Grey Flannel (1975)
    by Geoffrey Beene

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    FIFI award winner in 1976

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    A rich leafy, orangey green opening of neroli and petitgrain, galbanum, anise and lemon oil that recedes too quickly; it’s amazing. After an hour, the full fragrance is revealed: an intense violet and iris, mimosa, narcissus, rose and sage heart and a delicious almond, oakmoss and coumarin base. It’s lovely, although over time the alpha-isomethyl ionone can be somewhat tiresome. About four hours in, the citrusy notes reassert themselves on the skin along with vetiver--beautiful. Then that base sings its happy tune for hours and hours.

    It's a brilliant violet and almond fougere undoubtedly worth exploring particularly for those who like green, violet, Fahrenheit or value.

    20th February, 2014

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Grey Flannel (current EA formulation) is a conundrum. I understand both those who love it and those who hate it. I rather like it but it's not an easy fragrance to wear for me. The opening is unpleasant - sort of Eau de Harpic Pot Pourri edition. It takes about half an hour to calm down and about an hour for the signature violet to shine - there's no splash and dash with this as you need to get it in a fit state to leave the house! Once the violet note is out there it is full, bright and clear and rather beautiful for five or six hours. After that it starts to decline into Eau de Lipstick Pot Pourri edition. In general for the office I wear fragrance under or on clothes but that doesn't work for GF at all - depending on fabric it will tend to go straight from Harpic to lipstick. One spray to the back of the neck - that's it. Is it worth the effort? I think so - the violet is stunning when it shows - but I can see why many would pass.

    18 February, 2014

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    I love this scent. Classic without being dated, rich and strong without being overbearing (2 spray max), always a solidly pleasant smell. I don't get tired of it throughout its long stay. From jeans to suit, versatile, though I usually wear it with more casual attire. A bit thick for summer..

    Great casual cold weather scent.

    14 November, 2013

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    Not grey at all

    Most natural (non-synthetic) fragrance i ever smelled.
    Its a sharp blast in the beginning with crushed flowers n freshly mowed grass mainly violets but well composed, very green!
    Drydown is soft,tender,kind and laidback.
    In my opinion the best laid back lazy sunday fragrance ever created.
    It will not offend anybody i think this perfume is one of the most kind ones amongsts the sexy,macho, and bold perfumes around for men.
    its not a perfume you should wear in sweaty night club or on a dance party for sure.
    I think if you wear this right (smile with it) many people (women,men,and elderly people) are easily attracted to you because you create a aura of kindness around you.
    Maybe a good advice to wear this if your a salesman...
    My girlfriend told me that it was sex in a bottle after she smelled it on first sniff.
    Maybe she likes kindness...

    Second great thing about this is the price!
    Many people here said its almost niche like and i totally agree with that. one of the cheapest niche perfumes around.


    Pros: Most green fragrance ever
    Cons: Can be crude to some"

    28 August, 2013

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    simply awesome

    Pros: Unique packing
    Cons: low budget price"

    13 August, 2013

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    mr. singh007

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    awesome fragrance !!

    i just love this fragrance , it's unique and soothing aroma lingers for 8+ hrs(good longevity). initially the silage is strong but then it bcms close to skin. it's a love or hate frag. i wd love if it has more sillage

    Pros: a very soft and soothing drydown , good sillage
    Cons: sharp opening ( but it's okay)"

    08 July, 2013

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