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Lomani (1987)
by Lomani


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Year of Launch1987
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyParour

About Lomani

Lomani is a masculine fragrance by Lomani. The scent was launched in 1987

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Reviews of Lomani

Yeah, yeah, this opens up just like Drakkar Noir. Fresher? Mmm, not really.
They both got this rough, crude, musky dry down, but whereas Drakkar Noir has that birch tar/leather dry down, this one has this sickly smell of an almost soda-like accord. You're not going to smell like Coca-Cola, but there's a syrupy soda-ness in there to me. It's not pleasant to me, and just smells cheap. So I guess absence of birch tar equals "fresher" to some, but for me it's trading one heavy for another.

I myself used to like Drakkar Noir but now I can't stand the dry down. If you like DN, Preferred Stock, and Red, you'll probably want to try out Lomani PH. They all start off with the same vibe as Guy La Roche's popular flanker but then veer of that path and kind of do their own thing.

12th January, 2018 (last edited: 11th February, 2018)
What a great blind buy. I really love Drakkar Noir, it's a true powerhouse classic of the 80's. Lomani Pour Homme is basically a softer, less abrasive, though more synthetic version of Drakkar Noir for a third of the price.

The initial spray is a huge blast of amber, lavender and that Drakkar note that I can't place or name but is completely unique and very appealing. After 30 minutes to an hour you get leather, vetiver, patchouli and musk notes that are masculine, edgy and wonderful. The base of oak moss, musk and leather carry on after the first few hours for quite a long time.

With a liberal application of a dozen sprays (neck, shoulders, wrists and chest) I am getting 7-10 hours of longevity, becoming a skin scent with a soft trail after six hours. It has fairly good projection and decent sillage within the first six hours or so. It stays about two or three days on clothes and fabrics.

If you love Drakkar Noir, this is a very good and super cheap powerhouse fragrance that smells very similar to that but has its own character and appeal all its own.
26th April, 2017
I was given a bottle of this 20 years ago and absolutely hated it. Came in handy for spraying the dog after he got a bit woofy, but certainly not anything I would wear. After reading the reviews here recently, I headed off the other day to try it. Found it in a local chemist and sprayed it on my hand. Out into the street I went and felt the whole world smelled of this. Big, powerful, synthetic and overpowering. This is the stuff you used when you were 16 and didn't know any better!
I'm no perfume snob and love to find inexpensive bargains (Versace The Dreamer and Nautica Voyage are great smelling bargains), but this is crude and disgusting. Want to announce to the world that you have absolutely no taste and sensitivity whatsoever? Wear this. I got home and couldn't wait to wash it off. If took two goes with a scrubbing brush.

If you wear lots of gold chains, open your shirt buttons to your belt and go for white moccasins, then this is for you.
02nd May, 2016
If you, like me, love Drakkar Noir green fougere top notes but don't care about the boring, amber/woody dry down, Lomani is the one to get. I don't think It smells cheap, It's just a well-done green 80s scent, refreshing and masculine. I don't detect any trace of powder, just green and herbal notes with great longevity and projection. Also a real bargain!
27th January, 2015
The comparison with Drakkar Noir is spot-on. I did admire the fact that something so cheap could smell half-decent. Until I found a few perfumes that I could get at a similar price (or for even less), and smelled great. It is certainly better than nothing, but the impression of cheapness is impossible to avoid. Especially after 20 minutes from the initial blast.

I don't much like Drakkar Noir (too much Dihydromyrcenol); having smelled it only on other people (tough many times, and at length). I remain unqualified to properly review it. But I never thought Drakkar Noir smelled cheap.

Still, Lomani and Drakkar do share some things very much in common: they are loud, harsh, (Lomani is harsher), long-lasting, almost completely "linear" (until you get to the "morning after" bottom of the drydown), and absolutely artificial in their scent. If there is anything natural in there, (meaning essential oils & family...) your nose will never detect it.

Drakkar seems (or is it now "seemed"?) a bit less harsh, and not cheap at all, probably because much better "musks" and/or some other base/fixative aromachems are used in it.

Dihydromyrcenol, the aromachem that completely takes over the scent of both, is described as "fresh, citrus, lime, floral, clean, cologne, weedy". NOT SO: unless by "fresh" you mean "antiseptic", and by "citrus, etc., etc.,..." you mean "dull grey fuzzy-prickly metal", and "weedy" means "wood from a very strange planet". It also gives the very unsettling impression that it (ever so gently) wants to break through your sinuses, and explore other parts of your head. It feels abrasive to me.

Lomani has to have a formula cost so low that most of its ingredients probably fall into the functional/air-care perfumery category. Though it does not smell completely like it, it does give a laundry detergent vibe. After all, there are such things as "laundry musks".

Like I said, there are some super-cheap fragrances that smell simply great. This is not one of them. I really wanted to like it when I bought it. Being so close to Dk.N didn't help. There was no way I could get past its cheapness (and I really tried). I couldn't even push myself into feeling indifferent about it. Looking back, I wonder at the fact that I tried so hard to like it.

Even then, I tried to use it as an "only at home" after bath freshener. I tired of the scent constantly reminding me "I'm loud, I'm proud, and I'm very, very cheap." My nose could not "tune out" its scent when I was wearing it. - not a good thing in this particular case. Finally, I had to accept that, besides imitating a perfume I didn't care about, it was also a case of "you get what you pay for", and decided to get rid of it.

I should have probably thrown it in the trash can. Instead, I gave it to my father, who will happily wear anything, and had no qualms about wearing profligate amounts of it. It disappeared from the household scentscape very quickly. Finally, relief from a scent that, no matter how much I tried to befriend, always seemed to want to pick up a fight with me.

Thank God for small mercies.
19th April, 2014 (last edited: 09th May, 2014)
Poor mans Drakkar. As I cannot bring myself to buy anything more than a minature of Drakkar, as it still is a premium priced fragrance, this is close enough. Lomani is like one of those "smells like" colognes, meaning the essence of the original is present but not the same quality ingredients. Spend the six bucks, you won't regret it.
23rd March, 2014

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