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Lacoste (original) (1984)
by Lacoste


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Year of Launch1984
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent Company at launchJean Patou

About Lacoste (original)

Lacoste (original) is a masculine fragrance by Lacoste. The scent was launched in 1984

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Reviews of Lacoste (original)

It only took me 30 years as I recently just discovered this cheerful sporting fragrance. Born in 1984, this could easily be called "Quorum Fraicheur" as the geranium heart and mossy dry down resemblance is very near although not as complex while projecting much lighter. I plan on enjoying Lacoste more often once spring rolls around as everything old is new again!
22nd February, 2015
ad_scott Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Fresh and invigorating; best worn at summertime! Gin and tonic on the rocks, lemons and limes, grass in a meadow...I always feel like a game of tennis when I wear this! Charming and classic '80s fragrance; always brings back the good times...
23rd December, 2014
I've worn Lacoste occasionally for several years, and always enjoyed it. But somehow today it struck me in a way I've never quite experienced before, and it's as if I'm smelling it for the first time. The fresh citrus and green notes blend perfectly, and a light floral note (lilac or jonquil, perhaps?) peeks out a bit. Then the mossy and woody notes emerge, and the interplay is just delightful --- subtle, but delightful. I have a whole new appreciation for this now --- it's like hearing brand new details in a familiar piece of music!

According to H&R's Fragrance Guide, the notes are:

Top: Lavender, bergamot, lemon, clary sage, lime
Middle: Green Note, basil, jasmin, carnation, galbanum
Base: Cedarwood, vetiver, moss, tonka, musk, amber
25th June, 2014
This one used to be my daily wearer back in college. I liked it because it was very masculine, while still holding on to some of that clean citrus. Back in college (when I was cheap), I could find this one at Marshall's for around $20. It seems to have gone up in price since then. If you can find this for a bargain somewhere, it would be a good one to mix it up. This one is played out for me though.
23rd April, 2013
The height of cleanliness, I imagine this to be a 1980s very French take on a sports scent by Lacoste.

A simple and well-constructed fresh scent which suffers slightly from its limited staying power, otherwise this is an excellent adaptable choice for casual and formal wear. Lemon and bergamot are crisp in the opening if not long lasting, with pine continuing the shower fresh sensation amidst the florals that comprise the manly, spicy heart. This dries down fairly quickly to a smooth, masculine base of delightfully fragrant sandalwood, which reminds me of the sandalwood bars of soap that are ubiquitous to bathrooms all over India.

Medium silage and short longevity in all weathers, don't be afraid to reapply liberally. Nevertheless, this is a must have and puts the modern interpretation of a 'sport' scent to shame.
20th November, 2012
This is indeed a simple citrus scent of the '80 that smells clean and fresh with a mossy base.
It starts out with lots of lemon which fade after 20 mins and are joined by some flowery stuff before the mainly cedar and moss take over for the drydown. It has some similarities to YSL pour homme (little sour citrus) and even Gillette Cool Wave aftershave for the mossy drydown! This is though weaker than the YSL and has less going on. I see this fragrance more as a very strong aftershave (like Cool Wave) that lasts for a good 3-4 hrs before it fades; it has for me that fresh vibe that a good aftershave gives me. Sillage is average to close to the skin. Best to use during spring and summer for its fresh sensation.
Very good fragrance if you want to smell fresh and masculine for a few hours the '80s way!
Thumbs up! Rated: 7.5/10
12th September, 2012

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