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Leather is a shared / unisex perfume by Demeter Fragrance Library.

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rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
There is a leather note that is quite simple in its concept: a plasticky leather with a synthetic character. At times a beef jerky aroma is present too. The longer I wear it, the more the synthetic side comes to the fore.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

An autumnal, rather linear leather scent that is not bad, but at best described as mediocre. 2.25/5.
23rd January, 2018
I suppose I'm an outlier with this one. I love it. Sure, it's linear, but it reminds me of so many leather experiences I've had.
For 25 bucks, it's short money, and smells like walking into a Tandy leather shop as a child.
Not for everyone, but memory is a funny thing.
Now, if they'd only bottle the mildewy smell of my grandmother's basement in Maine in the 1960s.
29th January, 2016 (last edited: 31st January, 2016)
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
Not one of the great leather-based fragrances like Knize Ten or Cuir de Rusie but more of an attempt--like so many Demeter fragrances--simply to reproduce a single note as faithfully as possible. That said, this is not the quintessential smell of all leather reduced to a scent, but the smell of commercial leather, like you might find on a sofa or in a car. That, by the way, is exactly where I keep mine, just to bolster that leather upholstery smell. Works just fine, does not last long. Once I did wear it and thought it smelled fine (no bacon!), but not particularly interesting. Saddle and Riding Crop may be a little more interesting if you are wearing this as a cologne.
03rd June, 2015
Vinyl-like fragrance

A test-run on my husband is the basis for this review; since he has a diminished sense of smell, he can't write a concise review for this himself so I will step in for him.

The opening notes smell like plastic to my nose. Harsh,synthetic, and unpleasant. After roughly an hour, I can detect a truly leathery note, but it's so linear and flat that I find no pleasure in it at all. A watery leather, not rich and full as I'd hoped.

Sillage is low, and longevity is also poor. A dud.

Pros: None
Cons: Chemical odor, harsh"

07th October, 2013
markc Show all reviews
United States
Lasts a decent time for a Demeter. However, this seems like it would be better used as a room spray or to spray in your car in place of that new car smell spray. It doesn't project off your skin much.
28th October, 2007
Hmm. I've spent a month sniffing and re-sniffing the bottle trying to make up my mind on this one. My first reaction was the same as a previous commenter: beef jerky. It has that artificial-smoke-flavoring-that-is-added-to-fake-meats smell. (You've smelled the "fakin' bacon"...but do you really want to wear it?) To be fair, I bought this PMU in an attempt to make a fake-leather book smell more "authentic." Alas and alack, the book now smells more like gunpowder tea. That said, there seems to be a large divide between the male nose's response to this perfume and the female nose's response. So far, five male friends have accurately identified the scent as "leather," while six (of seven) female friends thought the scent belonged in the "smoked meats" category. Demeter's "Leather" also has an underlying note of "skin," which makes it infinitely more fascinating than many of Demeter's smoky-scents. In sum, this is one of Demeter's more interesting, if not pleasantly unpleasant, fragrances.
EDIT: If you want a more intriguing(and somewhat more wearable) leather from Demeter, try "Riding Crop." It lasts surprisingly long for a PMU and serves as a nice "quickie" substitute for the more expensive leather/suede scents.
22nd January, 2007

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