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Horizon (1993)
by Guy Laroche


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Year of Launch1993
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People and companies

HouseGuy Laroche
PerfumerAlain Astori
PackagingThierry Lecoule
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Horizon

Horizon is a masculine fragrance by Guy Laroche. The scent was launched in 1993 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Alain Astori. The bottle was designed by Thierry Lecoule

Horizon fragrance notes

Reviews of Horizon

From the design of the bottle, to the advertising campaign, I was thinking this was going to be very fresh, and maybe even similar to Davidoff's Cool Water.
It isn't.
Yes, there IS a watery note/vibe here. When smelling this, it first feels refreshing because it's like inhaling a watery mist. The problem for me though, is the prominent herbal medley of thyme, fennel and black pepper. It's a slight bit of freshness, and a whole lot of brittle dried goods. The latter is mostly what this fragrance is made of, and it's not something I would like to wear, or smell on others.
And I'm not against herbal-smelling fragrances. Paco Rabanne Pour Homme and Aramis Tuscany are both excellent. But this one, not so much.
This is very similar to Calvin Klein's Escape, except that one has no freshness or water aspect.
This is a unique composition but ultimately it's a dislike.
31st October, 2017
This will be the very first time that I'm going to use capital letters in a review to explain how I feel about a perfume. Horizon is, in so many words... HORRENDOUS!!!

Oh my good God this is so bad that I'm literally in shock right now. First off, how in the world this shit even made it past a test panel or quality control for that matter is way beyond my comprehension and second, outside of the fact that this stuff is really, absurdly nauseatingly potent to the point of being impervious to soap and water more then once, this is the 'epitome' of a horrible perfume for a young lady and even worse, this doesn't even smell like something that belongs on your skin. This is something that you spray to cover up bad bathroom odors, I'm not exaggerating one tiny bit here.

Horizon smells 'exactly' like those really cheap body sprays for younger girls, particularly from Bath and Body Works mixed with equal parts of a super duper strong Glade® spray air freshener of the flowery variety that comes in a spray can with the pink cap, no joke. Forget that entire scent pyramid up there because this nuclear bomb is a sweet chemical blob of sticky juicy flowers on top of flowers and some more flowers. This whole entire thing smells bright pink and bright green in color. This is so freakin' bad that I'm really at a loss for words.

I'm happy that I only paid $10 for a 50ml splash flacon although I'm very annoyed that I have wasted a perfectly good 30ml atomizer on this nasty ass perfume. I couldn't even make it past 30 minutes to get to the drydown because even with 1 spray on my wrist, the projection and overwhelming sillage was making me feel sick with all of those chemical flowers. Now I truly understand why this was discontinued with the quickness and why there's hundreds of gallons of this stuff available on eBay for pennies. What in the hell was Guy Laroche thinking when he made this mess and how in the world could something that smells so bad come from the same person who created a masterpiece like Drakkar Noir?! I completely and thoroughly loathe this with all of my heart and soul and will say with 100% confidents that Horizon is by far the worst perfume for men that I've ever, and probably will ever encounter in my life. I hate this!
17th October, 2017
A distinct scent that is at once hypnotizing, bracing, and minty-watery. The bottle is fun to see and hold, and the potion within has a slight resemblance to the now also-discontinued DK Men Unleaded, with more spiciness and overall depth.

Probably not for everyone, given its unusual character. But I do enjoy Horizon, if not for its willingness to be different.

20th December, 2016
A throwback to the powerhouse 80s type of scent, this is a strong, masculine fougere with an overlying freshness due to the mint and lavender combination. The base is a very dry combo of patchouli and oak moss with a green effect based on immortelle.

Laroche only really dealt with two scents intended for the masculine market (of his 12 creations). Drakkar has had three flankers to date, the second of which, Drakkar Noir, has become iconic. Horizon failed to win over the public upon unveiling, but seems to have an underground reputation, based on its following in these reviews and its availability for very little money in the marketplace.

It smells good, but somehow common, basic. There's nothing to rave about here. Just a good, simple masculine splash for those dudes still in love with the 80s.

04th August, 2016
Maybe I'll grow to appreciate this one day but for now it reminds me of McDonald's bathroom soap, which is not a good thing. Disappointing blind buy after reading so many good reviews.
15th February, 2016 (last edited: 21st February, 2016)
Its easy to pick out the head notes of mandarin and salt, but after that things get a bit more tricky. Grapefruit - yes, but rose & jasmin, thyme & black pepper? All three pyramids I've copied out into my notes suggest different things in the heart phase, and while all of them contain some truths none of them can be relied on.

When wearing this it comes across to me as a salt fruity-aquatic, with pepper grapefruit and herbal overtones. It's spiny on the outside and soft in the centre where acrid and fluid textures meet.

The note pyramids come together again in the base to agree on moss patchouli and sandal. It takes only a short hour or two to go from mandarin to moss and leaves behind itself a coarse smelling mossy salt. (This is real oakmoss here in all its starkness.)
I'm not sure that chypre's a good base for an aquatic perfume, they aren't suited together despite the salty link.

What is certain is that it was released five years later than Cool Water. Horizon's form of aquatic genre, species - salt follows in a style that had run its course and, smelling a bit old and dated would within a year be blown away by CK One.

17th September, 2015

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