Homme Nature (1999)
    by Yves Rocher

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    Homme Nature information

    Homme Nature is a men's fragrance by Yves Rocher. The scent was launched in 1999

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    Canada Canada

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    The first few times I wore it, I was ambivalent about Homme Nature.

    But I have come to really like it. Maybe it is the hot temperature of the summer that changed my perception of the fragrance. Or it's just that sometimes we have to wear a fragrance a few times more before we get better acquainted with it.

    It reminds me a little of Transat. Of course, it is not identical but there are links. I like them both. Homme Nature is more green and earthy than the aquatic Transat. It evokes the countryside by a hot summer day.

    I bought the fragrance last winter and I got the version that is labelled "Homme Nature". Y.Rocher changed the label of the present version for "Nature pour Homme". I think it is a good marketing move from Y.Rocher. Puting the emphasis on the word "Nature" truly reflect the pastoral character of this nice and masculine aromatic fragrance.

    On me, the fragrance is long lasting but projection is soft.

    13 July, 2014

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    To me this fragrance was really a surpise looking at the quality to price ratio!
    Got this almost for free in the Yves Rocher Shop (€8 or something like that for 50ml) here in NL.
    Made out of mainly natural ingredients, this fragrance smells really green, little herbal and fresh!
    A clean green woody herbal indeed as one calls it that starts with a cucumber like smell that is surrounded quickly by mainly sage, mint and ivy. The base of moss and sandalwood makes it smell masculine and like you walk in a forrest with a fresh but mossy like smell with a little herbal sweetness to it! Very natural and green indeed! It is not unisex to me, lasts about 5 hours and sillage is average. Best to be used in the summer but can also easily be used during spring and fall! Thumbs up for this good stuff! Rated: 8/10

    04 September, 2012

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    Canada Canada

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    I expected something that smelt natural, but it feels quite synthetic to me.
    Fresh, but harsh and nauseating.

    23 June, 2012

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Smell: 7 out of 10 It's not as cucumber-ish as I thought, it's the ivy/sage/sandalwood that's on the foreground. It may have a little mint, but the fragrance is mostly 'green' and mildly herbal.

    Longevity: 5 out of 10 I mostly get 45 minutes of projection and a 5-7 h total, with the fragrance sticking close to my skin.

    Versatility: 8 out of 10 Good for office/casual use, bad for dates and high class events.

    Conclusion: The mild herbs makes it a casual scent for men. Yves Rocher offers decent quality for a very affordable price.

    10th March, 2012

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    United States United States

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    Bought this after sampling because it is very light and fresh and a contrast to the heavier smoke and spice scents I normally gravitate towards. HOMME NATURE presents as crisp green things- cucumber, mint, grasses. It is very linear in its' profile and does not necessarily evolve much during wear. Dry down
    notes project a slight green pepper and astringent quality that is unique and refreshing. The entire thing dissipates rapidly and longevity is no more than 5-6 hours. This could be good or bad depending on purpose for wear. Very suitable for daytime or work. Could easily apply another fragrance over it later in the day or to "punch it up" initially. HOMME NATURE is versatile and that can be its' appeal.

    10th January, 2012

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    Brazil Brazil

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    Fresh green crispy and minty, I really don't understand why many negative ratings. Does not smell like many synthetic aquatics out there, the notes are all natural and well projected, has good longevity, and the drydown is amazing. I like to wear it in summer rainny days.
    Thumbs way Up !

    22 December, 2011

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