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Knize Ten (1924)
by Knize


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Year of Launch1924
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerVincent Roubert
PerfumerFrançois Coty

About Knize Ten

Knize Ten is a masculine fragrance by Knize. The scent was launched in 1924 and the fragrance was created by perfumers François Coty and Vincent Roubert

Reviews of Knize Ten

I have never smelled earlier versions of this EDT, which many reviewers say was richer and more distinctive than the current juice. If that is so…wow, it must have been incredible because I love my bottle of Knize Ten and have purchased a couple more for backup. It is phenolic, tarry, and floral (all at once), and it dries down to a subdued, beautiful suede scent very similar to Cuir de Lancome. I do not find Knize Ten raw, disconcerting, excessively animalic, redolent of the urinal or machine shop; to me, it is a strong, elegant leather whose floral notes accent and unite the overall composition. It is noir-ish, but sophisticated - not crude or brutal.

Sillage and projection are weak for me, but within a couple of hours Knize Ten becomes a tenacious skin scent that persists for well over a day - lean in to smell it!

I appreciate and wear many fragrances that are categorized as masculine scents, and Knize Ten is among my favorites. For me, a fragrance's quality and integrity of construction supercede conventional notions of gender, and that is emphatically the case with regard to Knize Ten.
13th September, 2015 (last edited: 17th September, 2015)

The scent of this timeless fragrance evokes powerful and mysterious masculinity.this skin-deep fragrance leaves an unforgettable impression.KNIZE TEN is one of the best leathery scent combined with a magnetic and rich spicy that makes unforgettable moments for you.Classic,Awesome,Gorgeous,Complex,Confident, Adventurous,Strong,Intriguring,Provocative,Virile, Animalic,Classy,Versatile,Unforgettable and Purely Sensual.

The first note is a rush of freshness from bergamot, orange,amalfi lemon and petitgrian that later fades into carnation,patchouli,cinnamon,rose and sandalwood.the base notes are a powerful harmony in which the sensuality of leather and white musk envelops the woody warmth of amber,vanilla and a subtle touch of is definitely a winter type fragrance.a perfect choice to anyone who wants to smell real classic leathery scent.


Longevity??Noticeable on my skin.

26th July, 2015 (last edited: 28th July, 2015)
Anyone can buy and collect perfumes intelligently. That's right; I said anyone. No previous knowledge of the perfume business, experience collecting perfumes or degrees in perfume history are necessary. All you need is a love and appreciation of fine fragrances, a desire to collect, and a willingness to familiarize yourself with a few easy smells that will allow you to evaluate any work of art in perfumery! This is the first step. The second step, I recommend once you have figured out what is a perfume, it is to throw away all that seems to have been copied from others. There is no art without a distinguishable identity there is no art without originality. So once you smell Knize Ten you'll have to throw away tens of scents that were already junk before realizing it.

But when a perfume is art? To be original is not enough!

A respectable man once accused Bernardo Bertolucci: “The only thing you love is butter! Butter, butter, butter!”
A small packet of butter became the symbol of all that was depraved about western culture, and Bertolucci was the man responsible. This improbable lubricant was to become the protagonist of the most notorious scene of this 1972 film Last Tango in Paris: pure art. Then think about that perfume you are going to buy! Is it a symbol, or a satus symbol?

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12th May, 2015
It is one of the top three leather scents for me; immensely formal, never dated/aged, with hint of authority, smelling attractive to both genders. I normally rotate my scents based on occasions and my daily mood. Knize ten can do very well at work place or job interview. It is not a casual scent. I normally wear it when I don't want to smell too feminine/sexy but still want to smell nice.
02nd April, 2015
An opening like a urinal cake in a well-used and unventilated public restroom. It's an easily-recognized scent, heretofore thought to be unique only to those circumstances. It's not the kind of familiar smell I'd ever call appealing in any way, nor one I'd ever planned on encountering in perfumery. And once you smell it in Knize Ten, you can't unsmell it.

True, the public restroom aroma fades slightly over the course of Ten's evolution on skin, but it remains omnipresent even in it's reduced state. I scrubbed this one the first two times. It took a third chance on it (on an out-of-the-way patch of skin) to feel like I'd actually let the scent develop to it's end. I finally catch a few whiffs of some classically sophisticated and genuinely gentlemanly stuff there, but never without the company of industrial restroom fresheners. And now my sample goes bye bye.
25th January, 2015
What do Maurice Chevalier, Charles Boyer, David Niven and Erroll Flynn have in common? Their signature scent was Knize Ten.

This is quite simply the best leather scent ever created. My spouse has worn this as his winter scent for forty years (his summer being Hermes' Equipage). Together these two define the sophisticated, urbane, sensual European male.

Isadora Duncan's Bugati with his sunglasses and silk scarf would have worn a light leather jacket that wafted Knize Ten.

Co-created by Francois Coty, with the same indefinable "lift" present in his 1927 classic L'Aimant here also in Knize Ten. It sets both scents apart. Knize Ten's only rival as the best leather is Chanel's Cuir de Russie.

A true classic, warm, only slightly spicy, crisp and dry - Knize Ten is "heaven scent."

26th November, 2014

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