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Halston 1-12 (1976)
by Halston


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Year of Launch1976
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People and companies

PackagingElsa Peretti
Parent CompanyRevlon Inc > Elizabeth Arden Inc
Parent Company at launchNorton Simon > Max Factor

About Halston 1-12

The international roll-out for Halston fragrances in 1976 was masterminded by Michael Edwards, who told Basenotes why Halston chose to launch with two male fragrances:
"Halston couldn't make up his mind which one he preferred so he said, “Launch both”. The names, Z-14 and 1-12? Those were the perfumer's code numbers."
Basenotes visitor, Bryian Davis tells us "the bottles were inspired by the soft shapes fingers would make pinching the form, that's where the name 'pinch' bottle came from. "

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Reviews of Halston 1-12

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United States
There are light, sublime touches of lemon, basil, juniper, carnation, and jasmine that show through the cedarwood and mossy base. This smells like laying beneath a large oak while each note appears like sunlight shining through the leaves above you. Distinctly masculine, green, and powerful. One of the very few 80s masterpieces that still smells the same now as it did back then.
05th November, 2017
Man, this must have been really something back in the day, before it got reformulated.
I LOVE the opening of this fragrance.
Is this what's considered a "green" opening? I don't know but I love it. It's got an old school vibe to it, early 80s in my mind, even though it came out in 1976.
The only bad thing is that as the top notes evaporate, what you're left with is something very powdery and soft. It's not unpleasant at all. It's nice. But you can envision your grandma's perfume smelling something like this.
In the context of the era it was produced, it was probably awesome, but if you wear this today, at best you'll come across like an anachronism and at worst, like you mistakenly put on grannie's perfume.

Many people say that the reformulation of this and its brother Z-14 don't do the originals justice. The original of this was probably killer.

That said, I give this a neutral. I'd give it a thumbs up, because it's a pleasant smell, but I don't think anyone can really pull this off with its dry down these days. It's just not that masculine.'s cheap ($10), the opening is fantastic for those two minutes, and the rest of it is at least pleasant. I really like the bottle too. If EA Fragrances can ever get this back to whatever it was originally like, I'd gladly pay more to try it out.
19th August, 2017 (last edited: 21st August, 2017)
When this first came out, I was but a bored 10 year old, killing time until my Mother and Sisters got finished in the fitting room. Stupid old dresses. Anyways, I remember standing at the Halston counter at Strawbridge & Clothier department store and the kind lady attendant allowed me to sample the fragrances. Z-14 was absolutely amazing with its bold burst of lemon and cedar woods; however 1-12 was just as breathtaking with its burst of green notes and soft, powdery musks. The bottles were out of this world and to a young lad, it was like holding the holy grail! (*Back then Z-14s bottle was brown glass and 1-12s bottle was black/dark purple glass.)
I couldn't decide then which one was better and nearly 40 years later, I still cannot pick one over the other. They're both different with 1-12 being softer and more elegant while Z-14
is bold, daring and sporty! Two good friends.
I still wear both 1-12 and Z-14 in constant rotation from my fragrance wardrobe. I will admit that when I wear 1-12 the compliments come flooding in, and I've even received phone calls from a few clients asking what scent I was wearing, because they want to buy it too! Most unusual, especially for such a inexpensive fragrance, but I'll take a compliment when I can get it.
I have heard that Halston himself could not choose between the two scents, so he launched both. I'm just glad that he did!
28th December, 2016
This has a slight retro vibe, but warranted for today's taste. Green, lemon and pine is the first thing that came to mind on the initial spray. There's much more that kicks in through the mid-notes and drydown though. The vanilla and amber creep up quickly. I see why this has been around for this long. Non-offensive and all around masculine fragrance.
27th December, 2016
Didn't like it. Nothing like Z-14. Turns sour on my skin, and that's never good. ;^<
20th December, 2016
I bought this for my husband after hearing him talk about when he wore it in high school. SUCH A TURN ON!!! <3 <3 <3
09th September, 2016

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