Le MÔle (1995)
    by Jean Paul Gaultier

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    The first male fragrance by Jean Paul Gaultier. The bottle is in the shape of a male torso and packaged in what looks like a baked bean tin. The bath products are shaped liked paint tubes.
    The prestige version of the fragrance features a 'bulb puffer spray'.

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    125ml EdT
    125ml EdT
    75ml EdT
    (*converted from GBP 39.50)

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    I am surprised I have never smelled this on anyone where I live besides myself. I love this notes in this one. One would think that mint, lavender, and vanilla would not work well together but they combine so well together to form a truly unforgettable scent. I always receive compliments in this scent and my wife is madly in love with this scent. A great fall and winter time fragrance.

    24 February, 2014

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    Cuba Gold has bad, tacky packaging. JPG took Cuba Gold, found even worse packaging, and raised the price from $3.99 to $64. Le MÔle is God's way of telling you have too much money.

    18 February, 2014

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    United States United States

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    an excellent fragrance overall excellent projection and longevity. i use this one for fall and winter. for school or office wear only wear one spray but for dates or going out 2-3. no more than 3 sprays. its just that mine came with a defective pump :(. but i will exchange it.

    28 January, 2014

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    The opening is on another level to anything I've worn before. Powerful, juicy and mouthwatering. The projection before it dries is a force to be reckoned with. The drydown is also nice and this stuff lingers on the skin for a good amount of time.

    Not completely masculine, but then again not perfumey at all.

    The bottle is impressive, a real quality item. I have the 75 ml and it just feels great in the hand, the glass has a really smooth feel.

    However, Le Male is of course a victim of it's own popularity. The first time I wore it on a night out, it was recognised and named by the first person I came across. For this reason I would never wear it regularly.

    Also if someone is wearing other than yourself, it it can be a bit cloying.

    4/5 - Shame about the fame!

    24 January, 2014

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    jpg le male is a true classic in my eyes. Vanilla lavender combo one of the best in the business. This projects forever and lasts a long time. Its stood the test of time so you can get this one cheap. Im not sure how you could hate this other than the fact that you prob smelled it on someone before but who cares. I definitely get compliments with this one. The dry down is strong and i like that! you can get this one cheap!
    smell 7/10 not bad i love vanilla
    longevity 10/10 beastmode
    projection 8/10 this might have been reformulated???? i remember it projecting better but idk..

    15 January, 2014

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    Very nice lavender/vanilla fragrance with a slightly herbal minty opening.
    Great longevity and sillage.

    05 January, 2014

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