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Ja´pur Homme (1997)
by Boucheron


Ja´pur Homme information

Year of Launch1997
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 656 votes)

People and companies

PerfumerAnnick Menardo
Parent CompanyInter Parfums

About Ja´pur Homme

A very refined oriental scent

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Reviews of Ja´pur Homme

A very low cost fragrance with complexity and depth in spades. Initially almost confused, but settles down relatively quickly into a perfectly balanced and infectious vanilla spice vibe.
19th October, 2015
After a two-week wait, I could finally open my sealed brand-new bottle; when I sprayed it on my arm, I said to myself, "This is Opium Pour Homme!" However, a few minutes later, it evolved into something really incredible, and then I thought, "Bottled deliciousness!"

Very little does this oriental elixir resemble Opium Pour Homme, and I'm glad it's so different!--actually, it resembles more Fahrenheit Absolute (or even Cacharel Pour Homme) than it resembles Jacques Cavallier's fragrance. Ja´pur Homme is far nicer, softer, and more versatile. After five minutes of applying, it gives off a strong cinnamon smell combined with a creamy balm composed of cardamom, flowers, and vanilla; it's certainly sweet yet not overpowering. This juice resembles Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male, but Ja´pur Homme is so well blended and balanced that the combination of ingredients conveys harmony, class, and beauty; even though it can suit women well, I don't agree that it's a little bit too feminine. Sillage and longevity on my skin are average, and I think it can be used on a daily basis (even in warmer days), without overapplying.

This is one of my best blind-buys ever. You get great quality stuff for a good price. By the way, the bottle is gorgeous!

Fragrance: 10
Sillage: 7
Longevity: 7
Versatility: 9
Average: 8.25
28th June, 2015
Living in Florida, oriental fragrances have been a challenge for me except for in the coolest months of the year. Even then, I proceed with a degree of caution because the spices often become choking on my skin. Jaipur is the best exception to that rule, as the fragrance is rounded and settles fairly soft after an hour. It still maintains a good scent, but never get as smothering as other fragrances from this scent grouping. I like wearing Jaipur out to dinner and especially if we are dining Asian. Just sets my mood and makes me very happy. Thumbs up.
14th May, 2015
This perfume has the ability to transport me to far and exotic lands.
In my opinion it captures the spices and flavors of Northern India, where the city of Jaipur is located. Although I have never been in there, wearing this makes me wish I was there. Maybe some day, who knows, but in the meanwhile I just have to be content and satisfied with the feeling I get with this beautiful perfume.
Longevity and sillage are very good indeed.
04th April, 2015
I have the EdT and get a light cream and bergamot opening followed by cinnamon and nutmeg, as time goes by I notice the cardamom. After a while I can detect some light floral's within the light talcum powder scent, everything is balanced just right. As I said very nice indeed.

The scent is light and soft and spicy and a little powdery in a light talcum powder way. Now the amazing thing about this fragrance is when it changes from the midnotes to the drydown the scent goes from very nice to totally MAGNIFICENT.

And this is all down to the wonderful captivating vanilla scent that smells quite regal. That change from a soft spicy scent to the amazing vanilla is quite dramatic. And the reason is it almost makes it smell like a different scent, almost.

A big thumbs up from me and I am going to have to get the Edp as well.
20th January, 2015
I will try and find time to write a more detailed review later, but I just want to thanks the Basenotes reviewers who contributed to make me decide to get this great timeless classical fragrance!

I blind bought it recently (EDP) and I am so glad I did! It is already one of my prefered fragrances and I would not be surprised if it becomes my prefered one.

I like its floral accords well blended with earthy, green, incense and woody ones. Maybe its unisex quality and very discrete sweetness contribute to make it so mystical to me? The fragrance reminds me of the incense smells we sometimes encounter in yoga and meditation centers and in New Age little boutiques.

I hope that I will find time later to better review this great classical and mystical fragrance!
31st December, 2014

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