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Lagerfeld Classic (1978)
by Lagerfeld


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Year of Launch1978
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerRon Winnegrad
Parent CompanyInter Parfums
Parent Company at launchEli Lilly & Co > Elizabeth Arden

About Lagerfeld Classic

Lagerfeld Classic is a masculine fragrance by Lagerfeld. The scent was launched in 1978 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Ron Winnegrad

Lagerfeld Classic fragrance notes

Reviews of Lagerfeld Classic

Ambient spice...

I do like this one, a lot. I think if you are just getting into fragrances, this one might take you by surprise. This fragrance shows you why the scents made in the 1970's were in a class of their own. Karl Lagerfeld - Classic is a soft oriental full of amber, vanilla, carnation and spice. I get nutmeg, carnation, patchouli, all combined with a sweet, almost syrupy amber with vanilla and creamy sandalwood. I even get a hint of 'candied orange' in the beginning.

I do see how this scent belongs to a certain era. I find it very playful and almost borderline gourmand in it's vibe. I find it has good projection, sillage and longevity (many eau de toilette concentrations from the 1970's and 1980's were stronger than they are today).

I also see this as being unisex, so a confidant woman could certainly pull this off. I would recommend this for mature noses and generally for people who are well-seasoned in vintage perfumes. They don't make 'em like they used to!

I think that this fragrance, like many of it's peers, could be released today and it would be a niche unisex scent. All the more special that this is widely available as it is. The closest male fragrance I can think of comparing it to would be Aramis - JHL. Having said that, this is lighter, more playful and overall more versatile and fun. I love it!
24th January, 2020
This is a dinosaur albeit a benign and benevolent one. A nice example of old fashioned barbour shop spice, bergamot, nutmeg and aldehydes. However except for those in whom it awakens pleasant memories this really has no place today unless its supporting a period cast of The Professionals or The Sweeny or even Minder.
Ok I have upgraded from a thumbs down to neutral out of respect for history! After all history repeats itself.
22nd January, 2020
A classic, indeed. A spicy, slightly citrus-y, aldehydic opening. Old school - what's not to love here in the beginning?

The top notes merge into the heart, with a well-mixed crowd of notes. Hints of old flowers. They are gentlemen-like. Buzzy tobacco and woodsy things. Near perfection.

In time I get a big tarragon note, mixing with increased tobacco. There is a good, solid retro base at work here. Classic 70's but, not overly dated. Not too much of an amber-accord, it's more woody, darkish, and resinous, in a somewhat balsam way. The oak and opoponax are divine. Overall this is a great one, I think tending towards unisex.
10th January, 2020
I wrote this back in March.

Karl Lagerfeld had worked for Jean Patou, Cloe, Krizia, Valentino and Fendi as a designer. He also worked as the design director for Chanel from 1982 to 2000, being responsible for bringing the near-dead brand back to life as well as creating the CC monograph of Coco Chanel into a style pattern for the house that we see today. He had also began his own Karl Lagerfeld brand, which was established to channel "intellectual sexiness". Karl worked with Fendi until his death last month, at the age of 85.

When I had read the news of his passing, I realized that I had never tried the Karl Lagerfeld fragrances. I was able to find a 50 ml bottle of Lagerfeld Classic at a drug store (Walgreens) in the US for $25.

The opening notes gives me a slightly soapy citrus and herbal notes. Very reminiscent of 80's classics. After a short time I begin to get a woody dusty floral with tobacco highlight. I am really enjoying this part, and then it gets even better! A strong (but not too strong) musk with an oriental sweetness begins to develop not long after the heart notes come into play, which stay until the end.

To my nose, the musk really stands out. Personally, I do not like overbearing animalic musk, but the musk note in Lagerfeld Classic is very enjoyable coupled with the other notes, especially the tobacco, and oriental. This fragrance smells very sexy.

This will last over 12 hours on your skin and wears best during Spring, Autumn and Winter.

Although this fragrance is intended for men, women will enjoy this one as well.

An expensive smelling fragrance at an inexpensive price. A must have for any collection or for a lover of musk.

06th June, 2019
Karl Lagerfeld is something of a journeyman fashion mogul who has designed couture for everyone from Balmain to Patou, currently running as creative director for both his own label and Chanel, plus working with in-house lines for major department stores like Macy's. He's a legend that is befitting an equally profound fragrance. His signature masculine, which only garnered the subtitle "classic" after he introduced new lines, is an oriental chypre hybrid that marries rich woods and mosses with leathers, aldehydes, citrus, and oppoponax. It joins rank alongside other rich 70's oriental hybrid exercises like Caron's Yatagan (1976) and is a late-decade prelude to the powerful 80's bombs to follow. Lagerfeld has a love-it-or-hate-it weight to it, but as I've said before, all trendsetting masculines worth mentioning also are often quite divisive. The scent launched just in time for disco's peak, and although quite a bit stiff for a dancefloor, managed to show up there anyway.

The smell from Lagerfeld Classic opens up as stiff citrus, aldehydes, and powdery spice. It's orange and lemon, as opposed to just lemon, then segways into cedar, tonka, amber, moss, and that leather note all the way at the bottom buried in creamy musk and labdanum. It's rich, almost too rich, with the oppoponax spark to keep it from just being total cream after the top notes fade. The smell rests somewhere between the animalistic feminine orientals of old and the cinnamon sugar stuff that would typify 80's masculine orientals like Aramis JHL (1982) and Obsession (1986), pulling in so many directions at once that it's cover-all-bases density makes it seem almost as if it came back in time from the 80's. It has a hint of that rounded Shulton Old Spice (1937) feel, some of the leather nostril burn of Alfred Dunhill (1934), but with the smoothed-over suede and woods of Avon Black Suede (1980). Undoubtedly, a storied designer like Karl Lagerfeld was pulling from a litany of influences when he commissioned Ron Winnegrad to develop this.

Lagerfeld feels like a fragrance that was neither in nor really out of style ever in it's life. It's an exercise in a rigid sort of masculinity for the consummate gentleman looking to make a presence known but also unbutton his shirt a bit when he relaxes in good company. It'll serve well in office or formal use, but it's not terribly romantic nor casual enough for weekend wear. I'd steer clear of hot weather as this one comes out of the bottle already sweltering before it even hits skin. The aforementioned Black Suede is simpler, brighter, sweeter, lighter, and thus more comfortable. I feel it's a more elegant and refined version of this idea despite this being clearly further upmarket. I don't regret wearing it and it carries extremely well in the cold, but this decidely non-disco scent from the disco era feels more like it belongs in the German Expressionism movement of the early 20th century, much like most of Mr. Lagerfeld's high-collared near-gothic attire. For a strong handshake of an oriental leather type, look no further.
31st December, 2017
The key word here is ORANGE...Lagerfeld Classic is a orange based aromatic. A very juicy orange injected with amber...sliced in half...then covered in vanilla powder. Pipe tobacco is very present in this fragrance but it is sweetened by that sweet orange quality I described. Cedar adds a little clarity and bitterness to this scent. Between this orange and cedar is a moderate amount of musk that cuts through the cedar.

I give Lagerfeld Classic a thumbs up because it does smell enjoyabe to daily wear daily. This fragrance could be unisex for the fact that this is a smooth aromatic, and not aggressive. Second is the dominant orange side is fresh and interesting...but it is soft. I'd slide this fragrance across the table to a Jovan Musk for Men fan looking for a unique alternate.

27th September, 2017 (last edited: 26th September, 2019)

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