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Ja´pur Homme (1997)
by Boucheron


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Year of Launch1997
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerAnnick Menardo
Parent CompanyInter Parfums

About Ja´pur Homme

A very refined oriental scent

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Reviews of Ja´pur Homme

Giving this a neutral... not sure if it is quality of the spices or the mix of the juice but there is a slight headache inducing quality to the scent. Not sure if it was actually the juice or I was having a bad day lol... Either way the juice does last for about 6 hours on me with 3 hours of decent projection. Maybe I will give it another go due to the prices online being great for this scent and the positive reviews on this site.
27th July, 2016
NOTE: Review of the EdT

Ja´pur Homme is a vanillic oriental creation by Annick Menardo. The first few opening seconds are citric, and one could possibly be forgiven for mistaking it to be Boucheron pour Homme. However, in a matter of a few minutes the citric notes all but subside, much in the style and tradition of many classic Guerlains and a few de Nicola´'s, to reveal a spicy cinnamon accord. The spices become progressively softer as the vanilla note takes centrestage. A vague hint of abstract freshness well into the dry down presents another interesting facet of the composition. The overall olfactory impression is formal and distinguished, with a regal touch. Yet, Ja´pur Homme shuns the majestic, and often intimidating, grandeur of the palaces of Rajasthan. It only pays homage to the royal magnificence with subtle but significant flourishes and nuances that hint at majesty. Rather than indulgent opulence, its discreet sophistication conveys the message that it is possible to accentuate everyday life with a deft touch of regal splendour.

Exhibiting good sillage and admirable tenacity, Ja´pur Homme could be an ideal embellishment to carefully chosen attires for afternoon tea parties and upscale evening socials. The somewhat pedestrian price should not obscure the fact that it possesses an abundance of bourgeois elegance, and effortlessly mixes with the cultured high society.

17th April, 2016
Best no nonsense vanilla fragrance I've tried. While I wish it was a little more challenging, maybe that would take away from it's charm. The sillage it leaves behind is actually a little different than close up. You can smell the citrus and cinnamon a little more.
Great value in terms of scent, projection, longevity, and obviously cost.
09th February, 2016 (last edited: 28th February, 2016)
A True Masterpiece Indeed.

I basically hate sweet fragrances. But this one has such a refined sweet accord that it is hard not to like it. The spices and the florals are so well blended that it becomes a truly captivating scent.

Well i Live in India and have visited the city of Jaipur atleast thrice. when i first tried this fragrance i was surprised at the fact that this smell is somehow remniscent of the city of jaipur. Wow the perfumeur has really managed to capture the fragrance of Jaipur City in a bottle.

Bravo Annick Menardo.
14th January, 2016
Years ago iI walked into Macy's (then Marshall Fields) and gathered my courage to stand in line and ask this extraordinarily exotic Czech women working behind the perfume to help me find a father's day present for myself.

She had smooth skin, wore oversized clunky bangles, a form fitting black top and a wide flowing black tulip skirt. Her hair was brilliant white cut short and moussed in little peaks the way a young boy might.

Her age was impossible to guess, older than thirty younger than fifty. Who cared? She was sensual beyond belief and for a few moments I got to talk to her.

"Please show me something you like," I asked trying to curry favor with the goddess.

She paused, pursed her perfectly formed lips and put a finger to them in thought. She went off and came back with something Iĺd never seen before. That was easy since I know so little about cologne.

She came out from behind the counter and drew close enough to violate my personal space. I never complained. Inches from my ear she growled in a low voice with a heavy Czech accent, "Tisss is a maaaaannn's cologne. It is earthy, sensual, exotic."

I was made of stone.

She sprayed some on her porcelain wrist and caressed the air under my schnoz. My knees grew weak. My eyes crossed, the blood roared in my ears. She moved even closer, Her warm breath enveloped me. Her tongue just millimeters from my wicked hopeful ear which of itĺs own volition arched even closer to her parted lips. She took my hand and turned it exposing my wrist. Now unless a Chicago skunk gets the drop on me I never let anyone spray me with anything. She sprayed my wrist and brought it up to my nose with her long slender fingers.

Breath tiss she commanded. Do you want it?

More than air. More than life I croaked.

My English is not so good. I am Czech. She said looking demurely down at her ballerina black slippers.

Your accent is devastating I replied.

She sold me the gift set with cologne, lotion and maybe something else. She gave me what Iĺd like to think was a special smile then turned back to the long line of men waiting for her to give them the ôCzech Treatment.ö

I floated off. Each time I spray on Jaipur I think of my first encounter with this amazing cologne, Libby the Perfume girl and smile for the memory. It smells great and will make you feel like a million bucks. Youĺll feel like a maaaaaaannnnn.

05th December, 2015
A very low cost fragrance with complexity and depth in spades. Initially almost confused, but settles down relatively quickly into a perfectly balanced and infectious vanilla spice vibe.
19th October, 2015

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