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La Myrrhe (1995)
by Serge Lutens


La Myrrhe information

Year of Launch1995
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseSerge Lutens
PerfumerChristopher Sheldrake
Parent CompanyShiseido

About La Myrrhe

La Myrrhe is a shared / unisex perfume by Serge Lutens. The scent was launched in 1995 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Christopher Sheldrake

Reviews of La Myrrhe

Something that I really adore about Serge Lutens fragrances is that they may look simple, but actually there is much more going on in the scent and only you can realize that after testing their fragrances several times!
This is a very nice oriental spicy fragrance and even though it says for women, I will ensure you this can be unisex and it's even more masculine that feminine!

At the opening I can smell many different notes.
It's aldehydic which makes scent clean, fresh, soapy and also gives the scent a nice classic type aura.
There is a tart fruity scent right beside this aldehydic scent that smell kind of like cherry or maybe even sour cherry.
There is also a mellow floral aroma in the background that gives the scent a soft powdery feel. and last but not least, I can smell lots of spices at the opening.
It's extremely well balanced between all type of notes because while it's tart, fresh, aldehydic, clean, soapy and nice, it's also sweet (not too much), musky, floral, powdery and rough spicy at the same time.

As time passes and in the mid that clean aldehydic feel and also cherry type of smell both settle down and at this part myrrh shows up along with musk.
The mid and base of the fragrance is a bitter, resinous, slightly dirty and kind of an oily smell of myrrh supported with lots of musk, easy to detect spices, some aldehydes and an incredibly soft powdery florals in the background.
You can wear it all year round because it's not bold in any part which makes it super versatile but I think best seasons for using this are fall and spring and maybe summer nights.
Projection is average and longevity is around 5-6 hours on my skin.
25th May, 2015
This is certainly unique - it doesn't smell like anything else I have tried. It opens with a blast of aldehydes and they stay on for quite some time. There seem to be an anise note and then myrrh. Later on, florals come to the fore with a slightly woody base. At this point it becomes more feminine and stays like this for a long time.

I appreciate the uniqueness and quality of the composition. One of the best of his exclusive Paris collection.
02nd May, 2015
Genre: Oriental

Myrrh is an unusual odor: dry, medicinal, and more than a touch bitter, it will appeal to some and repel many. The myrrh note is firmly planted at the center of Lutens’s La Myrrhe, and your interest in this fragrance will depend entirely upon your tolerance for the astringent resin. The myrrh note is most forward and aggressive early on, before the fragrance’s sweet-spicy oriental structure assembles itself below. Like FloatingPoint before me, I pick up a distinct anise or licorice (i.e. sambuca,) layered over La Myrrhe’s heart. For me the anise conjures up Guerlain’s classic Après L’Ondée, but La Myrrhe is a more transparent scent, as it lacks the old Guerlain’s powdery vanilla base components. In fact, La Myrrhe is one of those rare Sheldrake-Lutens compositions, along with Tubéreuse Criminelle, Sa Majesté la Rose, and Sarrasins, that largely eschew the viscous and ponderous syrupy foundation that anchors scents like Arabie, Chergui, or Fumerie Turque. All said and done, this is an original, high quality scent that features an unusual central accord and extends the range of the Lutens line in an interesting direction.
19th June, 2014
Notes: mandarin, lotus, jasmine, myrrh, bitter almond, spices, pimento, sandalwood, honey, amber, musk

This has a round, perfumed character. It is slightly sweet and with kind of 'soapy' aspect which I sometimes note in myrrh. It is a very nice scent, and somewhat atypical for Lutens in that it is not heavy, rich, foody, or overly spicy. The floral notes are lovely, and there is a continued hint of citrus even at mid-point. The incense is somewhat resinous, and darker than frankincense. It combines well with the bitter almond. A bit of powder from the amber, but not problematic.
A good scent, unisex in appeal.
20th February, 2013
opens up with blast of myrrhe, flowers and vitamin C,
its sharp , but sweet too, not like dark heavy resin, La myrrhe here is like aldehidic and sligthly mixed with incense....but flowers give it sweet, feminine , brilliant tone that for me this stands between Chanel no 5 and no 22, just that it has everything i miss or lack in previous 2! this is PERFECT!!!

sweetnes gives it sensuality i like in no 22, but miss in no 5, but this one is not powdery and that much aldehydic , nor overwhelming!!.....simply perfect!
31st October, 2012
This fragrance opens with a soapy note, very very soapy. Like, to the point where you feel *clean*. I catch myself impatiently waiting for some Sergian notes. I am currently in a very gourmand phase, and this is not very gourmand or dessert-like on my skin. Can we say "disappointment"?

Suddenly a thick syrup note pops through, as if to say "fooled ya!"
- "Yesssss," says the pig in my nose, "FOOD!"

I can smell a woody scent in the background, as though the bitterness of PURE incense resin is present. I do not know what real myrrh smells like, and presume it isn't sticky sweet as some myrrh/incense scents like to make it, so this feels real. This woody note disappears as fast as it came, and like many other SL scents I have tried, this one seems to be a chameleon. The notes come back and disappear again, like some mysterious nimble bellydancers who simultaneously work as ninjas.

It has a note of garbage bag on my wrist, which I'm not loving, but when I smell the inside of my elbow (where scents bloom, in my opinion), I smell a cologne-like masculine coolness that I like. I realise now that this "soapy" quality I initially sensed is brought on by a white flower I do not recognise. It could be jasmine (according to note list), as this is a note I am not familiar with (I know - how is it possible?).

There is a greenness to this that is slightly bitter, but I think this is a scent that, on me, is dominated by a floral. It seems pretty linear for the first half hour, but then some anise-like scent comes through. According to this review, this scent is very true to myrrh, but since I know nothing about it I cannot say what I think of this matter.

After a bit, the sandalwood and spices come through, and I feel myself nodding and smiling with recognition. Hello Uncle Serge! The usual gourmand aspect is different, but still exists - I can sense a slight burned overly flavoured vanilla pudding. Yum!

I will have to say that I like this one quite a bit, and could see my see myself wearing it. It would be my first white-floral dominated scent (even though that aspect is less strong during the drydown). I read here that it is recommended to dab this one, and not spray. I do agree that this could be too heady and just "too much" if over-applied, and due to its "coolness" could definitely see - and love - this on a guy.

To conclude, this is a scent that has a coolness to it that reminds me of white flowers with dew drops on them on a crisp summer morning after a storm. I like the slightly bitter medicinal anise-like note in the background, but perhaps that is because I like very bitter dark chocolate too. Besides, bitterness is good for you. ;)

Note: The more time passed, the more I caught myself inhaling deeply when my arm was close to my nose. Warning: This scent - like a lot of Serge Lutens fragrances - grows on you! The more hours that pass, the creamier this one gets. I cannot comment on sillage as I really did use a few drops. Obviously, due to dabbing the sillage would be lower than if spraying.
11th August, 2012

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