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Jade East (1964)
by Regency (originally by Swank)


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Year of Launch1964
AvailabilityIn Production
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Originally bySwank

About Jade East

Jade East is a masculine fragrance by Regency. The scent was launched in 1964

Reviews of Jade East

I am 66 years old and I used Jade East when it first came out. It came in a plastic Buddha bottle. I used it till they stopped making it. When I found that Regency started making it again I purchased a bottle of the cologne and was surprised that it was exactly the same. I love the smell and I have had many compliments from friends and even strangers asking me what I was wearing. I guess everyone is not the same, especially younger kids, since what I have smelled of the colognes they use literally stink. They almost all smell very similar. Colognes like Dante, English Leather, Jade East, lagerfield, were the "in colognes of the 60's & 70's". I would bet that most people who does not like Jade East are very young people who have grown up with limited range of cologne smells.
13th October, 2017
atrac Show all reviews
United States
I found a vintage Swank bottle of this at a thrift store and was immediately impressed. It's a definitely talcum powder/barber shop fragrance. I find it very calming when I wear it -- perhaps a bit of a baby diaper smell that most people find distasteful but I'm quite a fan of.

I purchased a bottle of the current Regency version and find it very similar to the original vintage Swank formula. A side by side comparison results in a slight difference when first applied, but that almost immediately changes to a very very similar effect from each version. This could be attributed to the age of the original version or a slight change to the formula, but nevertheless, it is not enough of a difference to complain about.

My only dislike of the Regency version is the label on the bottle. It looks like one of those cheesy ads for a weekend car show. All it is missing is the cute asian babe. It does not belong on a bottle of cologne. Bring back the original design.

If this type of scent is your thing, I recommend grabbing a current Regency version.
17th February, 2014
just tried my first bottle of jade east and has a strong musky fragrance that is masculine and slightly stronger then other musk type colognes i've tried. seems to have a moderate lasting strength. when i first saw the ads and commericial online with asian models and the bottle packaging, i assumed it was a cologne of the far east of asia. i like the scent but it might take awhile to get use to it.
15th January, 2014 (last edited: 21st January, 2014)
Haven't smelled it in years but I remember nearly getting whiplash once in a crowded high school hall way as my head spun wildly while trying to find the young "stud" wearing this fragrance...and he was going to opposite direction... Did I dare risk being late to class just to let my nose search whoever was bold enough to wear it??? No, I was too much of a goody two shoes to be late to class, but I do remember I couldn't concentrate in class wondering who was wearing this cologne! :)
18th March, 2012
Swanky Show all reviews
United States
I confess that I've never gagged nor puked while smelling any cologne, after shave or eau de toilette. Certainly a powdery, unassuming gentleman such as Jade East (or his contemporary, Brut) has not resulted in any physical manifestation of nausea. What is here that causes such distress? I am allergic to penicillin, but I can't imagine giving it a thumbs down because of my personal malady. Those who are so adversely affected by fragrances must not have much luck finding pleasant experiences in this hobby, and that's unfortunate.

I also confess that I am partial to old school fragrances. Jade East is a charter member of a group that includes Brut, Canoe, Coty Musk, Fred Hayman's Touch For Men among others. Barbershop all the way, affordable as heck, nostalgia in a bottle.
19th March, 2011
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
If you hate old-school colognes like Brut or Canoe, don't even bother unscrewing the cap on this. Go back to your unisex niche fragrances. Jade East is not for you.

This balls-to-the-wall fougere is so crude and loud it makes Brut smell discreet and refined by comparison. Just be patient and try to make it past the synthetic lavender blast when you first put it on. It's worth it, because the drydown really is superb. There are no heart notes in Jade East. The drydown smells sweet, warm, very musky and green. Granted, Jade East can smell pretty rude at first, but the drydown comes quickly, and it's what drives me to wear this dinosaur.

Jade East is a product of its time, and many people will find it outdated. But it was fragrances like Jade East that set the stage for the big powerhouse fragrances in the 70's and 80's. I wouldn't call Jade East a masterpiece or even a classic, but I really love it.

18th October, 2010 (last edited: 14th June, 2011)

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