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Homme de Grès (1996)
by Grès


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Year of Launch1996
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People and companies

PerfumerGérard Anthony
Parent CompanyDenz > Art & Fragrance
Parent Company at launchAltus

About Homme de Grès

Homme de Grès is a masculine fragrance by Grès. The scent was launched in 1996 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Gérard Anthony

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Reviews of Homme de Grès

Stardate 20170831:

I wish I knew what the main accord is in this. It is shared by Capucci PH (vintage) and is the main "leather" accord of Burberrys for Men (1st version 80s)
Artemesia? Galbanum? Vetiver? Labdanum?Costus? or a mixture of some of them?
This accord, which many call leather, is not something I like. I find it too dry. Burberrys for Men, while a masterpiece,is not in my top 20.

Homme De Gres (and Capucci too) have solved this problem by adding citrus, herbal and amber elements to the composition. The dryness has been balanced out.

It is still available online for $40 and you should get it before inventory runs out.
31st August, 2017
Now this fragrance harks back to another time in structure and is nothing like what you would find on the shelves today. No sugary sweetness here!

After a few sprays upon the skin the scent smells quite harsh with bitter herbal lemony citrus notes. But the beauty of this fragrance is how in opens up and takes you on a olfactory journey. Wait twenty minutes and the scent starts to unfurl and soften with the introduction of lavender and jasmine floral notes. This starts to make the scent more aromatic as slowly the bitter herbal citrus melds with the lavender and floral notes on a underlying bed of leather.

Eventually the herbal mossy lemony citrus starts to fade and the floral jasmine notes start to come through more and the scent starts to become more woody. So you can smell a lovely herbal floral woody scent on a leathery base. Quite beautiful (reminds me a bit of Carons third man scent).

The scent is beautifully crafted in how the different notes are introduced and then meld together quite beautiful. Every-time you sniff the scent you are picking up a new different aspect. I am impressed how all these different notes all come together to create a alluring beautiful scent.

I get several hours of longevity and the basenotes seem to linger on the skin for ages where modern fragrances they just seem to disappear.
07th August, 2017
In 1923 Roger and Gallet came up with a wonderful scent, Le Jade, which matched lime (the green in the clever name) with oak moss, providing a bracing scent far more masculine than feminine, but looking forward to such oak moss dominated perfumes as Bandit and Femme.

Gres took the oak moss from their classic Cabochard, and substituting lemon and bergamot for the lime, created their ultra-sophisticated and masculine Homme de Gres in the mid-1990s.

Homme is quite simple, but tres bracing and uplifting. Perfect for summer wear, either office or sport, and a good choice to splash on for early evening wear. A winner and sadly discontinued. You can still find it on Ebay. Worth a buy.
21st March, 2017
A citrusy-herbal-woody fragrance. Excellent in my mind! It smells wonderful (mostly masculine I would say). It is 'fresh' and at the same time provides body to the scent. It also changes a bit over time, starting citrusy, continuing into herbal with tarragon...perhaps.. and then into woody territory. Reminds me of some Guerlain, but still distinct. It has quite good sillage and last for a long time.
15th September, 2015
Solid. Maybe a bit boring, but terribly solid: citrus, sharp bitter green notes, oak moss, a barbershop accord of lavender and freshly cut woods. A really “conventional” fresh fougère for men in the same league of Yves Saint Laurent pour Homme, but with a hint of uniqueness lying in the unusually loud tone of the green notes, which smell sour and sharp as hell, enhanced by the astringent citric bitterness and the raw feel of woods, and cleverly “rounded” by something powdery-musky, almost animalic too, I guess due to lavender (you can really smell a ton of it here) and mossy notes. Really simple, sophisticatedly dry, virile and mature, probably not memorable, but a perfect piece of old-school self-confidence in a (fantastic!) bottle.

19th June, 2015
divus5 Show all reviews
United States
(This is discontinued so I did my first blind buy, bought a bottle on ebay)

The review by Vetiverlover describes this fragrance perfectly for me. There is nothing I dont like about it, very versatile in that it will work well all year round although I think it might be better as a fall/winter scent. I like its attitude, a really nice masculine scent. Its not a shouter, yet not too understated. Some people might object to the late dry down as being somewhat harsh, it has its share of tobacco/smoke...but I still like this aspect too. I paid $52 including shipping for 75ml w/box on ebay, a good value in my opinion. (Thanks to Basenoter JackTwist for putting this on my radar during his chanel pour monsieur review)
01st June, 2014 (last edited: 02nd June, 2014)

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