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Ja´pur Homme (1997)
by Boucheron


Ja´pur Homme information

Year of Launch1997
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerAnnick Menardo
Parent CompanyInter Parfums

About Ja´pur Homme

A very refined oriental scent

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Reviews of Ja´pur Homme

Smooth, Sweet, Spicy Oriental...

This is a very nice fragrance. I have the Eau de Parfum version. Jaipur is the first fragrance that I've tried from this house, and I'm very impressed.

I detect a mixture of cold and warm spices (including cinnamon). I also get a clove like note, which I think is the carnation mixed with a hint of cardamom. The spices here are blended so well with the powder, it's fantastic. You also get the myrrh, the amber, tonka bean and vanilla and it is extraordinary. This reminds me of Habit Rouge (more so the Eau de Parfum, as it has that Guerlain powdery vanilla vibe to it (Jacques Guerlain once said: "there is no good perfume without vanilla"). In that respect, I find Jaipur an exceptional men's fragrance. The quality here shines through. It's an Eau de Parfum for men launched at a time when that concept was very rare. It is probably a more formal perfume and would go well with evening events and events in cooler weather in general. I wear it casually as well as I love the smell so much.

Overall, I think if you are someone who considers themselves a "gentleman", and you appreciate well-made perfumery and fragrances for men, you should check this one out. This one isn't to be missed as the quality for the price (designer level) is very high here. One wouldn't expect anything else from a talented perfumer such as Annick Mennardo the queen of myrrh, resins and balsams. A wonderful oriental composition in almost every sense of the word.
08th September, 2018
Boucheron would have a hard time out-classing it's own Boucheron Pour Homme (1991), so instead, it seems they just didn't try and went for clean comfort. Ja´pur Homme (1997) initially had very Art-Deco metal cladding around the bottle, and tons of nebulous advertising to make it seem mysterious and sophisticated, but perfumer Annick Menardo would deliver an interesting hybrid of barbershop fougŔre and rich oriental. Ja´pur Homme straddles the line between something like Aramis JHL (1982) or Calvin Klein Obsession for Men (1986) and Canoe by Dana (1936) or Avon Wild Country (1967), but surprisingly without the assistance of lavender. I will admit that in it's Eau de Parfum form, Ja´pur Homme is still one of the classiest oriental hybrids I've ever smelled, and comes in a close second behind Boucheron Pour Homme, but anyone looking for a scent that exudes the same level of refinement will be disappointed. Rather, the original Boucheron Pour Homme is the classy evening choice, while Ja´pur follows a morning wet shave or barbering by the same man. Original metal-clad bottles have a bit more clove and more oakmoss, but any version of this is worth seeking out for a balanced semi-oriental barbershop experience.

Ja´pur Homme opens with bergamot, lemon, lime, cardamom, and heliotrope, providing a semi-powdery start thanks to the latter, and unintentionally hearkening back to many an Avon scent from decades past for me (since heliotrope was a big one outside amber for that house). Nutmeg, carnation, rose, and jasmine come next, with only the nutmeg really standing out amidst the well-blended florals. If Wild Country were rounder and softer, this is how it would turn out. I'm also reminded of another Avon called Starring! For Men (1997) which coincidentally came out the same year and has a similar citrus and nutmeg floral softness. That scent featured more of a bakery vanilla vibe throughout while Ja´pur avoids the gourmand tones by dialing down vanilla in a well-blended fougŔre-like base. Amber, tonka, cedar, oakmoss, and clove join the final skin glow, once again returning this to a hybrid between barbershop clean comfort and oriental sensuality thanks to the clove and vanilla playing with coumarin and oakmoss. The dry down from the citrus through the florals is quick, and you'll find that the most time is spent in the base with Ja´pur Homme, so that's the area you need to pay the most attention when deciding if this is right for you.

The kind of person who will enjoy Ja´pur Homme is one who wants a rich and quality barbershop experience beyond that of a typical fougŔre, and likes the idea of oriental spice but finds most typical full-on entries in the genre too stifling. Ja´pur Homme can be worn in more than just cold weather, even if summer time is a definite no-no, so this has a bit more versatility than the usual specimen. Sillage is mild but longevity is very good, and like a lot of oriental perfumes, this creates a close personal bubble of creamy sweet spice. I highly recommend Ja´pur Homme as good bang for the buck in casual or office spaces, and although it doesn't punch above it's weight into niche levels quite like Boucheron Pour Homme, people will definitely think you're wearing something expensive, if you care about that sort of thing. It would be 20 years before Boucheron made another stand-alone masculine, but they'd "flankerize" both this and the preceding eponymous masculine to death in those two decades. I can't speak on those, but I will say it's a testament to the sheer quality and reputation this otherwise little-known house has if they can get away with that for so long. Thumbs up!
04th September, 2018 (last edited: 08th October, 2018)
This has aged like a fine Bordeaux since its inception 20-some year ago: upon first application it greets you with a fresh/citrus combination of lemon and cinnamon, along with a hint of lime. The combination comes across as a barbershop that I may have once dreamed but never visited ( this is likely reinforced with the bit of carnation that slowly creeps with the scent as it dries down on your skin). A distinguished smell without being dated.

The longevity for me was not the monster that others have found, 4-6 hours. The projection was moderate (just more than arms length), not disappointing but with this scent I would have enjoyed slightly more projection. I found both of these to be about average.

At the current price (approximately 25-30 dollars a bottle), it should be a definitely blind buy and part of every man's collection. Excellent!


16th February, 2018
a fragrance, I'll never be without. All these yrs, and the reformulation is still as relevant as the vintage bottle, of it. Cinnamon, done perfection, with benzoin and tonka bean, walking hand in hand with it. It stands right next to your better niche, cinnamon juices.
09th February, 2018
The opening smells like hospital hallways freshly cleaned. Something very industrial-soapy about this that also puts it into the "old-guy" smell category for me. If a young guy can pull this off, good for him, but it would seem difficult. The drydown isn't half-bad. Sweet, clean and not nearly as abrasive.

This really projects on me and has excellent longevity.
20th January, 2018
Not sure about this one. Can't really smell the vanilla.... perhaps i'll come back to it and change my review. For now it seems overpowering with just 2 sprays
27th November, 2017

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