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Guess Men (original) (1991)
by Guess


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Year of Launch1991
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Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty
Parent Company at launchRevlon Inc

About Guess Men (original)

Guess Men (original) is a masculine fragrance by Guess. The scent was launched in 1991

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Reviews of Guess Men (original)

The original Guess Men is a warm oriental with a fresh citrus top note and a smooth vanilla base, much like Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur, KL Homme, Habit Rouge and Elizabeth Taylor's Passion For Men. It is understated, elegant and sensual all at once, and may well have been among the inspirations for such later creations as Zino Davidoff and Guerlain's Heritage.

Guess comes across to me as the most subtle of the group, lacking the sparkle of Cardin, the richness of KL Homme, and the opening zing of Passion, but it is still very distinctive and pleasant. On my skin it blends rather quickly (although it lasts quite well), so it's suitable for daytime wear as well as evenings, and a female co-worker once asked what it was so she could get some for her husband, pronouncing it "quite nuzzle-worthy."
12th February, 2013
When I was much, much younger I read an article (likely in Cosmopolitan) which stated that a female wearing a male scent and men's shirts is very sexy. Back then I wanted to be sexy, so I wore both. It didn't work out very well as (a) probably oversized plaid flannel shirts were not what they had in mind and (b) I didn't have the nose then to determine which male scents are female-friendly.

Fortunately, the above aside, I managed to buy the original Guess Men then. Not so much to wear, but simply because I liked it (my second favorite over original Paco Rabanne).

I have since then rediscovered the scent in a new way, and to my nose, it is that one fragrance that I should have used, but for some reason didn't.

There is Cumming (the scent by Alan Cumming, which I, too, have, as the notes were intriguing to me; and yes, because of the name), which strives to be Guess Man. It has that note of... burning tire? vinyl? rubber ducky?... not sure, something that has to do with rubber, but it's used ever so perfectly, it takes my breath away (way overpowering in Cumming)

If you ever saw the Cumming ad, you'd know what I mean when I say it was meant to be provocative, sexual (ok, pardon my French, just plain horny), but never really achieves it.

Guess Man does. And yes, it manages to remain elegant while doing so.

It's a beautiful leathery, powdery, subdued sexiness.

And totally wearable for a female (past the initial VERY male whiff).

It reminds me of a much softer Derby.

Ah, if I only had my current nose when I was in my late teens...
13th January, 2013
Hmmm I swear I reviewed this one before. I remember liking it but now I do not as much. Oddly "dirty" herbalness and citrus. It feels like a fragrance from long ago but it's only from 1991. Weird that it was discontinued. Probably bad sales. There are plenty of samples floating around eBay and various online fragrance stores if you are into trying out discontinued stuff. I've seen full bottles go for up to a hundred dollars.
30th May, 2009
The shokingly repulsive smell of hot vinyl and overheated electronics. Now, let's bottle it and sell it! Nice work!
03rd May, 2009
I hate this. Synthetic, not original, smells cheap.
05th December, 2007
Reminds me of Photo by KL and Casual by PS. Except I think those scents came after. Not bad, it starts out very fresh, but I find the drydown too wannabe pheromonic. Burberry Touch does the same thing with its drydown, but it stays clean the entire time...unlike Guess Men that starts to turn dirty after an hour.
09th February, 2007

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