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Happy for Men (1999)
by Clinique


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Year of Launch1999
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Happy for Men

This fragrance stays fresh, clean and light throughout. Ideal for the summer. Very orangey too!

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Reviews of Happy for Men

Fruity and musky, this is not bad in conception, but so muffled in practice that it's hard to tell what's going on. Might be nice for office wear, if anyone is able to tell you are wearing it.
15th June, 2017
Wonderful, wonderful scent! If it has been reformulated, I couldn't tell you. Citrusy and floral, this is an attention getter and evokes emotion. Response to this fragrance got me compliments from all genders and ages. Would wear spring/summer in monthly rotation with other citrus and aquatic fragrances.
08th April, 2017
Awesome fragrance! Just doesn't project or last very well unless you're in the perfect conditions. First spray isn't anything special to me. Smells like synthetic oranges. But the dry down is amazing. Maybe even my favorite. I wear this to work, and I work a km underground where you sweat all day. Sometimez at the end of a 12 hour day I can smell it on my skin. The dry down smells soo good it puts me in a good mood. Will buy again when I run out.
13th January, 2017
STRONG and I mean STRONG long lasting citrus scent from Clinique that in my opinion varies very little from the female version... At least within the first 2 hours on skin then does dry into a slightly musky dry down but still strong on the citrus. Great quality for the juice and worth the asking price. Enjoy!
30th September, 2016
I was going to start this review by saying something like "if only this were stronger" but it isn't, it likely never will be unless they release an EDT edition (17 years later.....yeah.....not happening!).

But seriously (was an album by Phil Collins) this is a beauty of a fragrance and for me has some striking similarities to Ultraviolet for men by Paco Rabanne and yet I'm not able to spot any matches in the pyramids of the two fragrances. is weird.

What I do know is that it's really very nice indeed. Very bright and sparkling. Another reviewer used the word "watery" to describe the smell and I think this is a very apt description.

I'm not thrilled about paying the better part of £50 for an EDC strength fragrance with well documented longevity I'll carry it in my man bag and spray myself frequently like Mr Wint in Diamonds are Forever. The difference will be that I won't smell like a "tarts handkerchief". Though I have to say that Longevity on me comes in at around 7 hours with 5 or 6 sprays in the morning. As for Sillage, if I can smell it, I'm sure others cans as well.

The sprayer on this isn't great I must admit. The cloud it sprays isn't as fine as some I've tried and at this price point that is also a negative.

Great for the younger crowd but not exclusive to them. Some of us are young at heart with no plans to change any time soon. Grab yourself a bottle from a reputable source as there are fakes of this online (eBay, Amazon etc).
31st May, 2016 (last edited: 02nd June, 2016)
Overall, I was fairly disappointed with this one. It just does not seem to project or last on me, even by any cologne standards. There is an initial citrus blast, but one which feels pretty synthesised, lacking 'tang', and reminds me more of orange dishwashing liquids than eau de toilette. By that, I mean it carries a softened-up, orange-mixed-with-aloe-vera effect rather than any chemical smell (which is one saving grace, I suppose). Even as a summer spritz fragrance, it doesn't seem to carry any definable character that would warrant buying it over other available citrus 'eau fraiche' colognes available for similar prices.
24th January, 2016

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