Jaguar Mark II (1995)
    by Jaguar

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    Jaguar Mark II Fragrance Notes

    Jaguar Mark II information

    Jaguar Mark II is a men's fragrance by Jaguar. The scent was launched in 1995

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    This model Jaguar is a muscle car compared the nuanced original, and it roars.
    The entire composition revolves around patchouli, and the type used makes Mark II like the day to Salvador Dali's night. The patchouli in both is bright and multifaceted, and smells like the freshly cut plant, unlike many of the heady, hippie-associated oils in the world which mask and overpower instead of charm. Now, where Dali's version is dark and more moody it is still a thing of great beauty with its strange dirt and flowers vibe. Jaguar's interpretation skips the fine lines, and in broad strokes paints a portrait all in mellow brown and bright orange tones- a simple, straightforward, and utterly potent mix of woods and sweetness that teeter on the verge of smelling like diesel exhaust. Lasts for ages and, despite being completely linear, the sandal in the end stage smooths out into a real beauty.

    08th July, 2014

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    Somewhere between an 80s/90s powerhouse and a classic, patchouli based masculine. Mark II has a strong old-fashoned vibe that made me somehow think about the vintage formulation of Givenchy Gentleman with the addition of a more consistent musky element. Patchouli and sandalwood are the real stars here and preserve the fragrance from becoming too sweet because of the tonka beans in the base. Overall I'd recommend Mark II to anyone looking for a retro masculine that's at the same time classy and slightly dark. Nice.

    24th January, 2012

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    Fantastic. This is on a different level when compared to the other Jaguar fragrances, and this is well into the niche category. It smells like citrus, leather, wood and soap, combined in a way that's amazingly masculine, fresh and old school without being offensive (i.e. like Aramis). I hope they bring this back.

    14th October, 2011

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    Deep, deep woods, powerful, poetic, brooding, enigmatic, unique. Sticking my neck out, I would call this the equal of any of the woody creations of exalted Houses like Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier, Comme des Garcons, Comptoir Sud Pacifique or L'Artisan.
    A little goes a long way. Classed as an eau de toilette, its strength resembles that of an eau de parfum or even a pure perfume. This is fortunate, since, being discontinued, it is hard to obtain a bottle. But you can still find 5 ml. miniatures from the likes of Dutyfreeperfume or Perfumechoice - and a miniature is all you will need, since a drop is all you will need.
    Hardly an everyday fragrance, but fine for special occasions or a connoisseur's private moments of delight. Every fragrance aficionado should try it.

    03rd June, 2005 (Last Edited: 19th October, 2006)

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