitter-green in flavor than Green Irish Tweed, which may be its closest relation in the Creed lineup. It eschews most of the “aquatic” notes employed by Millésime Imperial and Silver Mountain Water, which leaves it smelling incidentally more rounded and natural. It’s also less instantly recognizable than Green Irish Tweed, which may appeal to anyone who thinks Creed’s best-seller is tainted by overexposure.

On the downside, Green Valley’s overall fruity green physiognomy is still very close to the scads of drab Green Irish Tweed imitators, so it doesn’t necessarily offer individuality in proportion to its quality. If you’ve got a bunch of fruity green fougères in your wardrobe already, you probably don’t need Green Valley, but it does represent its genre well, providing you can live with mediocre longevity.
15th June, 2014

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