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Horizon (1993)
by Guy Laroche


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Year of Launch1993
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People and companies

HouseGuy Laroche
PerfumerAlain Astori
PackagingThierry Lecoule
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Horizon

Horizon is a masculine fragrance by Guy Laroche. The scent was launched in 1993 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Alain Astori. The bottle was designed by Thierry Lecoule

Horizon fragrance notes

Reviews of Horizon

Horizon by Laroche is a really fascinating scent, I wouldn’t define it a “good” scent but it’s surely much intriguing, quite ahead of its time for me and making a creative use of both green fougère structure and fruity-floral-aquatic accords. That’s what I get here in fact – basically a sort of “aquatic-fruity-floral fougère”, a slap of green-fruity watery freshness (imagine a Mediterranean breeze of pine and warm sea) on a more conventional green-mossy fougère, both blended with a graceful accord of flowers (dark carnation, bright pastel cyclamen) and a recognizable note of orange. Sort of Givenchy Insensé meets Cool Water and both meet Pino Silvestre. Still a bit cheap, but in a fun way - and pleasant above all, that’s what counts. The name “Horizon” quite fits the scent, as it really radiates a peaceful feel of contemplation and calm with a joyful, vibrant natural vibe – and a brilliant vein of “classic” barbershop notes giving just right amount of “civilized elegance”. Really enjoyable and decent, just a bit screechy at the very opening and not the classiest scent around (it’s quite loud especially on the green-fruity side), but an uplifting fun little gem.

10th July, 2015
jspo Show all reviews
United States
All I can say is this cologne is a sleeper. This is a gem of a scent from start to finish. I'll wear this anytime, even at home doing chores and spray 2 times each forearm. The ending of this, the base, is IMHO a seductive, woody fragrance that just lasts several hours. It's best after an hour after applying and has above average silage.
08th June, 2015
A salty fennel and grapefruit scent laid over fresh patchouli. More a 'damp herbal' than an aquatic, it is very similar to the original formula of Kenzo Pour Homme but more naturally friendly-smelling and without the sort of low tide musk that came with. Tucked away in the layers of this composition is some kind of berry (far in the background of the big picture) as well as an accord that reminds me strongly of The Visionary by the Gap, which was a sparse green scent comprised mostly of caraway and geranium. The whole effect is strange but incredibly alluring, especially considering the current asking price. The top doesn't stay too long but the woody drydown is a close quarters, all day affair.
Horizon exhibits one of the greatest utilizations of fennel in a fragrance that I have ever encountered; it is a beautiful, bittersweet watercolor and (despite the vague comparisons) an utterly singular creation.
04th August, 2014
Gorgeous spicy aquatic scent with great longevity and projection from the French House of Guy Laroche.

The scent starts citrusy, then turns marine salty with beautiful herbal aromatic nuances followed by a long lasting drydown of wood, patchouli and pronounced moss. Very Nice!

Beautiful sporty bottle too!

Thumbs up!
02nd April, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Marine with a twist

The beginning has grapefruit vibes with fresh mint, which then adds a sea-salty marine note without ever becoming a typical aquatic. There is a pleasant greenness in the drydown and I get lots of fennel. The base notes have a bit of wood and a fairly soft patchouli developing into a smooth mossy ending. There is quite a bit of good development in this scent, with initially good silage and projection that later becomes close to my skin. Total longevity over three hours.

18th August, 2013
Seriously under-rated

It took me 2 years to understand this fragrance. It is dirt cheap on eBay, which should help its cause, instead it gets people thinking it is a crap frag. But it's not, it is a complex fragrance with many layers of goodness. This is what makes it hard to like in the first place. Too many things going on at once in the first blast. It is dusty with some spice. And a hint of blue, which all come together to make a 80s shower fresh scent.

You shouldn't over-spray this or your nostrils will be assaulted. You'll miss everything nice about it.

Pros: Complex in a good way
Cons: Takes time to understand

24th June, 2013

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