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LP No.9 for Men (1999)
by Penhaligon's


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Year of Launch1999
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group
Parent Company at launchWarnaco

About LP No.9 for Men

LP No.9 for Men is a masculine fragrance by Penhaligon's. The scent was launched in 1999

LP No.9 for Men fragrance notes

Reviews of LP No.9 for Men

What’s this? Smells a lot like YSL’s great Opium for Men EdT. And I mean a lot. I can’t tell the difference. Since Opium has been discontinued, LP can stand confidently by itself. Not very original but the beautiful mélange of oriental accords found in Opium for Men EdT are assembled delicately in LP. Let’s just hope that LP doesn’t get discontinued.

06th November, 2015
...say nothing at all

I got two blind buys on the same day. Annick Goutal Mon Parfum Cherie par Camille reinforces the blind buy.  If I were to mistake my lucky randomness for logic I would never have to smell another perfume before buying again, because it’s brilliant.  Penhaligon’s Love Potion no 9 makes me want to repent for my sin of blind-buying, and I’m not even a Christian.  A 50 mL bottle was $25 at a discount store, so not an enormous loss. Still, foolish.


As much as I promote gender non-specificity in perfume use, there is a vocabulary of contemporary perfume that is gendered. LP falls into the ‘male’ category. It brings to mind a sneering prick.  It smells of masculine narcissism, conformity and unrecognized low self-esteem. I hate this perfume. It’s the nightmarish mirror-image of a specific era of the fougere: the musky, floral fougere that became extinct with the advent of Cool Water.  Rememeber Paco Rabanne Tenere?  Givenchy Xeryus?  LP is the cloying, unbalanced version of this style. Spicy musky, in Tenere and Xeryus, is turned to a rising nausea in LP no 9. Just say no.


Blind buying: will it be winning the lottery, as was the case with the Goutal, or the penance for transgression, as in the Penhaligon’s?  As my boyfriend captures the essence of karma with his southern charm, “God don’t like ugly.” I suppose I deserve to be punished for my bad choice.



19th May, 2013
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
This is a rich, spicy semi-oriental. I am not generally drawn to orientals, especially if they are at all vegetal, but I like this. It has a slight apple pie vibe that is very cosy. The citrus in the top nots is fresh and soon fades away to fruit and spice and then finally into musk and amber. Certainly a great scent for the right occasion and could be interesting to wear this cosy, sexy, spicy evening scent with a pinstripe suit, for example, just for the contrast. I also smell a mint note in the drydown. Not my very favorite from Penhaligon's but very nice!
04th April, 2013 (last edited: 22nd December, 2016)
A splashing and literally aqueous burst of citrus/lavender plus some aromatic herbs is the prelude to a huge concert of spices (mastered by a starring orangy cinnamon, providing the right level of sweetness, and nutmeg) before a sort of vaguely creamy but fresh vetiver, complemented by sharp floral patterns, locks the round. Well balanced and masculine with a really well dosed mildness. The final implementation of amber and balsams is really well appointed. There is an abiding aqueous/sparkling aromatic feel appointed in order to jet in the air the spicy/orangy amber-vanilla. LP n.9 For Men reminds me the more floral and less spicy Spazio di Krizia Uomo because of its splashing/aqueous powerful creaminess. A modern concoction with a powerful sillage and a daring temperament. I find it a bit too spicy for its level of fresh sharpness but the scent is pleasant and well made.
21st January, 2013 (last edited: 16th September, 2014)
There is nothing wrong with this fragrance, it starts off Bergamot pepper, some green notes. It dries down to a spicy warmth. I never detected the amber, sandalwood balsam unfortunately. It just didn't float my boat. Nothing wrong, just sort of generic. Longevity on me 5 hours, but projection only fair.
09th August, 2012
I happened to be browsing in a perfume boutique the other day, searching for ideas for a fragrance for my boyfriend. I had begun to complain to the sales assistant about his smoking habit interfering with anything perfume-wise, when she recommended LP No.9 for Men.

The moment I smelt this, I understood why she introduced it to me. This fragrance is all about the spices and it actually smells like something a bad-boy smoker in a leather jacket would wear.

Forget all that love potion nonsense, this is rough, manly and sexy. I hesitated to buy this for my man because I was afraid that every woman in sight would want to jump him if he wore this in public.

The cloves, geranium, pepper, orange and nutmeg are quite prominent throughout the composition, although there is a hint of sweetness every now and then, possibly brought about by the cinnamon, and what could be vanilla.

The spices in LP No.9 for Men are more animalistic than exotic. Don't expect a spice bazaar in this particular fragrance. By the drydown I can almost detect a hint of caramel, so there are sweet aspects to this as well.

Unfortunately the lasting power isn't all that wonderful, tending to vanish after six hours into almost nothing. I would love it if this were more intense and lasting. Yet overall, I am quite impressed, with this fragrance being a great introduction to the house of Penhaligon's.
14th April, 2012

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