Havana (1994)
    by Aramis

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    According to Aramis, Havana is "Charismatic, Well-Blended, Smooth, Sensual, Electric, Sexy, Masculine, Warm, Vibrant, Pulsating, Virlie, Seductive, Hypnotic and Intoxicating" Hmmm: Short and sweet then! The packaging depicts a jungle scene and the bottle is a dark blue cone of frosted glass.

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    United States United States

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    Havana is so complex and layered that it's almost impossible to give a detailed description of what it smells like. Suffice it to say that it's a masculine woody chypre, so it's got that 80's powerhouse vibe, and that it starts off with all sorts of sweet pie spices and ends up more woody with time. There's tobacco in there, but realistically, I think most people smell the very forward mace note and think that smells sort of like pipe tobacco or coffee and that's where the tobacco descriptives are actually coming from.

    One of the more clever things it does (although it ends up being the reason I like Havana less than others of the same ilk) is to smother everything in a sort of waxy oily smell that keeps the individual notes from really standing out. Instead, there's a sort of musky hot candle smell that forces everything else to form more of a cohesive whole. I don't really like the waxy oily smell, honestly, and think Havana would be better if the notes were given more room to breathe, but it's still a pretty amazing scent, just not one that I enjoy that much.

    02 February, 2014

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    This is a scent with the power to evoke ideas and pictures and places.

    Funnily enough, I do not receive cigars, or tobacco in this. I speak as a man who grows tobacco every year (including some Cuban varieties) and who fills the humidor with his own cigars. I know what my poly-tunnel smells like at every stage during the seasoning process, and I don't recognise any of those many aromas in this fragrance.

    However, I do smell Havana.

    Hemingway begins his classic "To Have and Have Not" with the line:

    "You know how it is there early in the morning in Havana with the bums still asleep against the walls of the buildings; before even the ice wagons come by with ice for the bars?"

    Well, this is how it is. I get a picture of the Numaticos (the boys who fish in the bay using only ('pneumatic') inner-tubes as boats, coming in with their catch. I see the city beginning to wake up, car horns beginning to blare.

    It is vibrant. Not yet hectic. At the centre of things maybe not yet happening, but about to happen. Businessmen and patrons, dressed in linen and alpaca. Panama hats.

    I hear the poems of Jose Marti sung as songs." Mi versa es de verde claro, y de un carmin encendido."

    The light green is there, in the top, almost like faint angostura bitters. It is ciircumspective; philosophical. The burning red is also there. A threat, not born of foolish passion, but of sagacious fatalism.

    The richness of the rum, patchouli, and the ambery basket of (labdanum/vannila/tonka) never emerge too precociously. They sit quietly at one of the back tables, playing cards. Next morning, the top registers are still surprisingly prominent, especially on clothing.

    The Special Period.

    15 January, 2014

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    Cuba in a bottle

    The new version:

    A grapefruit and orange citrus opening is paired with tarry and storing peppery notes and sweetened a touch with anise - a fruity pepperiness pervades this great opening. The drydown parades a superb bay rum aroma, a good rum with still more pepper and spice. The base is where eventually the cigar tobacco note develops, not the best of all tobaccos mores but a very nich one and never into your face. Myrrh and tonka guarante that a spice components remain very present right until the end. A very complex, well balanced and blended fragrance with great silage and projection and five hours of longevity. One of Aramis's best and a great classic.

    30th August, 2013

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    Singapore Singapore

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    A splash of bay rum, a pinch of herbs/spices, a hint of tobacco. The blending is smooth, the vibe decidedly relaxed yet assertive. Forget the laundry list of notes, HAVANA works simply because it doesn't try too hard to impress. Some might find it a little 'old school' but THIS is exactly how masculine fragrances should be done: not so much about in-your-face braggadocio but more of a cool confident swagger. A virile classic that would sit proudly in any man's wardrobe.

    13 May, 2013

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    Romania Romania

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    A gentle touch of spicy tobacco and grapefruit.
    IMO this is the 3rd hit from this house - afler the good old Aramis (1st) and Tuscanny (2nd).
    Ageless and classic, for all the seasons you can imagine for yourself.
    A well deserved 8,7/10.

    27 January, 2013

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    United States United States

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    I remember trying this back in the mid 90's because I loved most everything from Aramis. I didn't buy a bottle then, but I just recently purchased a mini and am enjoying it quite a bit.

    All of the notes listed are overwhelming, but to me the scent is much simpler than that. There is a nice warm cinnamon and spice opening with some booze/bay rum as well. It is heady yet comforting which is really nice on a brisk January morning.

    As it goes along, the booze subsides into spice, woods, smoky vanilla, maybe hints of leather and a bit of pepper. The cinnamon stick also seems to last which I like. This would be a big hit at a Christmas or New Years Eve party. It definitely has a winter vibe, but I bet it would be just as great on a warm summer evening where the booze and bay rum would give it a tropical feel.

    I see a full bottle purchase in my future!

    08 January, 2013

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