Ja´pur Homme (1997)
    by Boucheron

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    A very refined oriental scent

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    Boucheron Ja´pur Homme edp.

    Quite the vanilla++ powdery oriental. Heliotrope in spades. Nutmeg, cinnamon, and the other notes support the vanilla rendering it quite a comfort and not a bit annoying, as it so often goes off and does with other vanilla-centric mixes. Ja´pur sits alongside my bottles of Opium pH edp, Envy, Heritage, and Carven Homme to give an idea of what I consider similar scents relative to weight, feel, and/or simply its general vibe. Ja´pur has above average longevity/sillage and can be cloying, so watch it. A couple sprays to the chest does me well unless I'm off to one of dem black tie affairs; then a couple to the neck or other exposed skin works just fine. Like many orientals, this is such a good comfort scent. I enjoy it mostly in the dry, deep winter months and it does a wonderful job of reminding me of my once-a-year jug of Oberweis egg nog... so rich, creamy, smooth, and yet not to be overdone. All serious hobbyists should get a nose on Jaipur. Perfect on a lady as well.

    I'm 51, for reference. A few years back, my 50ml bottle cost around $35/oz.

    Fin 2/11/14

    12 February, 2014

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    Less girly than 'Eau Premiere' and way less feminine than 'Teint de Neige'. I sold my bottle of 'Eau Premiere' because I caught myself smelling like a chicken. I don't know why, but 'Eau Premiere' reminds me of chickens for some reason. On the other hand 'Teint de Neige' is so simplified that all I really get is loads and loads of powder. I was also in love with Etro's Heliotrope, but got bored of it fairly quickly.

    Hence, Jaipur was the answer to my prayers. It meanders between powdery notes, floral notes and spices. I loathe the smell of spices and gourmands all together, so it came to me as a surprise how much I immediately liked it. Cinnamon is very prominent throughout the composition, but it does not bother me at all. As long as it is not vanilla. I like pure vanilla, but paradoxically can't stand it as a base note. Using vanilla as a base is a cheap trick to make the composition last longer. I much prefer the sandalwood or heliotrope as a support column.

    I used two bottles of EdP ten years ago, then definitely switched to EdT, then we spent some time apart from each other, but now Jaipur EdT and I are finally reunited. It is without a doubt my favourite masculine fragrance and it looks like it is going to topple my beloved Fracas (W, EdP) from the throne.

    I went to work this morning wearing four sprays and I can still smell it all around me, twelve hours later. It's amazingly soft and delicate, yet so persistent and tenacious.

    At last I am happy.

    Pros: I love everything about it
    Cons: Kind of smells like semi raw potatoes"

    23 October, 2013

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    One of the best Cinnamon perfume

    09 October, 2013

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    Jaipur homme

    If I should give you an image for Ja´pur: it would be an Indian barbershop. It opens with lemons then come cinnamon,benzoin, vanilla. The overall smells like a sweet and spicy cream shave. The fragrance is warm, elegant, classy and manish. I don't see teenagers wearing this. I think it suits fine to an elegant and classy man.

    29 August, 2013

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    the reaper
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    Every time I see the word Oriental in a fragrance, don't get any oriental thing until I smelled this wonderful and exquisite fragrance. Wow. Really oriental, spicy, full of mistery. In my case, I can only wear one spray because if I wear more than that, I become what we call in spanish "empalagado", that is, to be too full of something delicious, so the only way, as I said, in my case, is to wear only one spray. When I do so, I can smell it the whole day and enjoy every single part of it. Wonderful.

    22 June, 2013 (Last Edited: 06 March, 2014)

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    Bani Paul
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    If I know something which can be called a barbershop experience,this is the product ,you should try.Good,stays long but not a bang for the buck.Rather try way cheap Old Spice,almost same.Seems it may also create skin problems,as it aways gives a burning sansation to my skin,whenever I apply.Try before you actually buy .

    14 May, 2013

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