Indigo (2001)
    by Gant USA

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    Indigo information

    Indigo is a men's fragrance by Gant USA. The scent was launched in 2001

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    Italy Italy

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    Indigo by Gant is a(nother) "sport-casual" aldehydic scent with generic woody notes of Iso E, a subtle citrus-floral head note, a calone note providing the mandatory "sea breeze" note (I wonder when they'll realise this alleged "sea" thing smells more like antifreeze liquid), a rounding sweet base of sandalwood and vanilla and some spices, among which I personally detect cumin, pepper, perhaps nutmeg. So basically, a more-than-conventional designer Oriental woody-citrus-spicy scent without pretenses (which is good) and without praise or blame. Surprisingly, though, I would not define it too much cheap: perhaps mediocre, but not unpleasant and not even that bad honestly. It smells nice, clean, cozy and "office/weekend-safe", fairly more than others of the same genre which smell quite more harsh and chemical. To be clear: I still consider Indigo just a tad above department stores' deodorants, yet it is quite more pleasant than others among this category of masculine scents (not to mention several niche ones which smell like this and cost ten times this, Creed for instance).


    14th October, 2014

    rbaker's avatar

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    The opening with its bergamot, citrus and orris is a tad unexciting, and followed by a drydown with cumin, woodsy notes and some clove hints. The base is very generic and a light synthetic musk with a hint of sweetness is what I get. Very dull, not as such unpleasant, with adequate silage and projection. The main forte of this scent is the excellent longevity of nearly nine hours.

    10th May, 2014

    Renato's avatar

    Australia Australia

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    Gant Indigo is similar in style to L'Eau Par Kenzo, but it lasts longer on me than the latter. And it lasts longer on me than Erolfa does.

    Thus I really like wearing it in warm weather.

    05th January, 2012

    Wise Owl's avatar

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Gant Indigo isn't the most imaginative of fragrances; but it is however a rather pleasant mix of citrus and spices. While it's certainly nothing that'd make you stand out in a crowd, it'd certainly make a pretty decent day to day scent. Overall a fragrance that's a little bit different from the norm, but not too daring. Notes are as follows: -

    TOP: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lime, Orange, Juniper, Orris, Papyrus Leaves.

    MIDDLE: Cumin, Nutmeg, Clove Bud, Elemi, Black Pepper, Liquorice, Cedar, Teak, Sandlewood, Oakmoss.

    BASE: Amber, Musk

    20th November, 2011

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    Finland Finland

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    MonkeyManMatts words doubled precisely only not including the part where he suggested you to buy Erolfa.

    08th November, 2008

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    Sweden Sweden

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    As dull and uninspired as everything else the Gant-people have laid their preppy little fingers on. A watered down grapefruit/neroli mix that seems to have been designed for an anemic, politically correct government office. Or something like that... I guess you get the picture - BORING! Save your money and buy Creed's Erolfa instead.

    15th August, 2005

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