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Life Essence (1996)
by Fendi


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Year of Launch1996
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Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton
Parent Company at launchElf Aquitaine > Sanofi Beauté > Florbath

About Life Essence

Life Essence is a masculine fragrance by Fendi. The scent was launched in 1996

Reviews of Life Essence

A fleeting fresh opening followed by a fougerie peppery middle. Not refreshing, not masculine not feminine just gets up your nose. Fortunately the pepper does settle over time but why should you be grateful for that? So more feminine than masculine. I am trying to find it a place.
Perhaps for the very young on dance night who want to give the impression that they know how not to over cologne themselves but fail. Phew.

Fragrance: 2/5
Projection: 3.5/5
Longevity: 4/5
01st February, 2018
A good scent, in the gentle spice category. Starts with good citrus and an excellent spice blend. The coriander seed and cardamom are true to form but not heavy. In fact, the scent has a pleasant, clean, fresh quality about it. Perhaps the hint of conifer contributes to this aspect. Settles into a light woody-spice dry-down.
01st January, 2017
Life Essence by Fendi is totally intriguing forgotten gem. It’s basically an understated, totally “Italian” citrus-woody scent, but with a creative sort of “rural-wine” twist. And by wine I both mean the smell of wine (I guess the fruity note here), and of wood corks. The woody accord here isn’t played on the “usual” vetiver/cedar and/or sandalwood combo, but it smells rather more “greenish”, sharp, astringent, sour and dry, pretty much like raw cypress wood or oak. I get cedar too, but well concealed among other more prominent woods. That, soaked in wine then left on the balcony drying under the afternoon sun, the smell blending with the herbal aroma of cypresses and olive trees. Imagine this, topped with a soothing and slightly creamy accord of citrus, bergamot, carnation, amber, pepper. And something salty-musky underneath (maybe just side-nuances of woods). A bright, tart, kind of sour but also extremely soothing Mediterranean woody scent cleverly conveying a “countryside” feel; nothing wild or rural, rather the smell of some of those luxury “shabby chic” country resorts with their wine cellars. Natural yet sophisticated, really enjoyable to wear, classy and radiant; linear and poorly persistent, but that is what you would expect given most of the notes. A nice discontinued keeper, nothing groundbreaking and surely unworthy high prices, but still good.

14th April, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The orange-bergamot citrus opening is pleasantly softened with coriander, and then a floral component, on me, mainly geranium with a bit of jasmine, softens it. A pleasant start, but soon it collapses and it remains an extremely faint skin scent that, however, is just noticeable for up to a respectable seven hours. The sandal notes that is added later on is not convincing and too generic, and the slightly spicy cedar isn't either. The idea is goods: a citrus-wood combination with an interesting twist, but the execution is suboptimal as far as my skin reaction is concerned.
22nd April, 2014
Minimal and distinguished. A citrusy and almost ozonic clean initial accord with some delicate floral note whirling around is the misleading prelude to the real soul of a warm woody and  ambery fragrance strong on cedarwood, moss and cypress. Some resins produce an aromatic vibe with a traditional trail and the dry down reveals a woody and mossy temperament. In this final phase the smell is classical, a bit conservative, woody and green in a smooth boise' way. Decent scent for daily usage.
26th November, 2011 (last edited: 18th December, 2017)
tanto Show all reviews
United States
Horrible! This was sold as a mens frag but it was too feminine. Even for a woman this frag is horrible. It has zero appeal to it. No loss here being it was discontinued. Fendi did the right thing!!
12th September, 2009

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