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Lanvin for Men (1979)
by Lanvin


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Year of Launch1979
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Parent CompanyInter Parfums
Parent Company at launchMennen > Scannon

About Lanvin for Men

Lanvin for Men is a masculine fragrance by Lanvin. The scent was launched in 1979

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Reviews of Lanvin for Men

I love civet to pieces and decided to buy a mini flacon of this blind. I did a few dab samplings at home and liked it quite a bit as there was a very deep woodiness to the scent overall, smelled fantastic. I was completely oblivious to the nuclear strong roses in this when I was dabbing it. I decided to pour it into an atomizer, gave Lanvin for Men a proper wearing and was horrified!

This is an extremely powerful rose perfume that overwhelms everything for the entire time, even worse is that the rose implemented into this mix is a big huge jammy, fruity and juicy red rose with a moderately strong indolic jasmine accord behind it, so the overall feel is absurdly floral in nature, especially for a man to wear. After a few hours the florals tame a 'bit' to reveal a lovely civet note that's fuzzy and warm which is laid onto a base of smoky vetiver and resiny labdanum, but keep in mind that this is a 100% rose perfume, possibly even a soliflore.

I love roses, just not on me. To be totally honest and as awesome as this smells, I felt like I was wearing a women's perfume the whole entire time, it's that overtly floral. My final verdict is that Lanvin for Men uses high quality ingredients, you can feel them when wearing it but, this is a super strong rose perfume with oodles of sillage and projection for hours and hours that lasts forever. I did a heavy application one night at home to feel the far drydown in the morning after sleeping and was literally choking myself out from the overwhelming amount of bright red rose in this. This stuff outlasted 2 whole showers that I could still catch traces of underneath of my other scent that I was wearing the following day, it's that strong, I would say easily 24+ hours on the skin. I will confidently say that Lanvin for Men is a bonafide 'fill the room' with sillage kinda perfume.

Very rare and very difficult to get. You seriously gotta love roses to get down with this, if you do and love civet then you're really going to like this one.

There's a concentrated perfume oil named Jakarta from the United Kingdom perfume house of Abdul Karim al Faransi that's eerily similar in smell and overall feel to Lanvin for Men, albeit a wee bit cleaner. Both of these perfumes could be kissing cousins. If you like this, try that, same monster performance as well.
12th October, 2017
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening is classic-phantastic: bergamot, clary sage, a great petitgrain with a bit of citrus - green with a touch of freshness and a whiff of booziness. The drydown veers a bit to the discretely floral, with jasmine, a nice carnation note and a bit of a darker rose added. Green and discretely floral - delightful. The base does not get too heavy; oregano, labdanum and a whiff of a light moss, with a subdued leather lining. This classic composition in it's green-floral-richness with a tilt towards chypre reminds me of a more elegant version of dunhill's Blend 30, and some features are reminiscent of Courreges PH. Blended exceedingly well of top-grade ingredients, with splendid silage and projection. The longevity is absolutely amazing at around thirteen hours. In all aspects a masterpiece by Lanvin for autumn.
11th February, 2014
Best ever

Best fragrance i ever used. Still own some... Lucky me...

31st August, 2013
bhanny Show all reviews
United States
Really nice green chypre. Starts with a nice green and citrus opening. Definitiely an indolic note as well. I get vetiver, oakmoss and leather in the base. Lasts longer than I expected. This is really nice!

Edit: the above us actually a review of Eau de Lanvin for men.
21st January, 2012 (last edited: 10th November, 2012)
A dry green vetiver opening draws comparison to the better known Chanel No.19 EDT. But the vetiver swiftly submerges into the background to give way to a mildly soapy floral blend with listed notes of citrus, neroli, carnation, jasmine and rose. I also detect iris and more than a hint of leather as drydown beckons.

What a pity it has been discontinued for LANVIN FOR MEN is another suave, classy gem of a scent for the distinguished gentleman.

28th March, 2010
One of my favorites of all time. Used to wear it in the 80s. Used to get it at Sara's London Shop in Tijuana Mexico. Can no longer find it.

I have about 1 oz left. I wonder if anyone can copy it???
30th November, 2009

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