Holy Water (1999)
by Demeter Fragrance Library


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Year of Launch1999
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseDemeter Fragrance Library
Parent CompanyFreedom Marketing Group

About Holy Water

Holy Water is a shared / unisex perfume by Demeter Fragrance Library. The scent was launched in 1999

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United Kingdom
This is an original concept, although the Hoky Water in different churches may smell differently.

There is a dusty woodsiness initially, that is bright and has a fruity undertone. There is not much time for development.

I get weak sillage, adequate projection and two hours of longevity on my skin.

A nice idea, but mediocre implementation. 2.5/5.
05th November, 2017
I used to own this and it was a fresh, watery, summer floral that drew lots of compliments. Unfortunately, the bottle went bad and it smelled sour, whether sprayed on my skin or the air. Looking to re-buy this fragrance.
21st July, 2017
Holy Water by Demeter. Let's see, there is no note pyramid for this fragrance. I can tell you one thing, the holy water in my church does not smell like this. I wish it did. All I can say is that it smells really nice, like summer freshness in a bottle. I don't like to compare fragrances BUT it smells like a lighter version of Pleasures for men by Estee Lauder. All in all it is a very safe fragrance.
10th November, 2015
I really wanted to like this one. I love the concept, have been in many churches and appreciate the ambiance. Sadly, for me there is little to enjoy here. On me, this is a vague and wispy scent, having little substance and some rather odd notes. It starts with one of the worst, piercing rubbing-alcohol notes I’ve experienced. When this abates, I get various similar and indeterminate notes suggestive of rubber, old erasers, old sneakers left in a locker, sweaty backs on a varnished pew, and old metal keys in a church cupboard. All of these float on a thin, watery base. Not a religious experience, in my books.
21st September, 2009

For a Demeter, this fragrance is mind blowing. It is so well done: It is complex; it is balanced; it has excellent movements; and there is an absolutely great implementation of the whole concept of church. At first I was a bit disappointed because I was expecting it to smell like dusty, stale water, which is the smell I associate with holy water. But apparently the “holy water” meant by this fragrance is simply a synecdoche – a part of something that represents the whole something. Holy Water stands for the total environment of the Catholic Church. There’s the water, the pews, the incense, the candles, the flowers – all there as a rich part of the ambiance of the some small church. And it’s done so well! And it lasts a bit longer than the other Demeters. Two or three thumbs up!
12th November, 2008
If you are looking for a good incense, just go to CDG and pay the pretty penny. However, Holy Water is not too bad and the price is good. The longevity is very short, on me it was about a half an hour.
09th November, 2007

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