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Kouros (1981)
by Yves Saint Laurent


Kouros information

Year of Launch1981
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseYves Saint Laurent
PerfumerPierre Bourdon
PackagingAlain de Mourgues
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > YSL Beaute
Parent Company at launchSquibb > Charles of the Ritz Group

About Kouros

YSL's best selling men's fragrance and features in the best seller lists most years. The fragrance is distinctly woody, and the bottle based on Greek Architecture.
FIFI award winner in 1982

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Reviews of Kouros

Kouros is still my favorite masculine on the market and, along with Yatagan, the best deal. If you love the smell, it becomes truly addictive, and the clean-dirty dichotomy present in all my favorites--Angel, Amouage Gold, Yatagan--is key to my continued fascination.
After coming to terms with how excellent the "new" Opium actually is, I felt compelled to purchase a fresh bottle of Kouros. I was familiar with a post-2010 version from an ex-boyfriend who had it. It smelled like Kouros, sure, but had an almost bubblegum sweet quality to it and less complexity. I remember the bottle being plastic and cheap-looking.
Maybe I'm crazy, but the new bottle I received from Amazon (dated 2014) seems leagues better than what I smelled last year. The packaging has changed, I assume to coincide with the launch of Kouros Silver. Regardless of the ho-humness of that flanker, I'm glad that they're giving more attention and a new advertising campaign to Kouros. This new bottle is white glass without silver shoulders, and it looks expensive and well designed, not like a cost-cutting measure as the first L'Oreal ones did. The logo has been slightly modernized and "Eau de Toilette" is gone. The box it came in is shiny navy and silver foil, different from the brighter blue ones I've purchased in the past.
Most importantly, it smells excellent and lasts forever! The thin sweetness I detected with the plastic bottle my ex had is gone. It's not as strong as my first bottle, but it's gorgeous and smells exactly as Kouros should. It lasts through an entire work day, fading into a nice clean floral musk at the end. The shocking trademark Kouros sensation of a musky man wearing a soapy floral perfume is there--at times I was even reminded (positively) of Giorgio, like a dirty man had sprayed on Giorgio.
I think YSL took customer complaints seriously and improved the formula for the launch of the flanker. Kouros Silver may have been a blessing in disguise.
02nd October, 2015
Kouros is SO original and it lasts so much longer than the newer fragrances. I also love Kouros Cologne Sport, which, to me, smells like Essenza by Zegna. It is a lovely and masculine fragrance and reminds me of when I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico (where there was a large Kouros billboard right next to the mall)! A+! Kouros and Kouros Cologne Sport will both be in the Top 10 fragrances of all time! I enjoy wearing this especially in the colder months of winter. It's a warm and comforting fragrance.
01st September, 2015
An odd one. It evokes such strong opinions it makes it a high risk venture. As soon as anyone identifies it, you're done for. Yet it has some distinct allure and smells like nothing else, a bygone age. Perhaps wear just a tiny bit in summer, and only if you expect to score in the wee hours of morning, and don't care who knows.
02nd August, 2015
Encouraged by reviews and opinions I tested it.

Pros: Good projection and longevity.

Cons: A simple and straightforward fragrance. It's like an american muscle car - simple and bold but not sophisticated.

My conclusion: Ideal for someone who wants to smell good for a long time - but not more.
03rd July, 2015

A perpetual classic.KOUROS is a scent of confidence, sexiness and absolutely irresistible,manly scent.quite a killer combination that automatically draws ladies to you. Adventurous,Classic, Strong, Intriguring,Provocative,Timeless,Virile,Classy,Versatile, Unforgettable and Purely Sensual.

Aldehydes combine with a shot of artemisia and bergamot while the warmth of patchouli and cinnamon harmonizes with the sensual masculine base due leather,civet and honey for a very sophisticated and superb scent that demands attention and makes you feel sexy just wearing it.

This sexy evening scent is for anyone that desires a sophistication and subtle ecstasy that can only come with a Great fragrance.It is perfect for sensualists men in the Autumn/Winter weather.The fragrance lasts all day only with 2 or 3 sprays.Ladies if you are looking for an irresistible&classic fragrance for that special man in your life,i would highly recommend this one.


Longevity?Lasts and lasts.

09th June, 2015
I have used this much when I was younger and I think it is more suitable for teenage. But I still like the scent : its very fresh and unique.

It has enormous sillage and lasting power. But it is too familiar and commonly used (at least in the 80's) . Nowadays It is like joke , unfortunately.
21st May, 2015

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