Knize Ten (1924)
    by Knize

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    Iran Iran

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    I really love these classic leather based fragrances.
    Some of them like "Dior Fahrenheit" or "Guerlain Derby" or "HdP 1740" are the ones that I would die for.
    This one has the same DNA but with some differences. floral, musky and dirty leather is something that you're gonna get out of this.
    The opening is just heaven for classic lovers.
    I can smell some fresh citruses with a little amount of green notes and lots of spices. there is earthy patchouli there and I can smell carnation note that give the scent a light powdery floral feeling.
    Now throw the dirty and musky leather note in .... you have the opening.
    In the mid citruses, patchouli and spices settled down and now I can smell a little more floral note.
    I was hoping for stronger leather note in the mid but unfortunately I didn't get that :(
    In the base sadly the leather note disappeared completely and leaved me with semi sweet floral note and some spices in the background.
    There is always some sweetness in every step of this fragrance to balance the notes but it's not overpowering at all.
    All and all, a great classic fragrance.
    If I could get stronger leather note, that would be amazing but sadly the leather note is not prominent in this fragrance.
    You can smell it for sure but it's not the leader. he is just following other notes specially the floral note side by side.
    I want dirty and smoky leather note in front but that's only my personal taste and opinion.
    Projection is really good and longevity is around 8-9 hours on my skin.

    01st February, 2014

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    The beginning smells like red Play-Doh. It's a very memorable smell: I have not smelled play-Doh for 40 years, but this brings it back with clarity.

    Five minutes later, I am disquieted to recognize the smell of the stuff we used to use to deodorise the floor-mops, in a factory I worked in one summer as a student. One cap-full in a gallon made the whole factory smell clean.

    So, I now have synthetic, industrial associations gathering snow as they roll. However, for some reason I feel ill-inclined to rid myself of these associations as the smell evolves. The persona I step into with this smell is wearing steel toe-capped boots. Maybe a hard hat.

    I see various citrus fruits listed at the top, but I detect very little of those. Maybe something of the pith, but no brash zest.

    Two-stroke mixture.

    An hour later, some luxury is emerging.

    Having the full works at the shoe-shine stand.

    The benevolent patrician, picking up his leather luggage, freshly saddle-soaped by the faithful retainer.

    A riding-crop slapping gently on a woman's buttocks.

    Leaving the toilet seat up. as a territorial statement.


    15 January, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Leather Aplenty

    Why this costs so much and is relatively hard to find I'm not sure. Supposedly worn by James Dean was enough reason to buy a decant, but never more than that. Linear leather...picture a barber shop in the 30's basically.

    Pros: James Dean
    Cons: Overpriced & Dated"

    27 October, 2013

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    marco divisor entre os perfumes de couro

    com certeza Knize ten está no topo hierárquico da cadeia dos perfumes de couro, em 1924 o velho austríaco reinventou o conceito do que um perfume de couro deve ser e até hoje, mesmo com todas as reformulações ele ainda se mostra soberano em relação aos outros concorrentes. Junto com DZING!, Cuir de Russie Chanel e Rien, com certeza são os meus perfumes de couro prediletos. se você é amante dessa nota, não pode deixar de conferir Knize ten.

    09 October, 2013

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    Canada Canada

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    Living leather.

    To me, Knize Ten is not a perfume. It is a tasteful accessory. It falls in the same category of unusual, but exquisite items like the JLC Reverso, Montblanc 149, or a John Lobb William.

    Knize Ten is a fundamentally classic fragrance. Unchanged since the 1920?s, it had inspired a whole genre of leather fragrances, which then themselves became classics. Etro’s Goma, and Serge Lutens’ Cuir Mauresque come to mind. Ninety years later, Knize Ten, being as modern as a 90 year old, retains a large following.

    The reason behind its success is an understated elegance. After all, this fragrance was created by one of the finest suit makers of the day, in a historic period when all men wore hats, jeans were reserved for yard work, and sneakers could not be conceived off.

    As far as the scent is concerned, it is a violent leather with oil, gasoline, spices and amber. Terribly difficult to wear, temperamental, enormous, willful, and overpowering, it has that rare attribute of a masterpiece: it comes alive on the skin.

    This leathery beast gets a 10/10.

    Pros: Comes alive
    Cons: Temperamental"

    05 September, 2013

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    Oil, leather, turpentine, floral... robust masculine fragrance

    I am impressed with Knize Ten. It reminds me of 3 things: A car tyre shop, a mechanics garage and original Zoflora disinfectant. Whilst wearing this fragrance... rubber, oil, turpentine and hints of leather keep coming into play with a floral note exactly like Zoflora. For me, it's definitely been an exceptional find and special experience. Knize Ten also has an affluent background, emerging in 1924 in Austria from one of the best tailors in the world with stores in New York, Paris and Bad Gastein.

    Pros: Masculine, good longevity, decent sillage
    Cons: Expensive"

    28 August, 2013

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