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    by Halston

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    The international roll-out for Halston fragrances in 1976 was masterminded by Michael Edwards, who told Basenotes why Halston chose to launch with two male fragrances:
    "Halston couldn't make up his mind which one he preferred so he said, "Launch both". The names, Z-14 and 1-12? Those were the perfumer's code numbers."
    Basenotes visitor, Bryian Davis tells us "the bottles were inspired by the soft shapes fingers would make pinching the form, that's where the name 'pinch' bottle came from. "

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    I have been wearing Halston Z-14 since I started going to "discos" back in 1978. It was very popular in it's heyday. I remember EVERY MAN would wear this cologne. I am very happy to see all the positive reviews, and that men still enjoy this fascinating scent.
    Whenever I wear Z-14 it reminds me of Saturday Night Fever, disco balls and lots, lots of dancing.

    11th December, 2013

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    Swaggering Christmas Tree

    Smells to me like a big macho Christmas tree that's walking out the door, on a cold winter's night, to go get laid. I love this scent. The damned thing actually swaggers.

    Pros: Insanely cheap for high quality scent
    Cons: Don't think of disco ... don't think of disco ... don't think of disco"

    18 September, 2013

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    Macho scent 4 me

    It's on my top 5. Better than more of the Modern scents that are out there that smell like womens perfume.

    Very pleasant scent for me to wear.:coolold:

    Pros: z like it.
    Cons: z more moss"

    25 August, 2013

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    A Well Made Classic

    Z-14 is a fragrance that I grew to love after I learned not to treat it like the 80's powerhouse it is thought to be. When sprayed correctly (Lightly at first with careful respray after 10 minutes if needed.), I immediately get the scent picture of a Sicilian lemon that has been halved, the ends dipped in cinnamon and cloves and then lightly broiled. After about 10 minutes Z-14 morphs into the floral/spice/wood/patchouli phase. To me at least, the "Dirty Vibe" described by others is an interplay play between the vetiver (I think), patchouli and coriander. On my skin this is kept from being too skanky by the floral heart and less frequent but ongoing wafts of that broiled spiced lemon. In the end, the oakmoss, tonka bean and musk are prominent but I still continue to get little hits of the previous note levels especially the patchouli and those wonderful spiced lemons. When sprayed lightly especially in hot humid weather sillage is quite moderate and depending on the temperature and humidity I can get anywhere from 4-7 hours from Z-14. There are a lot of the "Powerhouses of the 80's whose time has passed (At least for now!) Z-14 in the right hands is not one of them in the least. I love it and for the money spent I'd recommend it as a good blind buy for a novice hobbyist such as myself. I don't regret buying it and I will do so again when this bottle runs out.

    Pros: Numerous and diverse notes that are skillfully blended. Good sillage and longevity. Great Price!
    Cons: It doesn't play well with all skin types. It can be overwhelming and cloying if it's hosed on."

    08 August, 2013

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    Decades before its time

    Z-14 (reformulated) is really well-composed and excellent for daily, year-round use with good diffusion, life span and sillage. It smells terrific from start to finish but is surprisingly at its best in hot and humid conditions where it cloaks you in wisps of dry lemony-woody smoke.

    I read a tight suede-lemon structure over chypre accord with notes of lemon, moss, cinnamon, cypress, patchouli, benzoin, coriander, vetiver, musk, cedar, violet, lily and chamomile.

    As Z-14 has at least three direct decedents Vendetta Uomo (1991), Je Suis un Homme (2006) and Italian Cypress (2008), it's difficult to argue that it is dated.

    Pros: Exquisite and cheap
    Cons: None"

    06 August, 2013

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    Spicy beast

    This is a review of the new reformulated version:

    First smell of this the initial similarity I get is to YSL Jazz, but with just a more spice to dirty it up. There is also as many have noted a close similarity to the very expensive (but amazing) Tom Ford Italian Cypress, but Z-14 doesn't quite match the deep, dark glowering smokiness of IC. Pretty close though. For a so-called powerhouse this isn't too scary, and certainly doesn't smell 'old-man-ish'. It's really cheap and works in all weathers and times of day...Now I need to get hold of the old formulation to see if it's even closer in character to the magical Tom Ford IC...can't help but recommend this stuff for all round quality and the price is amazing!

    Pros: masculine, not too dated, ridiculously cheap
    Cons: not everyone's cup of tea"

    01st August, 2013

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