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Habit Rouge (1965)
by Guerlain


Habit Rouge information

Year of Launch1965
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerJean Paul Guerlain
PackagingRobert Granai
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton
Parent Company at launchGuerlain

About Habit Rouge

Another Guerlain classic: Habit Rouge (meaning red jacket) combines notes of bergamot, patchouli, vanilla and leather.

Habit Rouge fragrance notes

Reviews of Habit Rouge

My review is of the EDT vintage fragrance. Apparently there is much difference between EDP, EDT, Vintage, Reformulation, etc. This opens with a sharp green fougere top, mixed with lipstick and an animalic. There is a subtle old urine smell underneath. Not fresh urine, but the dried urine found in cracks underneath a toilet. This sounds horrible, but in a very small dose, it is not quite off-putting, although once smelled, can't be un-smelled. I couldn't wear this b/c it dries down to a powder fragrance, and I detest powder. Man's fragrance? Perhaps for a 'dandy' or one comfortable with his masculinity. Reserved for formal affairs, I could see Hercule Poirot wearing this while solving a case for Agatha Christie. Spats, leather gloves, a waxed mustache twisted upwards.
15th July, 2017
My husband fits into the Basenotes mould, liking the top ten, and I say that with a note of apology as I fear being a little cliched, but we have both, over time, been captured by Guerlain. At one time I thought we would each find an obscure fragrance that would be our secrets. He came close with Azzaro Acteur, absolutely wonderful on him and complimented wherever he went but it was discontinued.

With Habit Rouge I bought the EDP for him some years ago assuming that the rounded out fragrance with Oud would be more to his taste, but I was wrong. He discovered the EDT at an airport counter and is converted. Habit Rouge has a little Nahema in it, is the male Shalimar and has the sparkle of Thierry Wasser's reinvented Mitsouko EDT. I find myself in Shalimar Cologne 2015 a good deal lately and we must make a Dynamic Duo in the Supermarket. Easily unisex.
10th May, 2017
I just tried the EDT sample of this and it was so much better than I could have expected.

On my skin it is very fresh and green with florals that are present but never in the forefront of the scent. What is in the forefront is the very waxy vanilla. I actually thought I was smelling my cosmetics, but somehow I enjoyed smelling like a candle. I am eager to try the EDP version and see what happens.

The longevity was impressive for a green scent, but only about 6 hours.
15th January, 2017
Hated it at first, then gave it a fair shake and it grew on me.

Not for the faint of heart. A classic, old school man’s cologne that’s definitely a love/hate thing.

Habit Rouge (Eau de Toilette) is a fiery mix that is loud and unashamed. It has a strong rosy quality(though not in a feminine manner)that I've come to appreciate. Complex, shimmering with several notes over time, and powdery (not like its cousin, Heritage).

Suited for: older wearers, formal occasions

Fragrance family: Aromatic Fougere, with an emphasis on the Floral Oriental and Dry / Oriental Woods subgroups

Starts out: Fierce onslaught of spicy and floral notes (most notably the rose); tangy notes (lemon, bergamot) settle down, and cedarwood becomes the foundation for the other woody elements (rosewood and sandalwood) and all morph into an aromatic, bold cloud filled with notes of floral (patchouli) sprinkled with a tasteful dose of spices (basil and cinnamon, which aren’t dominating) touched subtly with the leather and sweet, oriental elements (vanilla, amber, benzoin).

Unrelenting and unashamed, commanding attention and making a statement to the world of “Here I am, and I mean it!”

Similar to: Burberry Brit

GREAT idea to test Habit Rouge EdT first before plunking down the money for it, but for the adventurous and extroverted types, a good match.
07th December, 2016 (last edited: 27th January, 2017)
Stardate 20161031:
HR EDT 2015:

Smells a lot like Indian incense smoke that permeates the air of shops in India and bodegas in Manhattan.
Not a bad smell but I can't wear it or recommend it.
There is a Knize 10 like leather note and lots of spices.

31st October, 2016
A powerful acid reaches my nose, this acid slowly softens, and combined with a sweet, delicate appearance, very classy. After about 10 minutes again becomes acid, or rather spicy, but not too much, just subtle and beautiful.
When the beautiful set of spicy and acidic have exceeded one or two hours, is born a soft wood, together with some flowers, I think carnation and a delicate pink.
Later, leather, vanilla, and something else, my nose does not detect perfectly (sorry), give the juice a warm, in my case the lemon is still present, but charmingly surround.
Recommended 110%, without question for me, enjoy !!! ;)
27th October, 2016

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