Le Dandy (1923)
    by D'Orsay

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    Reintroduced in 1998

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    Tony T
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    I have the edt version. 50 bucks for 3.4 oz!! anyway it's similar to Casran by Chopard..

    A nice quiet plum/rum accord that lingers but does not make a splash..

    Very toned down and gentlemen like..

    Can be a signature scent and worn year round..

    A great comfort scent as well..

    Pros: I got a great price
    Cons: A bit subtle"

    13 September, 2013

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    The vintage version:
    A heady boozy and fruity top notes that soon is complemented with a spicy, mildly woody drydown with an increasing vanilla component. The booziness is scotch-based and surprisingly un-synthetic. A rich, heavy and slightly sweet composition with an unexpectedly poor longevity of two hours on my skin; otherwise nice.

    26 April, 2013

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    Le Dandy (edp) opens with a somewhat sweet fruity mixture of plum and peach mixing with an alcoholic champagne-like accord to create what amounts to the smell of a delicious champagne laced fruit punch, complete with fresh fruit slices and peach sherbert on top. The top notes remain into the heart of the scent, combining with traces of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove spice with the fruit still taking the fore using the spice as subtle support now joined by an almost soapy accord. Base notes of sweet sandalwood, patchouli and tonka bean add further sweetness to the already sweet fruity concoction. Projection is minimal and longevity is excellent.

    Le Dandy (edp) is a nice mixture of fruit spiked alcohol, mild spice, and tonka laced super-sweet sandalwood. The almost shampoo-like soapy undertone in the scent's heart is most likely a remnant of the alcoholic accord and it is a bit weird smelling, so I could see it turning some folks off, but I kind of find it interesting. One other word of caution is the high level of sweetness from start to finish can get a bit cloying if you are not too careful, so I recommend going easy on the trigger. If applied in the right amount I think Le Dandy can impress, especially if you enjoy really sweet scents. I can't really say it is ground breaking or stunningly wonderful smelling, but it is definitely a cut above the norm and earns a "good" to "very good" rating of 3 to 3.5 stars out of 5.

    23 September, 2012

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    Jack Hunter
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    It opens with a peach schnapps accord and gets sweet with pineapple also coming into the boozy mix. These fruit accords mix in with the rum and whisky to give a alcoholic punch smell on the skin. After a while I can smell a plum note coming to the forefront. A complex scent.

    After the topnotes subside I can smell a hint of ginger with woods and cinnamon while retaining the smell of plum on your skin. As we move into the basenotes I'm picking up a spicy sweet tobacco adding to the boatload of notes.

    This smells nice and anyone who loves fruity boozy spicy fragrances should check this one out. Though for me it feels like something you would drink rather than wear as I find it a bit over the top. If it was toned down it would be more to my taste. Nice complex smell though.

    04 August, 2012

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    I am sampling a vintage version in a small curvy bottle. Arrggguuhhh. So beautiful! I am partial to this kind of thing, perfumes that are rich, deep, spicy and made with a high portion of authentic ingredients. So this has none of the headache inducing shrill chemical effect of releases of the last 10 years. It doesn't smell like an impression of shampoo, ozone, fruit and whatever. This smells like a understated cherry tobacco (but dark, not sweet) and liquor cabinet. There is a thin dangerous surface of something else as well. Ginger-aldehydes? The impression is intoxicating rather than sombre.
    Guys....not sure if many of you would want this. I'm a girl and I love it on me. It would hold me utterly enthralled on your skin though. But as I've mentioned, I like that kind of thing.

    27 June, 2012

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    ive never smelled the old formulation of this' so have nothing to compare it to which might be a good thing. i initially didnt like this scent but having revisited it several weeks later i now find it very pleasant indeed.the more i wear it , the more i like it . it lasts 5-6 hours on me ( better than most creeds) .my skin normally eats scents so i aint complaining about the longevity. thumbs up

    12 September, 2011 (Last Edited: 15 December, 2011)

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