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Heno de Pravia (1955)
by Gal


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Year of Launch1955
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Fragrance & Personal Care

About Heno de Pravia

Heno de Pravia is a masculine fragrance by Gal. The scent was launched in 1955

Reviews of Heno de Pravia

A charming scent. Lovely lavender but much more: perky geranium, satisfying moss and wood notes. I have the EdC which is older than the "1905" reformulation, and thus probably has better moss resources. The dry-down is bright, a bit mossy, with soapy/powder notes (typical of some moss). Inexpensive but good quality. Doesn't last long, but the splash format gives the hint -- splash away, as needed, all day. Refreshing.
01st April, 2015
Crazy thing..........I am writing this review for the body wash more than the Eau de Cologne that sits in my cologne cabinet.

The Heno de Pravia EDC is too lite and last for a short time. The body wash which is cheap and found on ebay is awesome and lasts ALL DAY, at least on me it did!

I grew up in a small farming community with some hay growers scattered about and no, it is not exactly like the real thing but comes closer than anything else I've smelled and it is fresh!

It's sorta floral but not any particular flower type and that is all you will smell, straight from application fall asleep or shower.

It could be considered unisex by some and baby scent-like but it is smooth, not harsh or inoffensive, so what's to lose except for a little bit of change.

THUmbs up............
07th May, 2012
If it only lasted a little more.
It is nice, makes you feel refreshed and IMO it is as good as 4711 or Alvarez Gomez, but it lasts even less than those.
Again: if it only lasted a little longer.
18th June, 2011
In Montreal, I have only found the large plastic bottle, which is suited for use as a body splash rather than as an Eau de Toilette/Cologne.

It's labeled "Agua de Colonia", but it has castor oil in it, a product you won't find in perfumes, but rather in aftershaves, due to its hydrating properties.

I love to splash it on after a shower, gives a nice clean scent, sweet and coumarin-y, that will evaporate quickly. Makes your skin feels good too, with that castor oil.

I'll be frank, however, I have never gotten the hay association. Whenever someone talks about coumarin, they drone over and over that is has a hay-like smell. And "heno" means "hay" in Spanish. But curse me if I know anything about the real smell of hay, I mean I have only lived the first 15 years of my life in farm country where the only crop was hay to feed the milk cows!

The similarity with hay, in my opinion, is more in terms of the impression, the sweetness, rather than the aroma.

Nevertheless, it's a great body cologne, and the soap is as good as Valobra Fougère or Yardley English Lavender.
08th February, 2011 (last edited: 11th February, 2011)
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
I like to splash on Heno de Pravia at the end of the day, after I get home from work. Agua Lavanda is another I wear at night. HdP is an excellent eau de cologne and is unique in that it actually has a drydown. The scent starts off lemony with lavender, but it dries down with what I assume is the "beeswax" accord, but which smells floral to me (I don't know what beeswax smells like). It gives the scent a dryness I like, as well as a very clean, somewhat soapy smell. Longevity of course is poor (about 2 or 3 hours tops), but this is a very refreshing and calming scent that I find very satisfying. Just pour a ton of it in your palm and splash it on with reckless abandon!

01st July, 2010
A classic, inexpensive Spanish eau de cologne easily available in its country if origin as well as in many Latin American countries, made by Gal, a subsidary of Antonio Puig. The line is complemented with a stronger eau de cologne, soap, deodorant and talcum powder.

I am resorting to notes I know of and I can easily perceive.

Initial notes are hesperidic-like, their main characteristic being that they are kind of sparkling. As it develops, it settles down to notes similar to the ones found in woody scents, later changing to a mixture of green -amberine notes.

As in all eaux de colognes, longevity and sillage are limited, but sometimes - I can not recall when or why, if it is because of weather conditions, accidental layering or foods eaten - I feel a very unique beeswax drydown lasting a very acceptable time.

Edit, Aug. 2009: the "stronger eau de cologne" is not sold anymore, it has been replaced by a flanker named "Agua de Pravia 1905",

In the original article I wrote in the second paragraph:

"In Spanish, "heno" means fern, "fougere" in French In Spanish, so I wonder if this is what the original fougere smelt like. Since I can't tell if this is so,".

The translation of the word "heno" was wrong since "heno" means "hay", so I decide to cut out this passage.

Thank you fellow BNoter for letting me aware of this mistake!

17th April, 2009 (last edited: 23rd August, 2009)

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