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Déclaration Essence (2001)
by Cartier


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Year of Launch2001
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Déclaration Essence

A variant which underlines the strengths of the original.

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Reviews of Déclaration Essence

To be fair, I've tried Declaration a few times and I can't get past the cumin note. I was hoping this might be something different. It is a bit milder with the citrus than Declaration but still too heavy on the cumin/BO note to make me like it any better. Projection and longevity are both decent.
21st January, 2017
A drier variation on the original excellent Declaration, Essence is meatier, smokier and less bright than its brother. The citruses and spices are there but balanced shrewdly by a warm ambery body odor accord in the heart of the fragrance. I also get some geranium (a citronella kind of smell) on top and birch. A superbly elegant fragrance, virile and somber. A great masculine in my book.
06th May, 2016
Cumin bomb! Indian food smelling.Not what i expected-very linear and boring.Skin scent and too soft to make a statement. Fem in a way but no wow to me.
29th March, 2016
Turin gave both this and the original Declaration four stars and dubbed both "fresh spicy." He had difficulty deciding which he liked better, naming the original "superb," but deciding for the Essence version.

I have both before me, one sprayed on each arm. The original is certainly bright, as the Essence is dark. Both are very dry, the Essence being smoky, the original effervescent.

They both share most ingredients, the Essence replacing the Juniper and Artemesia of the original with Rosewood, Cistus, Cumin and Amber.

My husband delineated the difference for him, in that the original becomes part of the person who wears it, the Essence is a garment worn. The original does not call attention to itself, the latter does.

They are both superb creations and the best men's scent Cartier ever produced. I wish the bottle design were less "modern," and more sensual, but that is a moot point.

Don't miss either of these exceptional scents.
12th October, 2015
Finally the word “essence” means something, as I clearly smell some differences with the original Declaration, and precisely in the way “essence” may suggest. That is: not only the juice is stronger here, but it also smells thicker, more dry, remarkably darker and smokier, with also a muskier and somehow “sweatier” vein. As a true “essence” of Declaration, indeed; cut out the fancy bright freshness and the crisp preppy look, go right to the juicy core. It’s obviously still Declaration in broad terms, so that’s the smell more or less; just bolder and dirtier. The drydown kind of "reconciles" with the soothing smoothness of the original Déclaration, still slightly smokier and muskier. Perhaps less classy and surely less fresh the original version overall, but totally non-redundant if you own that already. The Mr. Hyde of Dr. Declaration!

11th April, 2015
For me, Declaration is too much, but Declaration Essence is better, just. They're not that different, but this one feels a little smother to me.
18th December, 2014

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