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Ginseng N.R.G. (1998)
by Jovan


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Year of Launch1998
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty

About Ginseng N.R.G.

Ginseng N.R.G. is a masculine fragrance by Jovan. The scent was launched in 1998

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Reviews of Ginseng N.R.G.

Fresh lemon type smell just something about it my girl loves she says she does say is like a pure clean scent
14th August, 2015
Very clean and sunshiney fragrance. There really is a ginseng note in there which I probably wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't taken ginseng in various forms over the years. A nutty earthiness. I wear this primarily when I go to the gym or when I want to wear something that barely reads as a fragrance. It could be laundry detergent or deodorant as far as others are concerned. Almost transparent but there's a definite light citrus/musk/earthy/clean thing going on which lets you know it's there.
16th October, 2014
I haven't tried Jovan's White Musk, but I imagine that there are some similarities, since "white musk" is the main effect that I get from this frag. Makes good for good everyday wear. Something to put on when you just want to smell pleasant.
18th January, 2012
Decent, typical citrusy scent, but doesn't compare to the original which is extremely hard to find. NRG was actually off the shelves for a while and just brought back not too long ago. (found easily at Walmart now)
02nd April, 2010
Probably the best 90's scent for the money (with the exception of Gilette Cool Wave after shave which also has some share in the early 80's) that at least me for me remains more masculine than Jovan's White Musk (which is also a fine value).

And this stuff lasts, yet doesn't try to "ground itself" in something like coriander...
27th June, 2009
I think this stuff's pretty decent in quality, to be honest, but it lacks the complexity you might expect looking at the little note pyramid up there. To me, it smells of honey and ginseng and little else, but there is an overwhelming, chemically, black pepper-like scent hanging over all the rest like a storm cloud. It's so strong, in fact, that while not unpleasant per se, it ends up annoying and leaves me a little self concious, since that's he only note you can detect without putting one's nose within inches of my skin (which, I'm dissapointed to say, no one ever seems to do; woe as me). However, reading the other reviews, I'm starting to believe that this might just be something I and very few others can detect (like that aweful sour note in aqua de gio), so maybe most can't notice.

Overall, I do think this one's okay, but it's not my cup'o'tea.
17th May, 2009

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