Douro Eau de Portugal / Lords (1985)
    by Penhaligon's

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    Douro Eau de Portugal / Lords Fragrance Notes

    Douro Eau de Portugal / Lords information

    Originally created in 1911 for Percy Croft of the Croft Port Dynasty. Released to the public in the eighties with the name Lords. In 2004, the fragrance was named Douro after Portugal's famous port region.

    In 2009 the fragrance packaging was changed and the scent was renamed Douro Eau de Portugal.

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    Reviews of Douro Eau de Portugal / Lords

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    I've been looking for a fantastically fresh every day scent, and this is it for me. It opens with a blast of lemon and settles on a very clean finish that is beautifully sophisticated.

    I'm very new to the world of higher end fragrances - every cologne I've ever bought has been a typical department store purchase. I recently picked up a few Penhaligon's fragrances and all I can say is I'm looking to buy many more.

    I would describe them as sophisticated and complex, distinct and refined, yet very familiar and intriguing.

    19th April, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Starts off citrus dominant. Then a strange medicinal/chemical note. Dry down gets rid of the chemical odor. Penhaligon is a classic house, but this isn't their best. Last's moderately long.

    10th June, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    Review for the 2004 edition of Douro:

    Not exactly old-school but more sort of "old-school-inspired" citrus aromatic with the usual lavender presence and a slightly synthetic, kinda mossy, vibe. Not terrifying as I expected but let's put it like this: if I should compile a list of my 100 favorite fragrances, Douro would be #83.257.

    Note: The original Douro (Eau De Portugal) was released in 1985. The same year when the world got its first contact with Derby, Poison, Caron Le 3me Homme, Sables, Lauder For Men, Green irish Tweed...Hard times for minor fragrances.

    08th May, 2012

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    Initially a lemony welcome greets me, tempered by bergamot and always herbal with mild sweetness. After about thirty minutes neroli comes forward, with a bit of labdanum, distinct mossy notes developing later joined by a woody note, without specific sandal characteristics. Throughout the life of the scent there is always a herbal, dry bitterness with a touch of soapiness and after the initial note there is no sweetness at all when I am wearing it. It is always a elegantly restrained. For a Penhaligons Eau de Cologne the longevity is astounding; after eight hours it is still present on my skin, albeit quite close to it - perfect for work. By comparison, BB disappears on me after an hour or two. A great masterfully composed cologne.

    12th March, 2012

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    Sweden Sweden

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    This is a nice one. Cannot pick out the individual ingedients but overall it 's a warm and comforting scent. Staying power id quite good, you pick up the scent ever once in a while. Certainly not a middle of the road scent, which for me already does half the trick. Recommended

    29th February, 2012

    autumngleeman's avatar

    United States United States

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    Opening is a nice citrus blast. There is something wrong in the base though. Kind of wretchedly soapy too. All in all, i was disappointed.

    30th January, 2012

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