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Luciano Pavarotti (1994)
by Luciano Pavarotti


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Year of Launch1994
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HouseLuciano Pavarotti
Parent CompanyEurocosmesi

About Luciano Pavarotti

Luciano Pavarotti is a masculine fragrance by Luciano Pavarotti. The scent was launched in 1994

Reviews of Luciano Pavarotti

probably one of the most underrated perfumes ever.
An astonishing concentration of ingredients, a very long evolution, a lot of nuances emerging, and, finally, an uncommon, very original, male vibe.
Luciano Pavarotti is rich, complex and very original. Two thumbs up,
and grab it if you can, surely will have a cult following.
27th April, 2013
Honestly i can't resist to this surprising waxy and spicy oriental-chypre with an honeyed multifaceted dry down and a backbone of bergamot-patchouli.  The beginning is aromatic and slightly vintage but immediately agreeable with whiffs of balsams, honey and rum from the background. I catch the spices, the bergamot, the balsams and the patchouli and smell effectively some similarities with Zino Davidoff and Heritage Guerlain Edt (more than with the less honeyed-vanillic Gentleman Givenchy)   because the smell is rooty-herbal, mossy, spicy and vanillic at once with a sort of classic and a bit retro soul of rose, bergamot, tonka, neroli and patchouli. A touch of silky leather, booziness and boise' colours  the yellow spicy-honeyed wake producing a sort of almost edible juice. The elements are masterly balanced and the whiffs are elegant, subtle and highly refined.
28th April, 2012 (last edited: 25th July, 2012)
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United States
A surprisingly refined celebrity scent.

Many have compared Luciano Pavarotti For Men to Givenchy Gentleman. At the top, the comparison is apt. Upon drydown, though, I think this smells a bit like Zino Davidoff; it has the sweetness of Zino that I don't detect in Gentleman. It has a touch of Tiffany or Lagerfeld Classic as well.

Not a sillage pumper by any means, it has a subtle and smooth close-to-the-vest radiance that lasts for about six hours. Hard to find, but Davidoff's Zino is still around and does a similar thing in a superior manner (Givenchy Gentleman is still out there as well).
07th February, 2011 (last edited: 01st March, 2011)
fantastic. i love this one and i dont think ill ever 'get over" it. ive read that it smells like a watered down givenchy gentleman. so i bought a small bottle of gentleman on ebay. cant wait to smell it! it smells very masculine, peppery, spicy... almost food-like. i can smell the honey. i only wish it was a stronger/more long lasting cologne. then i wouldnt have to re-apply at lunch. i also have the aftershave. its very good but less strong, less long lasting.
20th July, 2010
Not as vile as it is usually percived as, but nothing special either. I'm just puzzled ho wso many classic and exquisite ingredients can amount to a result that is barely above average.
Now don't dislike this scent by any means, but i'm not impressed either. It has a certain gourmand twist combined with extremely havy and intoxicating Oriental notes. One might first say: " Wow, this must have been daring ( or not ) for 1994 " and move on to something else. As for me, while i respect all the fans this scent could possibly have, i'm sure i wouldn't wear this, as i need more subtelty and originality in a masculine fragrance.
22nd July, 2007
Discontinued but still available in some places. Dead on comparison with Givenchy gentleman a kind of hedious clone if you will but it does have its own identity. the pyramid shows a truck load of ingridients. the actual scent does have a hint of refinement but the could have been more creative. its wearable but retains its bitterness right through so think twice.. this is for the machos only.
15th June, 2007

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