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Insensé Ultramarine (1994)
by Givenchy


Insensé Ultramarine information

Year of Launch1994
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Insensé Ultramarine

A refreshing version of Insense. The fragrance contains notes of Galbanum, Cardamom and Cedar.
The packaging is aqua-blue with a yellow trim; the exact reverse of Insense .

Insensé Ultramarine fragrance notes

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Reviews of Insensé Ultramarine

Although I am not an aquatic maniac, this is really invigorating, fresh and speaks of the "Golden age" of scents.
Good duration and Good sillage
09th March, 2015
An excellent french-style fragrance back from the days when men were still men. Sort of cross between Chrome and Kenzo PH but much better and way more masculine than either of them. Even the most reputable houses do not make them like this any more. Do not fall for the silly idea that smelling nice is all there is to the allure of a good fragrance. Forget about all those modern semi-sweet, semi-bland smooth cutie pie colognes and get this instead. On a technical note: projection/longevity are very good.
22nd August, 2014
A very sweet and fresh floral frag. Lasts ages and is delightful!
29th July, 2014
loved the original Insensé so didnt real follow the ultramarine version those days, just reown it recently though to retry it, and quite woo: the top notes sounds a lot chemical and plastic, there was a 'plasticness' in the original but it was different , this one feels like weird somehow but of course not really bad, though really synthetic and heavy enough in a way! at least it dries out quite responsible i even feel an elegant breeze on my clothes even the next day of use... Voting for the original all the way tho! but supporting this while its the only product involved with the original :)
01st March, 2013 (last edited: 12th May, 2013)

A mossy-fruity aquatic with a chemical and watery fruity opening, a spicy-floral heart and a vetiver-tobacco aromatic dry down. In the first stage of the journey you smell a sort of chemical-aquatic watermelon-grapefruit blast with a cool minty tone and with some florals in the mix. After a while the smell becomes more virile, less icy-calone kind and more masculine with its base of smoky vetiver and woods. The dry down is still light and fruity with some sort of summery body lotion vibe. A sporty and virile fruity-floral with detergent (blue) marine and minty-boise' nuances.
12th May, 2012
Thumbs down particularly for the dry down. It manages to thrill for hours like mint. Only stronger. On me it has an eye watering effect.

The top is pretty much chemical. I assume by direct comparison to the raw material that Ultramarines galbanum is rendered by the use of Givaudans Pharaone. To some degree I enjoy chemical smells a lot. I appreciate how the perfumer covers the aggressive off notes of Pharaone and on the other side stretches the pineapple peel / tobacco aspect. This effort results in a wide panoramic olfactory sensation. Of course is doesn't resemble galbanum as it is known from Balmains Vent Vert for instance. The synthetic/chemical origin of the reminder to galbanum is obvious and it depends on Your taste if You like such. I do!

The middle notes chime in after about 10 minutes. For further 20 minutes some floral aspects reveal themselves under the Pharaone. The aldehydes are kept weak, the floral bloom is indicated by hydroxicitronellal, as known from linden blossom, lilly of the valley and other.

The basic structure of this Ultramarine is build up from various generic 'male' chemicals. Iso E Super, calone, vetiveryl acetate in huge doses.

If it had not the unbearable aggressive 'fresh' dry down, one could enjoy the weird Pharaone top note from time to time. But given the long lasting spoiler I recommend to carefully sample it before a purchase. It has nothing to do with the famous Insense.

12th January, 2012

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