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Kenzo pour Homme (1991)
by Kenzo


Kenzo pour Homme information

Year of Launch1991
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerChristian Mathieu
PackagingSerge Mansau
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Kenzo pour Homme

Kenzo's original male fragrance. Captures a sense of the sea.

Kenzo pour Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of Kenzo pour Homme

Horrific perfume. I was really excited to try this out as I read so many great reviews about this smelling like a true oceanic/marine fragrance with lifelike oceanic seaweed notes as well as driftwood and Japanese aquatic florals.

However it smelled nothing of the sort. Upon spraying it on my skin, it was an extremely strong and almost pungent odour. It's the first time I have ever coughed when smelling a fragrance.

After that, I immediately smelled STRONG rubber along with some sort of florals in the background. No marine notes, not even an aquatic calone note. No vegetation and no seaweed.

Just extremely strong rubber along with some sort of sweet florals in the background. And this same scent lasted for hours and hours. The longevity and sillage were both incredible. But yes, rubber and florals for hours and hours is pretty horrid.

I returned my full bottle pretty much immediately. Don't understand the rave reviews this fragrance gets, and I'm not an aquatics-basher (in fact aquatics are my favourite genre and dominate my wardrobe).
07th February, 2018
An average greeny woody male fragrance.
Not that nice but also inoffensive. Perhaps may have a result with the right skin chemistry.
The patchouli and geranium wafting around in the background undoes it for me.

Fragrance: 3/5
Projection: 4/5
Longevity: 4/5
12th December, 2017
Kenzo's First Male Fragrance Release and what an entry level fragrance they released. Kenzo is keeping the name of KPH alive with multiple flankers in recent years and hopefully the new generation discovers this scent.

Nose behind this is Christian Mathieu and this shall be his best release even thought his resume is fairly bare.

The idea behind KPH was to build a fragrance around the idea of dark blue/green vegetal aspect and the marine world. The blue bamboo as seen on the original bottle.

Upon smelling KPH is transported me to the deep edge of the sea right away, there was not winding down period here, just delve in. You get hit with many facets including some citruses, aquatic notes, woods and florals. KPH shows depth that many aquatics lack in this modern male perfumery world. This isn't your stereotypical aquatic, it's dark blue. You aren't just on a boat and the sea is around you, you are scuba diving deep down in the water, it's not crystal clear anymore, it's dark blue... you smell vegetation around you.

I smelt a plastic note here that is a little different (some say rubber) , it reminds me going with the aquatic theme here of the plastic key holders they give you for your keys to your boat so you don't lose your keys in the water. I love the work of the sage and pine in this scent. The sage gave KPH an edge almost peppery, the pine is not strong however resonates throughout the scent.

Contrary to reviews on here I get quite a bit of florals like many 90's counterparts utilized (ADG with jasmine) and it works with the overall theme here in KPH.

Overall KPH is a true warrior in the early 90's aquatic years. There's no too many survivors that are still doing well to this day. Kenzo Pour Homme made it's mark on the fragrance industry and it truly made a mark with me during my testing for my review on youtube on me.

Kenzo Pour Homme can easily be a signature scent for anyone, easy to throw on, can be great for someone just starting out since I see it sold for cheap online or a true veteran fragrance head since it has some very interesting parts to it. The development is quite linear however it's an easy transition and flawless delivery by the perfumier. It's work appropriate and on me it was not a huge compliment getter.

Projection: 6
Longevity: 6 (5-6 hours)
Compliment Factor: 6 (average)
Uniqueness: 7
Pricing VS what you get: 10
Versatility: 9 (very high)
Smell: 8 (solid)
Overall: 8 (very solid release)

Buy Try or Pass: I recommend this one as a Try (it worth a shot to sniff)
03rd September, 2016
First spray and it reminded me of a greener version of Mugler Cologne. It has Mugler's soapy fresh sensation, but with less citrus and more vegetative green elements. Like you've taken a shower in your garden or bathed outside. As it dries, it turns into more of a wood soap scent, maybe a little resinous or rubbery, but the fresh element lasts throughout. A pretty unique fragrance in both scent and performance. In the heat, Kenzo can be a real powerhouse, so I only give 2 sprays and it lasts all day. Glad I bought this one and I'll wear it often in the humid Gulf Coast summer.
27th March, 2015 (last edited: 29th May, 2015)
Indeed a unique fragrance man i love this i smelled a sample,cause a lot of scents from when i was younger do not appeal to me anymore but the ones i did bought do all smell excellent so far.Very fresh and oriental woody scent that just stands out among the rest.....
27th February, 2015
A really unique fragrance, but that's where the story kind of ends. It has such a complex array of notes that the overall fragrance is very hard to places, and perhaps refuses to be classified. There is a blast of calone and green notes up top with spices, and vague hints of a floral theme. There is an unnatural oily calming effect. Though I like the opening, it's from the heart onwards that I begin to not like it so much. The aquatic vibe subsides a bit and a woody phase emerges, except that this combination in this particular case I personally don't find agreeable at all. It becomes more of a synthetic green-aquatic-woody-spicy mess. It does project an image of a deep blue sea and a dark sky at the crack of dawn like the commercial, except that all of it is a bit unnatural. While I am not averse to 'synthetic' smelling fragrances and adore many of them (the latest incarnation of Cool Water being an example), this particular blend doesn't do it for me. Finally, projection is average and longevity is decent.

Try it out if you're looking for a different kind of aquatic. Though I don't like its development on my skin, it's still a quality fragrance.
01st February, 2015

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