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H.M. (1997)
by Hanae Mori

H.M. information

Year of Launch1997
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseHanae Mori
Parent CompanyCosmetique et Parfum International

About H.M.

A rich edible oriental fragrance with notes of, amongst other things, Chocolate. One for Homer Simpson then!

Reviews of H.M.

Hanae Mori HM: Very sweet out of the gate. I think I'm getting the message from women. They love SUGAR! It's berries with vanilla cocoa. This makes it smell sexy but I would rather a woman wear this.
15th December, 2014
EDP VERSION: Synthetic lemon open cools down to a dirty vanilla cloves that lasts. Someone told me it smells like Christmas. WTF? Great for fall and the great price makes it a 4 out of 5.
09th August, 2014 (last edited: 01st September, 2014)
Will make you smell like a gigantic, sweet, androgenous Lemonhead candy. After a couple of hours you'll get some chocolate. If that's your thing, here's your juice.

Personally had to pass on this and prefer to use Oyedo when indulging in a lemon candy experience.
24th July, 2014
These are my initial impressions after applying this fragrance (EDT) for the first time. In the first 5-10 minutes after 2 sprays to my torso, my nose picks up a blend of mentholated lemon and lavender. I'm guessing that the blackcurrant note also helps morph the fragrance so I smell what almost approaches a fruity/flowery tobacco accord! Over 20-30 minutes this effect transforms into a more floral heart. Throughout this transition I smell a light mossy vibe that makes me think of Animale Animal more than A-Men. Other reviewers were correct in that the lemon note is still present but balanced by the floral heart. At about 1 hour the base begins to raise it's head on my skin. As the florals fade and the Base Notes kick in I continue to get fleeting hints of the AA vibe most likely due to the moss. In it's favor, it doesn't become cloying whereas AA crosses that line towards the end (on me.) I don't get the sugar bomb some people have mentioned either. I'm keeping in mind that it is winter and dry here right now. Additionally my upper torso is mostly bare so my skin drinks up fragrances. That said, longevity is decent on me (I still smell it at 4.5 hours) as is sillage (about 2-3 feet). It's not exactly what I expected at least in my first impressions but I like it. 4.0 stars out of 5. As the seasons change and I've had more time with this fragrance I plan to update this review.

Edit #1: After three days the fragrance has changed. I get a better separation of the top notes as well as more movement from top to heart to base. I get less of the sweet tobacco accord upon spraying. Now it smells more like sweet camphorous lemon. Shortly after I get the great florals coming in with the vanilla. I still like it.

Final Take: This has become part of my "Office Fragrance" rotation. It's a great scent with good longevity and sillage My only complaint is that occasionally it builds a "Beeswax" vibe on my skin late in the drydown. Apparently only I perceive it as none of my co-workers detect it. This one garners lots of positive feedback from my "Work Wives". They readily give me feedback both positive and negative and they like HM.

Pros: Light, fresh unique take on lemon. Nice drydown. Good Longevity (3-5 hours on me) and heavenly sillage.
Cons: Occasional cloying Beeswax vibe on my skin that only I seem to smell.
30th January, 2014 (last edited: 21st February, 2014)
Tried this today. I liked the opening and the warm vanilla really came through in the middle. Quite disappointed in the finish. Regardless, smells a bit too feminine for me. Reminds me of something my wife has. Maybe that's why women make great comments about it.
23rd January, 2014
H.M. loses me at the shaky opening and never fully recovers. I enjoy gourmand/oriental type fragrances such as Rochas Man and Midnight in Paris. H.M. has elements of each of these fragrances, i.e. iris, lavender, chocolate, etc., but I prefer the others over H.M. I don't dislike H.M., I just have other options that better fit my nose and mind. H.M. is a pleasant, inoffensive fragrance. Worthy of a test drive.
11th January, 2014

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