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Lapidus pour Homme (1987)
by Ted Lapidus


Lapidus pour Homme information

Year of Launch1987
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseTed Lapidus
PerfumerJacques Konckier
Parent CompanyBogart Group

About Lapidus pour Homme

Lapidus pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Ted Lapidus. The scent was launched in 1987 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jacques Konckier

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Reviews of Lapidus pour Homme

Allow me to begin this review by saying that Ted Lapidus is the Chuck Norris of masculine fragrances. You don't wear Ted Lapidus. Ted wears you and if you show him some regard, he'll wear you well.

This 1987 release is actually the 2nd incarnation of Lapidus coming approximately a decade after the original. To me, this is a variation of Kouros and Balenciaga, but with a dominant pineapple note that permeates all 3 accords. Even the bottle has similarities.
Lapidus Pour Homme has stratospheric sillage and longevity and opens with a kevlar-like accord of citrus, berry and of course pineapple. This is so dense, you could wear it like a protective vest. It has spice in there as well and tilts slightly green from basil. If you're not expecting this, it will be equivalent to a roundhouse kick to the head, Ted Lapidus style. Ted has standing orders to take no prisoners and those orders come directly from Chuck Norris.

In spite of all this, fear not to wear Ted. Ted only gets really rambunctious when you depress the spray nozzle more than 2 times. You also need to stand back away from the sprayer when applying this volatile brew. When I wear Ted, I have my wife stand on a chair, hold the bottle as high as she can and then spray into the air. I wait 3 seconds and then sprint through the mist. I also have permission from Chuck himself to do this.
The heart accord is so full of heavy hitters that I once heard the mafia tried to use Ted Lapidus to knock off a rival. One of the button men made the mistake of trying it first and woke up 2 days later in I.C.U. There was a vase of flowers and a card there for him from Chuck. They promptly went back to using firearms. It was safer.

The base is just as tough as its opening cronies. There's honey and tobacco, amber and patchouli, tonka and musk, moss, sandal, cedar and Chuck knows what else.

I have no choice but to give a thumbs up for Ted Lapidus because I like my thumbs and need them to do reviews in the future. Someone please send a copy of this to Mr. Norris.
01st March, 2015
I only recently discovered LPH. It has been around all the time I have been wearing fragrances. My nose is not sophisticated enough to dissect the components or make a comparison based upon my encyclopaedic knowledge of fragrance. LPH is what I will call "bluntly masculine" It seems to say "I am masculine, end of conversation" it does not strike me as a complex fragrance, it is classically masculine, but in no way dated. I occasionally pick up the aroma of spent fireworks. If you have ever put on a display for your kids, its up there on the manly scale with teaching the little perishers to swim or ride a bike. There you have it, something for the Dads, gets compliments like nothing else I wear.
14th November, 2014
One of the most unique scents in my collection. Smells oddly futuristic even though it's getting close to 30 years old. Fruity but still has a brain. The bottle looks like space shuttle debris.
05th May, 2014
23rd April, 2014

Wow after 21 years got it again! and it was again as i remembered ...SOOoooo good!
What a GEM!

This is the 1million of the 80's (sort of)

Im enchanted by its masculine and warm sweet scent.
Its a pleasant smell for others too im confident to say that because i encountered in these past 3 days almost 10 people giving me compliments on my sillage this has never happened to me these days!

As i have to admit im not a sweet scent lover at all im more a green, darkwoody,spicy

powerhouse kind a guy.

It stays on your body like a hug! if you wear it under your clothes sprayed in your chest and armpits, one spritz one you palm for direct sniffing :-)

Think of
A handsome, confident italian man in his 30's driving along the boulevard on his vespa with a red dressed italian bella donna on his backseat she's holding him tight as they ride towards a nice evening full of joy and making nice memories... now imagine what they will leaving as a sillage/trail when you walk past them... i imagine this scent!
Its also feminine in a masculine way (sounds odd but hey this smell is odd)

I got many compliments these days so im truly confident that this Eau de Toilette does a great thing on others too. (maybe my skin chemistry)
If you are fed up with most common frags these days and if you like scents like Kouros,Opium,Jaipur, Givenchy Pi and Ungaro III try this for sure!
Its good price and even better value.

Great projection and sillage especially in first hour.

After that a warmer drydown with cosy scents ending in a beeswax smell.
Not a green scent!
Its oriental meets italian gangsters and bella donna's

Pros: Very opulent sweet and handsome
Cons: Dont overspray"

28th August, 2013
Blind buy after reading plenty of positive feedback on Basenotes. Great fragrance. Reminiscent of Michael Kors for Men and Sung Homme. Spicy pineapple, tons of rose and honey. Projection and longevity are great. A winner in my books, I'm very glad I purchased! I'm turning 30 this year and do not find this scent to be too mature for someone my age or even younger, however, confidence is required to wear this. If you stop wearing a fragrance because someone makes a negative comment then Lapidus pour Homme is not for you.
18th April, 2013

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