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H.M. (1997)
by Hanae Mori


H.M. information

Year of Launch1997
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 667 votes)

People and companies

HouseHanae Mori
Parent CompanyCosmetique et Parfum International

About H.M.

A rich edible oriental fragrance with notes of, amongst other things, Chocolate. One for Homer Simpson then!

Reviews of H.M.

What a fantastic fragrance that seems to give you a little bit of everything without losing the plot or ever smelling cheap ..I love the lemon and mint combination although I don't think mint is listed so maybe it's the lavender tricking my nose ..and then that cheeky little gourmand dry down including (sweetish vanilla) ..this seems to have it all in great quality . This will suit all seasons and in my opinion even tho it is very close to being a gourmand in the dry down it never does as the floral notes take it on another flight path and keep it linear so it stays fresh. It's a sort of Issey miyake meets Jean Paul gaultier le male. The cap of the bottle is the only cheap bit about this fragrance ...the rest is creative class.
31st January, 2017
meh. i like it. it's okay. i wear it every once in a great while. but it's not one of THOSE scents. you know? it's not a la nuit. it's not a pure malt. it's not an issey miyake. it's not an animale. it's not a GIT or an Aventus.

it's good, but i only pull it out every once in a while. i'm wearing it today, which is what provoked me to write this review. today was somewhere between winter and spring. it was in the mid 50's. it was too warm for a dark gourmand and too cold for a bright citrus. so i went with this to split the difference.

i would have grabbed black touch, but it was in a different, colder room once i emerged from the shower, and i also ran out of two deodorants while applying them on each arm.i ended up with a weird concoction of citrus on the left (every man jack), citrus and patchouli on the right (nature's gate), and then a choice between this and la nuit, pure havane, insurrection ii, animale, and pure malt. the choice was clear.

a little gourmand, a little citrus. it's good, but it's not great.
18th January, 2017
Damn I really love this scent so much that it's one of my favorites
05th September, 2016
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United States
Why this is designated "masculine", as opposed to "unisex" is beyond me.

This is a fabulous scent.

End of story.
15th July, 2016
Probable one of my most favorite life fragrances to date. I can work with the EdT, but the EdP is smoother and creamier, IMO. As far as gourmand scents go, it is not cloying and in your face; it lasts forever, and on clothing as well. I get compliments for this one and consider it at the top of all the fragrances I've tried / owned / wore. Not for everyone, but give it a whirl at your local store!
02nd November, 2015
Just put some on to refresh my memory via my nose!...
Stunning,breathtaking and could easily have qualified as a niche,"easily"....its dense yet light,stunning zesty lemon/berries,jasmine100% smell & lavender....Its almost a once in a lifetime scent....How they came up with this is anyones guess(process of ellimination though there are many many parts to this frag)'d be forgiven thinking theres just to much going on,but amazingly this just doesnt appear so....Its so well crafted....simply a joy!..smell very expensive,unique.!

Out of all the so called(hate the words)cheap scents its easily at the top and infact to my nose right up there with the niche scent...i kid you not!..
If nautica voyage etc gets a big shout out...then this should be bellowed from the roof tops!...
You just cannot go wrong with this...
Oh did i mention its lasts over 15 hrs on my skin and i can still smell it at this stage from 1 feet away from wrist!..
I even forgot about one day in the evening(7am sprayed) 10pm....i got this lovely woft and!...then realised "yep there she blows"...She's genuinely amazing!...its a crime its at £30 100ml....
It acts way above its edt(stereo typed edt imagine,you know weaker than edp)sillage is crazy on me.....7-15hrs definately not a skin scent at all!
27th July, 2015

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