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Live Jazz (1998)
by Yves Saint Laurent


Live Jazz information

Year of Launch1998
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseYves Saint Laurent
PerfumerPierre Bourdon
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > YSL Beaute
Parent Company at launchElf Aquitaine > Sanofi Beauté

About Live Jazz

Launched in 1998, ten years after the original Jazz. The Live Jazz packaging mirrors the original.
The fragrance contains notes of Coriander and Cedarwood.

Live Jazz fragrance notes

Reviews of Live Jazz

One of the best scents i have ..
It was a blind buy and i love it ..

Just the right amount of everything in it , that makes it one of the best summer scents out there.
The great thing about this is that its a hidden gem , and very hard to find, so you wont find too muh people wearing it.

a must have and a 10/10.
10th October, 2017
The third iteration of Jazz, Live Jazz, released in 1998, a decade after the original, is a significant departure from the original and Jazz Prestige in that it's much fresher and less spicy.

It opens with a citrus lemon/grapefruit mix and mint, drying down into a slightly herbal heart with some punch via coriander, and finally a base of cedar and ambergris. As with the other Jazz renditions, the woody notes stand out most in the dry down, which in this case is the cedar.

With Live Jazz, versatility is up but performance, masculinity, and a semblance of a more classic style are each lower. It's a trade-off that makes Live Jazz more pleasing to most, even for use by women, but will undoubtedly turn away those that enjoy the spiciness of the original and especially Jazz Prestige. Still, Live Jazz is a very pleasant, mildly fresh and woody blend that serves its purpose---a modern take on the more classic fragrance.

7 out of 10
20th April, 2017
A quintessential example of an aromatic-citrus scent. Live Jazz is sort of a special fragrance, in that it's completely unique and something that will undoubtedly remain in your olfactory memory once you've tried it. I don't wear it anymore, but that's only because I've moved on to other things, and I imagine I may even go back to it at some point in the future. Overall, Live Jazz presents a very herbal, fragrant impression. It's almost as if it was composed with ingredients picked fresh from the garden and mixed in the kitchen. This can be a good or bad thing depending on what you're looking for. Some people like natural, herbal spices in their fragrances, while others are looking for something more abstract or synthetic, and try to avoid the "spice rack" aroma that can result. It's also pretty sharp. What you will get from Live Jazz is a good dose of lemon, grapefruit, and mint up front, which soon gives way to a substantial and uncompromising shot of cilantro. It doesn't make sense that cilantro isn't listed in the note pyramid, because I would say this a cilantro-based fragrance first and foremost. Rhubarb? I don't know, I don't smell it at all. But if you have never smelled cilantro, make sure to sample this first. It's a very distinct smelling herb that will either sway you in favor of Live Jazz or make you hate it. Everything else is well-balanced here. Some darker spices in the base, some amber, and an easygoing cedar note eventually bring Live Jazz to a calmer, serene finish, which is in stark contrast to the sharp, unabashedly aromatic opening and heart. This can still be found for a pretty good price, and I recommend taking a gamble on it while you can. Thumbs up (unless you're averse to cilantro).
11th October, 2014
A good and solid fresh fragrance for spring and summer. It's nice how generously minty and coriandery Live Jazz is; I've always liked those herbs. There's something in the opening which reminds me a bit of JPG's Le Beau Male. Nice whiffs of nutmeg and cedar in the base. Longevity and sillage are quite moderate in my opinion. My father used to have a bottle of regular Jazz around from time to time. Now this stylish zigzag-shaped flacon design finally landed in my own collection, yay!
28th August, 2014
Genre: Fougère

Live Jazz starts out unpromising, with the kind of soporific, standard issue, fresh fougère opening that sets my eyelids drooping on exposure. Happily, I can report that there’s more to Live Jazz than that. Roughly fifteen minutes into the development, Live Jazz reveals an extremely odd herbaceous-aromatic accord that I might describe as basil, coriander leaves (cilantro) and clary sage. (According to the listed notes, it’s coriander, “wild reed,” mint, and rhubarb.) It’s a punch-in-the-nose olfactory maneuver that’s startling in such an otherwise ordinary context, and it rescues Live Jazz from the anonymity it threatens to adopt on first encounter. Nifty.

So long as the tart, astringent herbaceous accord persists, Live Jazz sustains interest beyond most other scents of its class. When it fades, which occurs after about two hours of wear, what remains is a fresh fougère structure in the conventional Cool Water/Green Irish Tweed manner. While the drydown is hardy distinguished, it’s far less crudely chemical than most of its sort, and hence does not ruin the overall experience of wearing Live Jazz. So while its most interesting part is framed by uninspired accords, I have to grant Live Jazz a thumbs up, especially in light of how terribly difficult it must be to achieve any kind of distinction in its tired subgenre.
19th June, 2014
This is honestly one one of those fragrances I cant pin down.Aside from the strong initial notes, I either get 4 hours of cilantro, or a dry down of cedar and a somewhat vanilla base note. Either way, this does not project well on my skin, which is weird, since usually i can put on two sprays of a fragrance and be fine the rest of the day.With this , I had to spray on 6 times just to have it project maybe a foot , and then all i got was the coriander/cilantro note.

Negatives aside, this scent grows on you,and does kind of have a jazzy feel to it lol.It is really something i wear when im at home, and when I do get the dry down, it smells amazing. Age wise im pretty young, so anyone maybe from 17-25 could pull this one off . And longevity is good although it stays very close to the skin. All in all if i had to give this a number score it would be a 6/10,because of the limited projection and the overly strong coriander note
05th April, 2014 (last edited: 06th April, 2014)

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