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L'Essence de Must de Cartier (2000)
by Cartier


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Year of Launch2000
AvailabilityIn Production
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About L'Essence de Must de Cartier

L'Essence de Must de Cartier is a masculine fragrance by Cartier. The scent was launched in 2000

L'Essence de Must de Cartier fragrance notes

Reviews of L'Essence de Must de Cartier

Supercharged version of Must de Cartier. Magnifies the grapefruit, ginger, and cinnamon in very noticeable ways. Decent longevity and sillage compared to the original.
24th December, 2016
This is a very nice flanker to the original which is also nice. I feel that the combination of notes used in this particular fragrance is very good for a designer cologne.

It starts out with a citric (grapefruit) cinnamon wood accord. It goes on smelling nice & well rather dull... The conclusion is that it is under the radar with not much to holler about. In fact, it is very laid...

I don't see how this could offend anyone, would be nice for the office or casual date. It last 5-6 hours. Not much projection but it is there. It is not strong, but gentleman like. If you want a nice fragrance that is low key, you should pick up this one here.
12th July, 2016
SOOO much better than the original Must de Cartier, and a lovely companion to the other MdC flanker, Anis Vert.

MdC Essence is a soft, spicy, musky, warm, slightly powdery truly unisex fragrance. This is not a big hairy chested manly power frag. This has a sensual feminine side and a sexy but gentle beasty side. The longevity is 4-5 hours, but after the first couple hours it is predominantly a musky skin scent. Sillage in the first hour or so is moderate, after that it hovers close to the skin. It is a fairly unique scent profile, I cannot really say it smells like anything else, although the musky drydown is reminiscent of Narciso Rodriguez for him EDP in the way it radiates.

If you are a perfume lover and appreciate something that does not smell like everything else out there, track this down and try it out (minis are fairly easy to find online). This would also work well in a work setting, since it is quiet and reserved. And also try its brother flanker Anis Vert, a fresh alternative to traditional colognes in the summer heat.

21st June, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Mandarine,ginger and coriander make for a pleasant opening, followed by a drydown where woodsy notes blend with a bit of vanilla, a light musk and a fairly soft patchouli. The problem on my skin is that it remains a very restrained scent that never really develops into anything and remains flat. Soft sillage, poor projection and about four hours of longevity.
11th October, 2014
Truth be told, I sampled this cologne about a week ago and ignored it. i was looking for a new cologne and it was around the tenth one I'd sampled, so I guess It got lost in the shuffle. I ended up going with the Santos Concentree, which is amazing, but after a few days and research, I revisited it and ended up buying it. To my nose it is a very warm and sweet scent with just a hint of cedar. I smell this and think of wearing a suit with a nicely pressed white shirt, and a silk Cartier-red tie, it's a classy scent. It is however near impossible to find, so if you see one and like it, snap it up because it makes the newer colognes seem weak and anemic in comparison in my opinion. A true work of art second only to Santos concentree.
08th May, 2013
Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I hesitated to get this one, although I'm a Cartier fan, because I have the original Must de Cartier pour Homme and find it a bit lacklustre. Anyway, several respected noses tempted me into a blind buy (this scent seems impossible to sample anywhere) and I am delighted to say it paid off. There is nothing soporific about this flanker. It's much spicier than the original Must and it has better sillage and longevity. By the way, for 'Must' you might as well read 'musk' because there's a huge musky base to both this and the original. It is warm, inviting and largely (but not completely) shorn of 'beastliness'; it evokes the scent of warm human skin and has an aura of contained animalism. I find this much more appealing and wearable than the out-and-out skunky varieties - à chacun son goût!
23rd March, 2013

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