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Le Mâle (1995)
by Jean Paul Gaultier


Le Mâle information

Year of Launch1995
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseJean Paul Gaultier
PerfumerFrancis Kurkdjian
SupplierQuest International
Parent Company at launchShiseido > Beaute Prestige International

About Le Mâle

The first male fragrance by Jean Paul Gaultier. The bottle is in the shape of a male torso and packaged in what looks like a baked bean tin. The bath products are shaped liked paint tubes.
The prestige version of the fragrance features a 'bulb puffer spray'.

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Reviews of Le Mâle

Review and Ratings based on the original formulation.

Years ago I watched the commercial, where guys are changing from their stripes shirts to formal suits. As soon as i watched that commercial (I believe was aired from the year 1995), I knew I had to get it. I had to wait some more time, and after possessing 2 fragrances (In which were given to be as gifts), I had to buy my very fragrance ever. It had to be Le Male.

All I can say is, that this fragrance is a memory. Yeah, Memory in a Bottle. Enough Said.

31st October, 2015
Lavender. Lavender. Lavender. But in a good way :)
24th September, 2015
Powdery,sweet,gives me a nausea's feeling ,,,,really synthetic probably nice at a distance..Think i prefer it on others as opposed to myself...
If you like this frag and wished it was on another level then go for Amouage Reflection man....Stunning,upperclass,totally well blended scent similar to le male but on another level totally and goes a different direction at points...but yes similar.
26th July, 2015
Judging from the positive reviews and love this fragrance gets, I made a blind buy ( actually 90% of my scents are)..

It smells pretty nice as it projects. Smelt directly from the skin I gets a rough, synthetic after-smell.. Lots of vanilla in this one.

Maybe it's because it was re formulated, I don't get the beast mode longevity and projection everybody talks about.. I even wore 4-5 sprays on a hot day, barely got notices..

Still happy it's in my small collection.. Barely escaped a neutral..

17th July, 2015
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
I happened to be living in London when this was launched and was running into Harrod's on an errand when, right inside the door, a woman with a spritzer grabbed my arm and asked if I wanted to try this new scent. Before I could answer, I was given a dose and I quickly moved on. Before I was twenty steps into the store I knew that something was wrong. What she sprayed on me was so vile, so gross, that I went straight to the men's room to wash it off. It was on me ten minutes or so and I sniffed at it the whole time, wondering what was so "off" about this scent. I was probably wearing Bel Ami at the time, so strong scents were no problem. I also love Caron PuH and Ungaro II, and the vanilla lavender combo is a favorite, so what was so wrong? To me it smelled overly strong, overly sweet and oddly bestial--and not in a good way (and as I mentioned, I like the civet in Ungaro II!). Very similar to my reaction to Kouros, even though they are very different fragrances. Even after a scrub in the gent's I emanated its evil odor for the rest of the day and felt like I needed to apologize to strangers who drifted into my wake. Oddly enough, I have smelled it on other men since where it smelled just fine--actually tame and minty-fresh barbershop-like. I might even like it now that it has been reformulated but I can never forget the visceral reaction that I had on first trying it.
03rd June, 2015

Yes LE MALE!This one is really great.elegant is the perfect way to describe.strong and definitely FRENCH style.masculine,beautiful,like a dream.

In my opinion Le MALE is clearly not for either love or hate spray is enough for long hours.well balanced and the base it very lovely for me.

One of the best fragrances in winter nights for me.perfect for smart stylish man.and one of the word is magical.

Thank You JPG.

23rd April, 2015

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