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Halston Z-14 (1976)
by Halston


Halston Z-14 information

Year of Launch1976
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerVincent Marcello
PerfumerMax Gavary
PackagingElsa Peretti
Parent CompanyElizabeth Arden Inc
Parent Company at launchNorton Simon > Max Factor

About Halston Z-14

The international roll-out for Halston fragrances in 1976 was masterminded by Michael Edwards, who told Basenotes why Halston chose to launch with two male fragrances:
"Halston couldn't make up his mind which one he preferred so he said, "Launch both". The names, Z-14 and 1-12? Those were the perfumer's code numbers."
Basenotes visitor, Bryian Davis tells us "the bottles were inspired by the soft shapes fingers would make pinching the form, that's where the name 'pinch' bottle came from. "

Halston Z-14 fragrance notes

Reviews of Halston Z-14

As a sensual woman of a certain age who has Never lacked for suitors from either gender, I have worn this since stealing it from my father in 1977. To this day no one knows WHAT it is, only that it is, like me, Unforgettable. Being blonde and voluptuous, and smelling richly exotic, this fragrance lightly applied has cemented my presence in everyone's mind that I have been intimate with for the last almost four decades. Truly a signature scent for me, it just WORKS with my chemistry in a sensual unforgettable way. ;)
05th May, 2015
My review relates to the current formulation.

The citrus opening in this fragrance pairs uncomfortably with the cypress and cinnamon in this fragrance. This citrus lingers a lot longer than one might expect for an opening note. The cypress note is great, dark wood and leafy green notes that would have worked well by themselves. The cinnamon is not so bad as far as I'm concerned, it's just this citrus that hovers above the fragrance like oil in water that makes me uncomfortable wearing it.

Great longevity and silllage, though that may not be appreciated in this case.

The bottle is beautiful, but let down by one of the worst sprayers in the business.
28th April, 2015
Halston Z-14 has become my Christmas scent. It is not a perfect fragrance in any way but its characteristics fulfill my needs during the Christmas season: The cinnamony and citrusy aromas of the current formulation suit Yuletide perfectly, and the barbershoppy vibes make sure I feel suave, clean and groomed enough for all the festivities.

In general, I don't want to experiment at Christmas; I want something safe and reassuring. I don’t want to drink any new or expensive wines at the Christmas dinner; I’m going to have some relatively easy-going and versatile beverages with the gustatory, albeit a lovely mess that it is. I don't want any posh pieces of confectionery; I want those rather inexpensive crispy truffles in tacky wrappings from the supermarket, the ones I had already 20 years ago. I'm going to listen to the same old Christmas songs while decorating the Christmas tree with the same old Christmas ornaments.

And that's what Christmas is – at least to me: It's all about safety, familiarity and traditions. It's all about things which never change, or, in fact, the illusion of them never changing. For things really do change; we all have very probably noticed that. But at Christmas I just want to forget and even deny that, just for a few days. Well, nevertheless Z-14 has changed, I have changed and Christmases have changed. Maybe Z-14 used to be better. Maybe Christmases used to be better, I don't know.

If you keep in mind what I have just written, the fact that I’ve never smelled any older formulations of this fragrance might seem a bit contradictory. (Oh yes, it really is a rather new acquaintance to me.) Sometimes new stuff just slips into traditions without any real experimenting. Z-14 has a character which just makes it the perfect fragrance to embalm my Christmas philosophy with.
20th November, 2014
A classic herbal citrus chypre from the early powerhouse days of masculine scents.

The pyramid for this is quite complex with spices, woods, herbs and citrus elements perfectly combining. A blockbuster in the sales department. Aimed at the open shirted, hairy chested male of the mid- seventies.

The spices are here, but well hidden, leaving only an impression. Ditto the wood elements, providing a solid base, but with individual contributions indecipherable.

The over all effect is one of easy-going, assured, masculinity.

A true classic.
11th November, 2014 (last edited: 03rd December, 2014)
ad_scott Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The finest I have ever owned, I cipher. Rigorously utilized in the course of winter. A bewildering fougère for masculinity. A classic aromatic of the Punk rock era, initially convening a fresh citrus and sherbet lemon aperture; a modest and rapid drydown to a serene cypress incense balanced with leather, amber and cedarwood. Based with violet Coca-Cola. Conjures up images of an ancestor's 1979 wardrobe; dark and dusty,
housing a bouquet of accustomed classic male fougères. Economical yet superlative.
19th October, 2014 (last edited: 28th October, 2014)
Halston Z-14 is a great masculine fougère on the herbal-fresh side, initially not that far from the majestic Cerruti pour Homme but more classic, more austerely refined and closer to a traditional "eau de cologne" type of scent (in short, less creative and unconventional than the Cerruti). It's all there: zesty refreshing citrus notes, lavender, herbs, spices (cinnamon above all) pine, mossy-woody notes, carnation, gentle soapy notes, a hint of leather. A refined, crisp, masculine scent which smells just good and versatile, unintrusive and elegant, slightly exotic too thanks to spices and mossy-herbal notes. The leathery drydown is the best part in my opinion, as it smells soft, mellow yet sharp and masculine, and reminds me of Moschino pour Homme, just woodier and greener. Solid!

10th October, 2014

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