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White Musk for Men (1992)
by Jovan


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Year of Launch1992
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Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty
Parent Company at launchBenckiser > Quintessence

About White Musk for Men

White Musk for Men is a masculine fragrance by Jovan. The scent was launched in 1992

White Musk for Men fragrance notes

Reviews of White Musk for Men

Too feminine for me. Smells wonderful on a woman. If you like and prefer masculine scents, this is not for you. But at $10 it's a no brainer blind buy for a lady or more metrosexual kind of guy.
21st September, 2016
Bought this after reading a post in the forums. This isn't really much of a special fragrance, very mediocre, but well done for its price point. Reminds me of a better version of Paul Sebastian Casual, it doesn't have that dirty musk, rather a fresh clean white musk. I don't get the apple or melon, but there has to be some floral notes in here, musk of course, citrus up top, and a little bit of spice, something like cloves. This is a good cheapy to have, to spray the room with, or my bedding.
13th December, 2015
Funny story - the event that kickstarted my perfume hobby was my work with an American businessman in 1992, who wore an AMAZING cologne at that time. I was, like, enthralled every time I met him during the meetings. He was in his mid-50s typical lawyer kind of guy, and I was wondering silently WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WEAR MAN for couple of weeks. Then he left, but the memory about the scent stayed. The fragrance was kind of silver in association, a bit musky, effervescent, fruity but dry, a bit sweet, sensual but professional, comforting, simple and easy - perfect in every way.

My stupidity of not asking him what cologne did he use resulted in a quest that has lasted for 20+ years. I was searching high and low, reading carefully the pyramids of the notes, trying samples, buying left and right the fragrances that seemed to fit the description - Image, Gendarme, you name it. Then I got a mini of Jovan Musk and thought wait a minute, is that it? Not quite, but what if... Jovan WHITE Musk? The 1992 release?

Ordered and received it today - gentlemen, this gestalt of mine is closed at last. It was fun ride, and I'm glad my search is over. If I lived in the USA, I would have found this scent much sooner, but it's better late than never. I hope you all understand the emotions behind my rant, not happens every day.

Jovan White Musk, who would have thought.
29th April, 2015
Musky, floral, fresh. Sweetish melon and some green herbs. Ok sillage and longevity for a cologne (if the word indicates concentration, I don't know). This is a pleasant and happy fragrance mainly for spring and summer, quite good especially for the price.
28th August, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A briliant story - White Musk Glory

From opening to end white musk is everpresent, but with a number of nuances throughout the life of the scent. In the top notes a touch of apple-citrus, mint and some thyme are added, and in the middle a nice melon influx changes it again a bit. A whilf of a flowery aroma is transiantly perceivable, and at the end a tiny bit of nut aroma is there. In the final hour I get a smidgeon of non-powdery soapiness. Not too synthetic, rich but not overly intrusive, and with a mild, nigh herbal sweetness on my skin. This is a clean,bright white musk fragrance. Silage - excellent, projection marvellous. Longevity - just splendid, over ten hours. One of the top white musks I know.

11th August, 2013
A glorious manly musk ever green since years. Intoxicating, spicy and aromatic with some appealing fruitiness in the blend. The first inebrious blast is made of citric notes, some aromatic herbs as thyme, mint and lavender, may be some peaches, cloves and a touch of soapiness. In this phase the juice is a dusty cloud full of jumbled elements. The time places the notes in the right place. The following evolution pushes indeed the button over a more defined musk/vetiver prominent woodsiness plus a touch of patchouli, faint amber and may be incense. A solid classic worthy a try by the lovers of the musky juices.
25th October, 2012 (last edited: 21st February, 2014)

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