Green Water (1947)
    by Jacques Fath

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    This is a review for the older formula of Green Water in the more classic-looking green bottle, with a section comparing it to the latest formula in the current fancier modern style bottle.

    Green Water (older formula) opens with very natural smelling spearmint supported by a gorgeous grassy herbal lemon verbena. The spearmint stays throughout the scent's limited development, but it very slowly recedes as time passes, allowing the grassy herbal lemon to take more of the starring role with the mint now in the supporting role. Hints of other light herbs and florals add further support to the two key notes but they are so well-blended it is difficult to identify them. The only identifiable base notes are a relatively well-concealed oakmoss and light musk tandem that start to peep into the late heart of the scent through the dry-down, with the spearmint reclaiming its starring role as the lemon verbena finally disappears late. Projection is below average to average and longevity is above average.

    Green Water (older formula) is a great example of mint done right. It is extremely natural smelling and outside of the substantially more expensive Menthe Fraiche by Heeley you can't do better (or even as good). The mixture of the lemon verbena and spearmint works extremely well, and the oakmoss while very subtle plays a key role in supporting the scent during its later stages. Green Water (older formula) stays fresh 'till the last, and is quite the invigorating one indeed. It may be pretty minimalist and linear in its development, but Green Water (older formula) is an excellent scent and an even better value in its older formula guise, earning a strong 4 stars out of 5. A definite strong buy on this version of Green Water by Fath.

    Now for a quick comparison with the current formula in the more modern clear bottle that sells for only about $25.00 a large bottle... The two formulas open very similarly, but the spearmint and lemon verbena in the older formula are just a hair more pronounced and natural smelling. Also, while completely missing from the older formula, in the current formula a musty indolic jasmine undertone just starts to peep through into the top notes, barely detectable at this point. It is the heart notes where the two scents strongly diverge... The older formula stays pretty linear, with the main change in the early heart being the spearmint and lemon verbena swap starring and support roles, but in the current release they all but disappear, being engulfed by the now very strong musty, almost moldy jasmine that dominates with just the faintest whiff of a lavender floral undertone. The dry-down is where the scents are again quite similar where the spearmint regains the focus in the current version as the musty jasmine recedes and all but finally disappears (the spearmint never left the older formula) with both scents having the oakmoss undertone support. The main difference is the oakmoss is just a tad stronger in the older formula and the current formula never completely shakes its musty undertone... Projection is below average and longevity is poor to below average in the current release.

    The bottom line is the older formula is far superior to the current formula and would without hesitation be the one I'd buy (although I now own both). The current formula gets a good to very good 3 to 3.5 star out of 5 rating in its own right and for the money is an exceptional value, but the musty jasmine heart is just not the same stuff and is somewhat unnecessarily off-putting. I really do not know why the house of Fath added that in, but they should strongly consider removing it as it ruins the great minty herbal nature of the scent.

    01st December, 2012 (Last Edited: 02 December, 2012)

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    Are we all talking about the same EDT here? The Green Water I know has been around for over 60 years. It is minty but not very green and not very fresh. However, according to the Fragrantica website, there is a Green Water that was launched in 1993 and that one is really green (and no minty note is mentioned in the olfactory pyramid).

    In my book, a green fragrance must have some very noticeable green notes. When I first tried Green water, I was expecting grassy notes or a hint of lime or citron. Not mint! As a rule, I don't really like mint in perfumes. To me, mint is something you put in liniments and medicinal ointments. I find Green Water (1947) musty and drab. It is not as fresh and energizing as one would expect.

    However, if there is such a thing as the Green Water (1993) listed in the Fragrantica website, I suppose it could be really green and fresh (it does contain lime, green notes and oakmoss).

    Top notes: Lime, green notes, mandarin orange, carrot, basil, petit grain, bergamot, lemon
    Middle notes: Ginger, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley
    Base notes: Amber, musk, oakmoss

    Are there two versions of Green Water? If so, maybe the most recent one could have my thumbs up. Who knows?

    06 July, 2012

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    Cyprus Cyprus

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    A great refreshing green/musky scent. Not too rich, just right. It doesn't pretend to be a bold luxury product, it is, comparable to a light grassy Chablis. The drydown is soft and remains multifaceted.

    01st February, 2012

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    Excellent natural smelling peppermint, backed by herbs, with a watery/aquatic feel and some musk as it dries down. A little bit of lime comes and goes in this one, but the mint is really the top player. Easy, simple, sort of light. A lot of mint in this one, but never thick or cloying. Not as good as the spearmint in Live Jazz, but very much up there with it imo. Longevity sucks though, and projection is okay in the first 30 minutes. Lasts about 4 hours unfortunately. 3.3 oz bottle can be found for 20-25 bucks, so the price certainly compensates for its lack of longevity/projection.

    18 October, 2011 (Last Edited: 09 November, 2011)

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    no matter what the people say, green water by jacques fath is a good aromatic green scent.this is a crispy,fresh,well balanced classical scent you can wear at any time without disturbing other people.To all who complain about the " old fashioned way" or " old school style " etc.- this fragrance has been launched 1947!What do you expect?! Something like A-man by mugler??!This fragrance is still on the market - 64years!!!
    Itīs a nice scent with an interesting green opening- okay itīs a bit different to other green scents.... the dry-down is floral elegant, warm and very pleasant.On one hand this fragrance is fresh,green,and aromatic and on the other hand itīs so warm and sensual. Itīs not my first choice but itīs an option.I prefer Eau sauvage by Dior.

    09 June, 2011 (Last Edited: 11th June, 2011)

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    I suppose it's really not fair to review a fragrance where even the name is a negative to me. it seems to be confused as to what to project -- a hesperide or a sort of aromatic herb angle, and it fails dismally on both counts. It is also quite weak and it's not out of the question to believe that the contents are in fact some green water and a mint tic-tac. Avoid.

    10th January, 2011

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