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Jil Sander Man III (1987)
by Jil Sander


Jil Sander Man III information

Year of Launch1987
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

HouseJil Sander
PerfumerPierre Bourdon
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige
Parent Company at launchBeecham Group > Beecham Cosmetics

About Jil Sander Man III

Jil Sander Man III is a masculine fragrance by Jil Sander. The scent was launched in 1987 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Bourdon

Jil Sander Man III fragrance notes

Reviews of Jil Sander Man III

JSMIII is very similar to Red for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills, except the sweetness is all but gone, and the loud cumin and soft mint notes are either truant or much subdued,instead opting to crank up the wormwood and olibanum. Since it is so similar to Red, it is then by default similar to Henry Cotton's In Green, which was released in '89. Red was released in '91, Fragrantica says JSMIII also came out in '91, whereas Basenotes claims it was '87. Who shot first? I guess it doesn't matter, but it is readily evident that there was a good deal of copycat reverence going around for this lovely and pungent woody-herbal style. If you like the idea of a bomb made of cedar, wormwood, leather, fir, and moss going off on your skin all day then this and the aforementioned are all good finds.

It struck me just now that I should mention that, while this smells like the two aforementioned, it is slightly more reserved. More importantly, the balsamic and inky base of this fragrance (moreso than the other two) is surprisingly similar to the very first Burberrys For Men, so if anyone has been dying to try it as I once was but equally unable to obtain a bottle/sample, try to imagine JSMIII minus all of the spices and you have most of it there. The late stages of its composition are quite austere but very well made, and with the combination of dry moss, leather, jasmine,juniper, and wormwood, this is actually the closest I've encountered to the original and now wildly overpriced Burberrys. All of them involved here are fantastic to me.
07th January, 2016 (last edited: 01st October, 2016)
Jil Sander Man III opens with a bold, mouthwash-like pine & leaves accord, rather astringent and minty but mossy too, with pungent spices (cloves and juniper) on a smoky, woody, dark base made denser and almost “oily” by a peculiar accord of soapy notes (rose), amber, resins, something sweetish-dusty halfway sandalwood and candied fruits, something salty-camphorous smelling like ambergris. Musky nuances and earthy patchouli blend with the leafy-pine notes. This is a really complex and peculiar scent: it’s green, but a unique kind of green – medicinal, dark, spicy, brownish, kind of decadent, with a smoky-dirty darkness that provides a musky-leathery feel. Plus, if that wasn’t enough, there’s a sweet-fruity-resinous warm breeze coming and going. A rich scent for sure, quite creative too, trying to put together a lot of inspirations: leathery fougères, musky chypres, woody-soapy barbershop aftershaves, fruity-resinous Orientals, with a sprinkle of classic low-cost “piney” colognes... all mixed together, with a hint of warm, sweet, candied floral exoticism. A bit tacky perhaps, but interesting. The evolution is pleasant and makes Man III smell more and more woody, dark, leaving behind the piney green “mouthwash” freshness and tending more towards mellow, velvety notes of wood, patchouli and soapy “barbershop” notes. It gets somehow less confused and more focused on a classic green-rose woody fougère, which is good. The fil rouge with the initial stages is basically cloves, resins, oak moss and juniper. Now, this is quite challenging to “judge”: it’s undoubtedly a bit outdated, and perhaps a bit confused and flashy (it’s German, it was the 1990s....), and finally it may seem just a sort of clumsy German clone of some Pino Silvestre; but it’s not (only) that. There’s something more mysterious and intriguing lying in this nearly-messy concoction. Despite I wouldn’t wear this that much, I find its complexity fascinating, unusual and highly modern – Bourdon made this, after all. Not memorable, but worthy a try if you can find it!

01st February, 2015

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