Laguna Homme (2001)
    by Salvador Dali

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    A smooth oriental partner to the original Laguna for women.

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    Strange Alien Oriental

    Got it cheap! Was on my wishlist a while .

    Complex scent with a big WOW factor as its very bi directional in a way its a warm glowy summer night scent for romantic men but also a bit feminine and strange and powerfull. I think to describe it as not classical but more neo futuristic in a sci-fi scene ( ehhh im losing it?) But i agree people will be put off on its metallic like apeal. Its funny that the cap of this beautiful bottle is blue metallic too :-)

    I wear it now and worn it on work days and projects well and longevity is superb for 9 hours
    If you like the stranger type of scents a bit on the sweet and extravert spicy side will digg this as i am.
    Im glad i got it.

    *Update : Gets boring if the smell gets known and almost cloying and thats too bad but thats my taste.
    As Luca Turin stated in his a-z guide im not sure what he 's talking about maybe you can imagine a small room like a car with a man with bad hygene not washing himself for days riding around all night picking up hookers and party people... but again its not nice to say...

    Pros: Soft drydown
    Cons: Too sweet and dense smelling"

    25 August, 2013

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    I was a bit disappointed with Laguna. To me its a fairly weak non-descript vanilla/oriental. Mis-named, not marine or aqua at all. It's just OK.

    10th February, 2013 (Last Edited: 03 April, 2013)

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    Tony T
    United States United States

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    Smooth oriental? that's what it's described as. yes it is synthetic and has character issues. am i a fresh/clean scent with tope notes of lime/tangerine or am i an oriental with base notes of vanilla/tonka bean? a very confusing scent that plays tricks on one's mind. very low sillage and projection as i wore this in the cold chicago weather. more suitable for warmer temps which is when i will try this again. not bad smelling just a bit light to my nose..

    03 January, 2013

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    I like it! That's an all-year-around option. Sweet but not cloying, i feel comfortable using it.
    It's mainly tonka with soft florals and lots of vanilla.
    Also the price is great, what makes it worth it for any collector.

    20th November, 2012 (Last Edited: 04 March, 2013)

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    Bo Darville
    United States United States

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    Laguna Homme is an über-synthetic tonka/vanilla bomb accompanied by the same type of sour, sweaty citrus notes found in Dali's revolting Le Roy Soleil Homme. There is also an overarching waxy or plastic element at play here (maybe the synthetic florals) that I find totally irritating. The overall effect is not unlike that of a cheap vanilla candle.

    Those who say this is a good choice for summer have obviously not worn it in high temperature / high humidity climates, wherein this juice visibly radiates like the malodorous vapor from Pepé Le Pew.

    23 November, 2009 (Last Edited: 21st February, 2012)

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    Finland Finland

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    Doesn’t it smell quite much like Versace`s The Dreamer with additional note of benzoin plus that slightly salty metal accord….

    Like The Dreamer, this indeed smells very synthetic but to my mind in a most pleasant way. Its very captivating juice. Works almost like a magnet.
    Highly recommended if you like sweeter (oriental-fougere) scents and you’re not afraid of synthetic nuances.

    Tasty scent and very pleasant wear with long lasting appearance.

    15 February, 2009

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