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Jazz Prestige (1993)
by Yves Saint Laurent


Jazz Prestige information

Year of Launch1993
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People and companies

HouseYves Saint Laurent
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > YSL Beaute
Parent Company at launchElf Aquitaine > Sanofi Beauté

About Jazz Prestige

Contains a similar base to Jazz, but the fragrance is fresher and lasts longer.

Jazz Prestige fragrance notes

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Reviews of Jazz Prestige

Opens with a cacophony of notes and fruity sweetness that had me wince. Like many from the 80's era a bit overwhelming in the opening, kind of like players tuning their instruments with some discord.
Then the hook of Astringent(Bergamot)counters and mates with the Anise, Caraway, Ginger, now I'm finding the groove. A base of Oakmoss, Patch and Sandalwood provides a Landscape for a Geranium, Carnation and rose mix almost reminiscent to Equipage. I am a sucker for the Amber with a bit of Benzoin folded in. The Fir makes a showing and I finally recognize the Lavender and a sprinkle of Cinnamon. The freshness people talk about is related to the Mint and offers a nod to very comforting coolness to the mix.

All this goodness in a 1.7 oz unopened cellophane untouched and a YSL sticker.

29.99 CAD delivered yah!!
14th December, 2017 (last edited: 10th March, 2018)
It has a freshness like Patou Pour Homme Prive without the lavender. The juicy/and sour Apple and geranium mix really well with the mint giving it a bright cold quality perfect for winter or spring. The sandalwood at the bottom is more just plain wood, and it gives it an overcast apple orchard quality. Surprisingly good.
21st April, 2017
YSL Jazz Prestige is noticeably sharper and spicier than the original Jazz, having sampled the original only yesterday. It's certainly similar, or at least an homage, to the original released five years prior.

The most substantial deviation from the original occurs during opening, during which the sharp blast of spiciness is borderline overwhelming, whereas the original remained a bit more consistent. In the dry down, though, Jazz Prestige is much closer to the original Jazz

Oakmoss factors in heavily still, with a mix of some citrus, more amplified spice via cinnamon and pepper, and a similar dry down of leather, sandalwood, patchouli, and of course the oakmoss. None of the drydown elements stand out except the oakmoss--I get hints of leather and patchouli, and a generally woodiness of sandalwood or possibly cedar, but nothing striking apart from the oakmoss, now no longer used in natural form

Despite the higher-rated consensus of Jazz Prestige, I slightly prefer the balance and more classic feel of the original Jazz, but only slightly. Jazz Prestige is still a fun wear, a good throwback, and a powerful masculine option. I'm not sure I'd seek this one out either but certainly this is worthy of having continued the Jazz name. Next will be Live Jazz.

7 out of 10
19th April, 2017
Hard to classify. The notes listed don’t help either as I can detect only Geranium. I don’t get any Mint, Apple or Bergamot. There may be some Sandalwood but clearly, the Rosewood is anchoring the base. It’s great, reminding me a bit of Zino and Equipage. Regarding the top & mid notes, I get the lavender, leather and geranium that’s in normal Jazz but for Jazz Prestige they added a great Rosewood base. There’s also some oak moss which adds to the complexity of the base.

YSL JP is a great fragrance of another era and if you can track a bottle down for under $100 USD, it’s well worth the splurge.

30th January, 2017
A decent fragrance from YSL. I usually find something I don't like in the YSL base notes, Jazz Prestige included, a missing nuance or refinement, a missing tastiness, but it's a fun fragrance, and would be my pick ahead of Rive Gauche Pour Homme as the house's top barbershop fragrance.
16th October, 2016
Jazz Prestige is a really bizarre scent, and one of the few whose name perfectly reflects the juice. I am a big fan of jazz, and this scent is indeed “jazzy” as regards of its composition and evolution; it’s daring, creative, playful, unpredictable and most of all, with the same “clashing” structure of a free jazz improvisation. It has a really bold and perfectly crafted interplay of shades and lights, bright notes and darker nuances. What strikes me the most to this extent is the opening phase, which also perfectly integrates the “prestige” feature: an incredibly radiant, fresh, crisp and sharp green-citrus accord with breezy flowers (geranium above all) that, however, smells just deeply different from, well, any other “citrus floral accord” you may think of: not sure what it is due to, but the term that comes to my mind to describe this would be: abstract. Not in a theoretical meaning, rather I think of abstract art: it’s all just colorful, dynamic and almost chaotic, like a Pollock painting. Take a conventional citrus-herbal-floral accord, throw it in a blender, replace it there, here’s Jazz Prestige. And underneath that, a really formal, cozy and classic fougère structure as in the classic Jazz version, a “barbershop” symphony made of sandalwood, lavender, herbs, carnation spices, smoky notes, maybe a hint of leather too. The coexistence of these two “veins” – basically, “classic” and “creative” – is mindblowing. This flanker is a really precious, special and deeply creative rewriting of the original Jazz, which adds both artsy madness and a luxurious feel of golden refinement – due to the peculiar treatment of citrus-greenish flowers notes, again: crisp and clean like a freshly ironed shirt. You know what I thought of too? The “brat pack” group of novelists – McInerney, Bret Easton Ellis, that group of American authors which portrayed the conflicts of the young, wealthy and spoiled generations of the ‘80s and early ‘90s, their pop luxury, their “camp” culture. Not sure why, but I feel Jazz Prestige shares the same “vibe” of many of those characters – it smells “rich”, ironical, bizarre, vibrant, almost naughty. Playing with classic notes like a postmodern composition. And I am not saying it smells like something those guys would wear; I mean more like an olfactive depiction of them. Not sure if that makes sense and surely isn’t helping much to understand this fragrance, so... just this: it smells fantastic and really – really! – ahead of its time. A true gem worth looking for.

18th March, 2015

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