Jungle pour Homme (1998)
    by Kenzo

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    A simplistic oriental fragrance by Kenzo. The female Jungle has a Tiger and an Elephant, where the male Jungle is based on the Zebra. The top of the bottle has a little furry zebra mohichan thing on top, It's just for show though.

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    As the name suggests, this smells quite exotic; the lime and cardamom on a background of woods initially calls to mind Voyage d'Hermes EdT but there is an added tropical twist from a ripe fruity note. A sweet creamy quality (the benzoin I think) provides contrast to the dry kitchen spices. An oriental fragrance light enough to wear in summer. Average longevity, good on fabric. One of the more interesting of the current Kenzo line-up and a solid thumbs-up from me.

    16 July, 2012

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    Spain Spain

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    One of the most powerfull fragances even made. Projection is good but it lasts more than 48 hours on me.

    Woody and smoky.

    Definitely, not for young boys.

    22 March, 2012

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    Shifty Bat
    United States United States

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    I am pleasantly pleased with the sample I received of this. I like an evocative fragrance, and Kenzo Jungle feels tribal, if only in a National Geographic kind of way. The unconventional spread of ingredients is more ingenious and simple here than overblown (see; John Varvatos). It's a pleasant, warming, and slightly tropical scent on me dominated by a sweet, citric, creamy nutmeg accord. Very nice.

    21st April, 2011

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    United States United States

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    Let's call this one strange. An epic strangeness. From the bottle (wavy tiger stripes and Mohican brush on top) to the juice inside, this may be the oddest men's designer frag still in production. Sour lime meets sharp cardamon and nutmeg to produce one obnoxious accord. As it matures into the base of guaic wood and amber, it gets more bearable and wearable. But the first few hours are simply intolerable. This one is definitely outside Kenzo's minimalist approach, and I can't help but think they got this one horribly wrong.

    20th March, 2011

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    No doubt, best part of this, is opening.
    I think it's because of Lemon note that it has in topnote. And that Lemon note make it a bit fresh and wet in opening. In drying down projection decreases tangible and what you have is a dry fragrance with dominant Cinnamon, Cardamom.
    I like the smell, but wish it had more freshness and projection. 3/5

    30th January, 2011

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    United States United States

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    Big up for Kenzo. I'm SERIOUSLY digging their frags. This one is subtly sweet. Though I haven't tried it on skin and tested the top and mid notes, the prominent notes that last through the base note are cedar, sage, some kind of wood (maybe synthetic), ambergris, a touch of vanilla (just a touch, not like a Givenchy Pi 'smash you in the face repeatedly with a mallet soaked in vanilla'). The sillage is great, longevity is medium. As with any fragrance that doesn't stick like glue, just spray it on cloth - collars and cuffs - and you'll smell it fine all day. My wife liked this one INSTANTLY, and after enjoying (or SUFFERING, as one may say) a collection approaching or exceeding 300 fragrances, she has become quite a critic. If you must wear it on skin, maybe you'll be disappointed by the longevity, but I usually put my frags on my cuffs - if you can roll with smelling it on a fabric, this one is sublime.

    16 April, 2010

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